Gift Ideas for Techies


    What is new in the market right now?

    It is one of the questions that our young tech enthusiasts, and other techies, always consider when buying out in the market. Everything from smartwatches and robotic vacuums to high-tech alarm clocks and cocktail machines, a techy will always know about these. 

    Whether you are a gadget guru yourself or married to a techie who loves testing out new products, the truth is your loved ones deserve much more than a generic gift card for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

    So, here are 25 gift ideas for techies that will bring the best of the best when it comes to gadgets that up productivity and make life a little more futuristic.

    25 Gift Ideas for Techies

    1. Smart Watches

    Encourage techies to improve his overall well-being by gifting him wearable devices like smartwatches. It can quickly monitor heart rate, sleep habits, and physical activities. 

    These smartwatches have become indispensable technologies in the healthcare industry. Doctors and patients can take information and share it to gain valuable insights regarding health. It is designed for users looking for the next generation of connectivity, where you can do more while leaving your phone in your pocket.

    With many apps available, anyone can quickly jump-start a fitness routine every day for at least 10 minutes. One can pair a smartwatch with a phone or another device to get real-time readings of overall accomplishments and the calories burned.  Definitely consider Apple highly popular Apple Watch. 

    2. Apple Airpods Pro

    Gift techies with Apple AirPods Pro for an even richer audio experience. It has next-level active noise cancellation and adaptive transparency that reduces external noise. The second generation has a more compact design, better sound with spatial audio compatibility, and up to six hours of battery life. 

    It is ideally suited for techie audio enthusiasts that want nothing but the best in terms of design, performance, and functionality. 

    3. Go Pro Action Cameras

    Travel with your techie loved ones or a friend with a GoPro action camera.

    This handy device boasts a user interface, voice control, and camera stabilization suitable for travel and extreme sports. 

    GoPro is most useful during adventure activities because it can easily cope with rain, dust, shock, or sand. It is also perfect for selfies and makes it possible to fully capture the scene around you because of its wide lens. Indeed, it can seize your memorable trip.

    4. Streaming devices with an Alexa voice remote

    Attractive Asian man using Laptop computer to watching and control live streaming video on a social network.

    Surprise techies with a streaming device with an Alexa voice remote. They can stream all their favorite movies and shows at the sound of their voice. With a fast internet connection, one can easily navigate to stream news, films, and apps, like Netflix and Disney+.

    Coupled with an Alexa voice remote, it offers enough features and value for media streamers. One can quickly do more stuff like setting timers and alarms, asking web-based questions, streaming from apps, controlling smart home devices with your voice, and working together using single commands.

    5. Drones

    This drone is a perfect tech gift for a techy traveler or aerial photography beginners. Look for a drone that can capture full high-definition video from a powerful range. So, whether one wants to entertain himself and his friends with high-flying fun, there is much to gain for your cinematic goal.

    As drone popularity continues to rise, flying clubs are popping up in communities across the country, for it has been a social outlet for some. Or, consider starting a club with a group of friends with similar hobbies.

    6. Smart Mugs

    This high-tech mug is the perfect gift for coffee and tea drinkers. It keeps any beverage warm, and you can control all the settings directly through your smartphone via a mobile app.

    On the app, you can set your desired temperature from 120 to 145 degrees in single-degree intervals and view the current temperature of your drink.

    There are also mugs that you will get notifications of once it has reached the desired temperature and when it has a low-energy battery.

    7. A Smart Garden

    Are your techie friends or loved ones who appreciate having a garden yet do not have time and space to do and make plans into reality?

    Well, worry no more! Techie friends and loved ones can enjoy having vegetables and fresh herbs indoors with this high-tech garden. 

    Smart gardening takes advantage of the technology around us. Tech is not just for video games and phone apps. Gardening with technology can save time, energy, and money.

    8. A Smart Home Theater Projector

    With online streaming services presenting new shows and movies every other day, there is no better way to enjoy them than from the comfort of your own home, particularly with a home theater system. 

    Gift techies with a portable wireless home theater projector that can satisfy his love for the movie. Commonly, projector owners choose to mount their devices onto the ceiling, thus fully maximizing the space.

    Also, with its portability, one can bring a projector during movie night or maybe an outdoor screening on a summer evening.

    9. Voice-Activated Trash Can

    Happy African American mother, daughter and son preparing spaghetti and vegetables for lunch over a kitchen sink.

    Impress techies with this not only a high-tech trash can but can also be practical since it can reduce the spread of germs with its hands-free operation and containment of garbage.

    There is no risk of reaching into a messy trash can when you can lift the lid with your voice. Say “open can” or wave your hand over the top of this one, and the lid lifts softly and smoothly. 

    With its functionality and attractiveness, surely techies would be impressed by this.

    10. Smart Light Switches

    Some techies spend most of their time at night, and these high-tech light switches are helpful for them, especially in controlling their lights. On the app, users not only turn off their lights but also help to save energy while making life easier.

    Smart switches have sensors and can turn off and on the lights at regular intervals to create the perfect mood in a room. They also let you know how much power each individual uses light over time.

    11. Wi-Fi-enabled air fryer

    Gift techies with quality appliances for fast, efficient cooking of healthy meals. With a wi-fi connection and the app, this air fryer gives the user intelligent monitoring and access to more recipes online.

    Air fryers are incredibly convenient. They cook food way faster than a regular oven, which is beneficial if someone needs to eat right away, lives in a small space, and does not want to make their kitchen unbearably warm. 

    12. Smart Thermostat

    Smart thermostats are becoming more and more popular in homes and businesses. So, let your techie loved ones have one. This automated system can change the temperature of your indoor environment.

