Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

Getting a gift for woodworkers can be difficult if you’re not familiar with woodworking. It is even more difficult if it seems they already have everything they may need. However, for most woodworkers, it doesn’t matter what they have in their workshops because there is always a cool working tool on their wish list. So there is never a shortage of great gift ideas for woodworkers. Below are a few gifts that will undoubtedly make any woodworker happy to receive.

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Lumberjack Tools Home Series Beginner’s Kit
LaSquare Combination Square
SWAG Portaband Table with Foot Switch
Robert Larson Co. 650-1167 3-Foot Folding Ruler
9? Shinto Saw Rasp

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1. Lumberjack Tools Home Series Beginner’s Kit:

Building a piece of furniture from logs always requires holding pieces of wood in place and is difficult to learn. If your woodworker is interested in doing this type of work this might be the right kit. This kit consists of a tenon cutter and Forstner bit, which makes attaching different kinds of limbs and trunks to create a piece of furniture very easy for the woodworker.

2. LaSquare Combination Square:

This combination square is a better than any other one on the market. With its extra-wide base that stabilizes the combination square, it helps the woodworker to conveniently carry out all kinds of layout, marking, and setups tasks in the workshop. It is built to last lifetime.

3. SWAG Portaband Table with Foot Switch:

Having a bandsaw in a workshop is a luxury. This portable bandsaw with a solid table makes it easy to cut a piece of wood or metal safely and efficiently. The portable bandsaw is mounted on the table, providing you with a solid surface to cut your materials. With the footswitch, it means you can always keep your two hands focused on the task at hand.

4. Robert Larson Co. 650-1167 3-Foot Folding Ruler:

Before tape measures became famous, the folding rule was mostly used by woodworkers. This folding rule brings thisold tool into the present. It is made from hardwood with brass joints, and will definitely become a woodworker’s go to measuring device for any project.

5. 9′ Shinto Saw Rasp:

All woodworkers know the vital role a rasp play in shaping and finishing wood. Without any hype, this tool makes roughing out 3-D shapes in any wood very easy. It has a cutting surface that looks like a series of folded bandsaw blades. The Shinto Saw Rasp is usefulas a quick material remover, as well as finer detail work.

Where to Buy
FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle

The glu-bot is the only glue bottle that will not drip or spill. The glu-bot will put the glue where you want it and only where you want it. The easy-squeeze bottle features a unique two-chamber design that pulls the glue back after squeezing to eliminate dripping.

Alvin Isometric Paper

20 lb. basis, acid-free, versatile layout bond, printed with a non-reproducible blue grid on one side. Smooth, opaque surface suitable for pencil, ink, or laser plotters.

Hobart Leather Welding Apron

The Hobart genuine split cowhide leather apron delivers the protection you need from the sparks and heat of welding.

Powermatic Horsepower Bench Mortiser

3/4-horsepower bench mortiser with 1/2-inch chuck, in-line depth stop, and 5/8- and 3/4-inch bushing sizes

Stanley Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisels

Introducing the Sweet Heart 750 Series of socket chisels. Once again, Stanley has reached backwards to move forward and reconnect with woodworkers! Tool steel blades forged in the U.K. with genuine hornbeam handles.

6. FastCap Glu-Bot Glue Bottle:

Woodworkers use glue by thegallon. Therefore, quality and refillable glue bottle is a must-have for all woodworkers. This glue bottle is very popular. It has a no drip, wide mouth making it easy for refilling, and an extra base-wide base so that it does not tip easily.

7. Alvin Isometric Paper:

When building a piece of furniture, making a plan is half of the work. A detailed sketch of the project ensures the project runsmoothly, which is where the Alvin Isometric Paper comes in. The isometric grid allows you to draw accurate, 3-D plans so that you can visualize what you would like your project to be before you start building.

8. Hobart Leather Welding Apron:

The title may say welding but its great for woodworkers as well. An apron helps reduce the challenges of keeping clean in the workshop. The Hobart Leather Welding Apron provides excellent coverage. It has a couple of handy pockets for smaller tools.

9. Powermatic Horsepower Bench Mortiser:

This hollow-chisel mortise makes the process of creating a square hole easier and quicker. This Powermatic Horsepower Bench Mortiser is the best tool for a benchtop machine if you don’t have enough space in your workshop for a larger, free-standing machine.

10. Stanley Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisels:

Average hardware store chisels can only take a woodworker so far. However, he will eventually get tired of having tosharpen a soft steel edge constantly or get frustrated with plastic handles with poor ergonomic function. To avoid all that, you can get this quality hand tool – Stanley Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisels. It has a unique, timeless design and wooden handles that gives the woodworker great comfort during usage.

Other gift ideas for gardeners include
Other gift ideas for woodworkers include INNOVANT 9 Piece Premium Grade High Carbon Hardened Steel File Set with Comfortable Rubber Hand Grip Handles,Point 2 Point Mk2 layout tool, and Irwin’s 15-in. Universal Handsaw.

We hope the list here has given you some excellent ideas of what to gift a woodworker. Any woodworker would be glad to have any of these tools, and if you are a woodworker, you can also get one for yourself!