Gift Ideas for Space Enthusiasts


    The spectacular immensity of outer space inspires people to explore its hidden treasures. If you are a friend with a space enthusiast, you can show appreciation by giving them something related to space exploration. This post will help you with the selection by suggesting some unique and budget-friendly gift ideas for your space enthusiast friend or family member.

    1. Space- Themed Shirts And Apparels

    Space clothing is certainly one of the most thoughtful gifts for a space lover. You can either get a NASA t-shirt or a hoodie with constellation or satellite print. Another option is to choose a popular space mission and feature it on a customized apparel, like Starman space, Apollo 11, etc. With that you get endless choices with the type and color of print you want.  

    Space- Themed Shirts And Apparels

    For Your Information 

    NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is an agency responsible for aeronautics research, civil space program and space exploration

    2. Space Jewelry Items

    If you are having a hard time deciding what to gift your female friend, buying them a jewelry item is never a bad idea. For the space enthusiast ladies, you can opt for a delicate chain necklace with a space-oriented pendant, which could either be the structure of the moon, star, sun or planets. You can also pair the neck piece with matching earrings, bracelet and anklets. 

    Space Jewelry Items

    3. Space-focused Projector

    Projectors have the ability to turn a room into a planetarium instantly and enable the user to enjoy epic scenery of thousands of sparkling stars around him/her. Your space enthusiast friend will love to receive such a creative present. All you need to do is to invest in the right type of protector. 

    You can also get kits that are available with certain discs, allowing the user to take a closer look of some incredible celestial bodies in the universe. This gift idea is suitable for everyone who loves space, regardless of age or gender. However, if you are buying it for a youngster, make sure to help him or her in installing the device properly so she/he can get the most out of this amazing experience. 

    4. Space Lamps

    Space lamps are sold in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose a moon lamp for your space-admirer friend who can admire the beauty of this heavenly body even on cloudy or rainy days. A moon lamp can add a sophisticated and aesthetic touch to a room and also works great as a night lamp. Similarly, you can also opt for star-shaped or sun-inspired lamps from the category. 

    Space Lamps

    5. Telescope 

    Gifting a telescope to a space enthusiast can never go wrong, but make sure they don’t already have one or the one you plan on buying. A telescope enables them to observe and explore the night sky. When it comes to choices, plenty of options fall under the category, varying in prices and features. For example, you can get a basic telescope that can help you identify constellations. Some powerful models allow a detailed inspection of celestial bodies, but they also cost a lot more. Although it finally comes down to how much you can afford, going for the cheapest option is not advisable as it might not be of any real use.

    6. Space-themed Neon Signs

    In addition to wearables, the NASA logo can also be used in the living area or study room. A neon NASA logo adds a unique décor element to any room. You can also get it customized according to your design preferences. For example, an astronaut figurine, structure of a planet, our Milky Way or any other celestial body. 

    Space-themed Neon Signs

    7. Space Photos

    Space-related photos or cut-outs can be an inspiration every time a space enthusiast sees them. The images can either be of galaxies, NASA, astronaut, planets or other celestial bodies.

    Space Photos

    8. Space-based Glow Objects

    Glow-in-the-dark objects come in different sizes and shapes. As the name suggests, certain shapes or structures can be made using a material that creates an illuminating effect in the dark. Unlike Neon signs, no source of energy (read electricity) is required to make them glow. 

    For space lovers, you can choose star shapes from this category. The receiver can stick them on the walls and even on the ceiling for a starry night effect. You can also select the shape of planets or moon for a more realistic effect.

    Space-based Glow Objects

    9. Space Resin Art

    Resin art pieces can make a great gift for anyone who is interested in home décor. If the receiver happens to be a space lover, then a space-oriented resin piece can be an ideal option. There are numerous choices to select from, including resin coasters, trays, wall clock, table or anything relevant that comes under your budget. You can get it customized in a number of ways such as a galaxy theme or night sky effect.

    Space Resin Art

    10. Space Yoga Mat

    Another creative gifting idea for space lovers is to get a customized space-themed yoga mat to make the receiver’s meditation sessions inspiring. One good idea is to get moon phases printed on it, so they can see different shapes of the celestial body while rolling it open. It is particularly a great choice for those who practice ‘moon yoga’.

    Space Yoga Mat

    Moon Yoga is a series of yoga postures to honor the moon’s energy. This type of meditation is known to be useful for practicing with different phases of the moon, like full moon, waning moon, new moon. 

    11. Space Books

    Reading and learning about the outer universe can be an enjoyable experience for a space enthusiast. If you know someone with similar interests, giving them space-related books can be a generous present, especially if it is a bestseller.

    A Space Atlas is one such example of space books you can gift. A space atlas includes colorful, high-quality photos, updated maps and inspiring illustrations of the solar system and a lot of information about outer space, which can be a real treat for the receiver. 

    Space Books

    12. Space Stickers

    Although a very basic idea, it never gets old. Space-focused stickers can be gifted to the budding astronauts of the future. They can stick space stickers on their notebooks, laptops and almost anywhere, including cars, journals, refrigerators, walls and doors.

    13. Spacefocused Learning Items 

    Are you searching for something space-related for a youngster around you? Or wish to buy for your own space enthusiast kid? You can get them space puzzles, coloring books, Legos, space play sets and a lot more. 

    The key is to ensure that the learning material is age appropriate. Otherwise, it will be of no use for the receiver. You can also find some great stuff for adults from this category. For example, advanced-level Legos, puzzles, space kits, etc. 

    Space-focused Learning Items

    14. Space Mugs

    A space coffee mug is a great way of being in the memories of a space lover. The choices are numerous in this category. For instance, getting a magic mug can be a good option. Also popular are a heat transformative mug; the print on the cup changes completely when any sort of hot beverage is poured in it. Moreover, you can get creative with the choice of image and text you want to be printed on such mugs.

    Apart from this, you can choose a regular coffee mug and feature their favorite character from a space movie, any space-relevant text or image.

    Space Mugs

    15. Spaceinspired Treats 

    Nothing can match something you make yourself out of love for your dear ones. One such thoughtful idea is baking star-shaped cookies. Moreover, space-inspired donuts, cakes, chocolates, popsicles or desserts can also help make someone’s day special. 

    Space-inspired Treats


    From faraway planets to the stars covering the sky and the Milky Way, learning about outer space is certainly fascinating and aspiring. There is a space lover in every friend circle who is always more interested in the subject than the rest. This list of gifts covered above is compiled to encourage them to pursue their passion and helps you figure out what they might like the most.

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