Gift Ideas for Athletes


    Shopping for athletes can be hard, especially if you are not an active person yourself. Are you going through the same hassle? Worry not as we have created a list of compelling gift items for the fitness-obsessed, athletic people in your circle. From a runner to gym rat and bicyclist to soccer or basketball player; these ideas are suitable for anyone who is interested in any type of sports or someone who just likes being fit and active.

    1. Compression Sportswear 

    Compression Sportswear

    Compression sportswear is designed to reduce friction and provide more comfort than regular sportswear. It is a fitted, elastic garment that is beneficial for athletes in a number of ways. It significantly decreases muscle soreness, improves blood circulation, maintains body temperature and prevents pooling of blood (when blood cells start collecting in different areas of the body) after an intense training session. A considerable gifting idea is to choose something from compression active wear range for your sports enthusiast friend, whether it is compression shorts, trousers, sleeves, tops or socks. 

    2. Travel Yoga Mats 

    Travel Yoga Mats 

    Yoga mats can make a great gift for gym rats who can’t afford to miss their workout session, even while traveling. It is suggested to find a comfortable yoga mat with a durable carrying strap, making it easier for them to carry it along or hang it to the bike.

    Besides, you can also get a customized yoga mat with their name or any motivational quote printed on it to further boost their willpower. 

    3. High Quality Water Bottle

    High Quality Water Bottle

    Enough water consumption is not only significant for athletes, but for anyone who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is suggested to take minimum 2 to 3 litres of water every day. However, for athletes, the quantity exceeds to minimum 4 to 6 litres. Encourage the sportsperson in your life to stay hydrated throughout the day by gifting him/her a high-quality water bottle. There are various choices in the category, like insulated water bottles, stainless steel, plastic, digital temperature display bottles and smart water bottles that help the user keep track of their daily water intake. 

    4. Gym Bag/Kit Bag 

    Gym Bag Kit Bag

    Another great gift option for athletes is a gym or kit bag in which they can keep their essentials, like face towel, water bottle, yoga mat, phone, watch, shoes or almost anything they want. Here are a few tips to consider when buying:

    • A gym bag should have at least some ventilation otherwise it may start stinking after some time.
    • Always look for bags with good storage capacity and several compartments, so it is easier for the user to organize their stuff. 
    • If the receiver is participating in any kind of sports, then ensure that the bag is big enough to store relevant things like gloves, helmet, extra pair of shoes, etc.
    • You can also buy gym bags with charging ports and electronic locks, if your budget allows that or when you are gifting on a special occasion such as birthday.

    5. Wireless Headset or Ear Buds

    Wireless Headset or Ear Buds

    The right choice of music has the power to make a workout session fun, energetic and encouraging. Gifting a wireless headset or ear buds to an athletic person is a thoughtful idea. 

    • Choose a headset with adjustable head support and firm ear grip to prevent slipping while working out or jogging.
    • Fortunately, a variety of headsets and ear pods are available in the market these days, making it easier for you to choose within your price range. 
    • Ideally, invest in a waterproof earphone for an athlete because sweat can affect performance of the device.

    6. Smartwatch or Fitness Bands

    Smartwatch or Fitness Bands

    Although buying a smartwatch can be a bit expensive, it is the best present for a fitness lover or sportsperson if you can afford. It helps them keep track on their daily workout goals, count steps, calculate heart rate and a lot more. Another less pricey option is a fitness band, which can sync with your phone and track your training records. 

    • It is suggested to buy waterproof watch or band to ensure optimum performance even if the user is sweating excessively. 
    • Carefully go through warranty policies to make sure you can easily return the product for a refund/replacement

    7. Massager

    Tissue massager

    Being an athlete is physically demanding. These hardworking people put a lot of stress on their bodies on a regular basis. Although with time, their muscles get used to the strains, but sometimes even the expert trainers can get tight muscles. That’s when a massaging device comes to the rescue. 

    Several types of massagers are available in the marketplace these days, including handheld massager, massaging chair, vibrating mat, massaging gun, deep tissue massager, and the list goes on. You can choose a device that comes within your budget. It is certainly an ideal gift idea for a sporty person who is not able to spare hours to spend at a spa. Your friend will always be grateful to you for this gift of relaxation; guaranteed.

    8. Sports Shoes 

    Sports Shoes

    Well, this is an extensive gift category, so we saved it for the last. Quality footwear is essential for playing any kind of sport that is physically demanding, whether it is soccer, running, hiking or cycling. However, before considering this gift option; it is important to understand that different types of shoes are used to play different games. You just can’t use sneakers for playing football or soccer cleats as running shoes. 

    The given chart will give you an idea about the popular type of athletic shoes to choose a perfect footwear for your friend.

    Type of Shoes 

    Running Shoes

    Tennis Shoes

    Basketball Snickers

    Soccer Cleats

    Golf Shoes

    Cycling Shoes

    Training Shoes


    Encourage forward motion while protecting toes and heel.

    Inside and outside support to help in smooth side-to-side movement.

    Stiff, thick sole for added stability, high top for ankle support.

    The added studs offer traction on soft turf or grass.

    Stable walking on the golf ground,

    They are fit for both cycling and walking, stiff and flexible sole.

    Offer ample feet support while stopping, cutting, breaking, and jumping or quickly changing directions.


    Shock absorption, prevent stress on the feet.

    Flexible sole, fast-forward movements.

    Prevent feet from outer conditions and damage, encourage fast running.

    Firm grip on the ground, support free feet movement.

    Improve game by gripping feet while playing.

    Comfortable walking, easy paddling, versatile usage.

    All-in-one gym shoe, prevent, encourage multidimensional movements.

    Usually, these types are categorized by the shoe shops already, so you won’t be facing any issue while purchasing. However, you can always ask for assistance from the shopkeeper in case of any confusion. While buying online; use the correct keyword for desirable options. The main issue is buying the right size whether you are buying in-store or online.

    Fitting can vary between even same size shoes from different companies. That’s why it’s best to take your friend along to a shop to make sure the shoes fit perfectly.


    The best fitness presents for athletes don’t have to be huge; quality should be the first priority. For instance, buying low-quality water bottles, clothing or bag will only leave a bad impact on the receiver and that’s the last thing you’d want. The key is to make a budget beforehand and choose something accordingly.


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