    The user can control temperature settings from their laptop or phone, making them an energy-efficient home improvement. They can also manage the temperature using smart displays and high-tech voice remotes.

    13. USB Desk Vacuum Cleaner

    Laptop with teacher teaching class via video conference

    Gift techies to have a perfect little companion on their desktops. A USB Desk Vacuum Cleaner is always there when one needs a little friend to help tidy up. It allows them to reach the tightest spaces, even the crumbs on their keyboard.

    Regular vacuuming can eliminate pollutants and particles, thus providing allergy relief. It can also eliminate dust mites and improve psychological health by having a clean working environment.

    14. Fast Charge Charging Station

    Techies expect more from their phones to last longer, so take their wireless charging experience to the next level with the fast-charge wireless charging stand. If the battery threatens to drain before the end of the day, quickly recharging it for a 10-minute charge can make the difference between going into an austere power-saving mode and losing power before you get home. 

    15. Portable Photo Printer

    Select to gift a compact photo printer as one of the best gifts you can get for picture-perfect techies in your life. Users can edit their photos before printing through a mobile app and print photos with frames and filters.

    It can even connect to a social media account to an app and instantly turn any of the online photos into color prints. This portable photo printer is a great thing to have at a party, special occasion, or other social events. With this portable printer, you can give people a permanent keepsake quickly.

    16. Robot Kit

    This robot kit is the best gift for young tech enthusiasts. The learning kit will allow them to build three different robots and enable kids to learn about coding via app-enabled challenges. 

    Learning does not necessarily have to be difficult, it can be a fun and engaging experience. Choosing any building robot for young tech enthusiasts provides them with a valuable tool for learning physics, engineering, logic, and electronics and developing their creative thinking. This robot kit is designed to be simple and fun so that any kid can get into science and technology without difficulties. 

    17. Magnetic iPad Stand

    Customer self-service order drink menu with tablet screen at café counter bar seller coffee shop accept payment by mobile digital lifestyle concept

    The need for a magnetic iPad stand in daily work is turning your tablet into a full-on touchscreen computer. It will come in handy for video calls and getting work done if you want to use your iPad like a laptop. It uses magnets instead of a grip mechanism that ensures your iPad Pro or Air is perfectly aligned and put in place.

    18. Laptops

    Many of us now are working from both home and the office, and the portability of a device is more helpful than ever. The good news is modern laptops are getting more powerful by the year, with the best features for the users.

    Laptops are the best innovative tool to accomplish the latest developments in public and political life, have a source of new impressions, the opportunity to communicate with friends and maintain business ties in a chronic lack of time. 

    19. Wi-Fi Security Camera

    Safety comes first. With the rising number of crimes nowadays, practicing safety measures is highly recommended. This wi-fi security camera is one of the best gifts to techies that will be cherished.

    It can keep track of what is happening in the surroundings of the places where you live and work is critical. When connected to Wi-Fi these cameras transmit audio-visual signals to the receiver installed in portable devices like mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.

    20. Wi-Fi Smart Lock

    From the wi-fi security camera, you can also gift a wi-fi smart lock as a perfect gift for those who do not want to fuss with keys. It allows the user to automatically lock the door and monitors who enter and leaves the house when you are away. There are also features of disabling the connection from the lock settings in a mobile app, so it will not be accessible via wi-fi.

    21. USB Microphones

    This USB microphone is an excellent gift for budding podcasters, inspiring musicians, game streamers, or anyone working from home. It is best for capturing voice at high quality without requiring a lot of technical knowledge. The gadget is compatible with computers, tablets, and all smartphones. 

    22. Mesh Wi-Fi System

    Wireless fidelity brings convenience, cost efficiency, and ease of integration with other networks and network components. Most computers sold to consumers come equipped with all necessary wireless LAN technology.

    Mesh system can let you expand the setup with satellites if necessary and can accommodate numerous connected devices. It also enables devices to have faster speeds, the best coverage, and a more reliable connection.

    23. A Commuter Backpack

    This commuter backpack is one of the finest gifts you can give to a commuting techie. Not only, that you have to choose the elegance, but also its functionality and materials used. Consider gifting a commuter backpack with a slot for a laptop and plenty of compartments for accessories and daily essentials. Commuter backpacks also come with an identity theft-repelling frequency compartment. 

    A backpack is the most comfortable way to carry your laptop, accessories, and anything else you need for the day. It is also ergonomic and looks more stylish. 

    24. Sleep Aid Devices

    Traveler man relaxing and taking the view of Bromo Active Volcano inside a tent in the morning

    Help techies get better sleep with the help of technology with a sleep aid device. There are so many cool gadgets than ever claiming to help one sleep better, from wake-up lights that mimic the sunrise to meditation headsets that claim to calm down enough to fall asleep. 

    But if one still has difficulty falling or staying asleep with all these sleep aid devices, one might need to seek assistance from a medical professional.

    25. Desk Foot Hammock

    Let a techie rest while spending most of his time working at a computer with an under Desk Foot Hammock. It is designed specifically for resting your feet and is suitable for use anywhere, such as at the office, home, or outdoors. 

    Sitting in front of your desk for many hours in an uncomfortable position can strain your feet and legs. These foot hammocks can help you feel motivated, productive, and as relaxed as a dog on a lap. 

    In conclusion, the options are endless. Techies are known to be explorative, talented, and innovative. They can be excited about having the power to control their home’s systems and appliances from afar. However, they also have the heart to appreciate and be satisfied with whatever gifts they can get. Nonetheless, it is always the thought that counts.

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