Gift Ideas for Science Geeks and Nerds

Some of us have a friend who is obsessed with space, crazy about chemistry, can’t get enough of dinosaurs, or in short, a Science geek. Science geeks and nerds are fun to be with because you’ll be able to learn a lot from them. However, they are also one of those people who are kind of difficult to find gifts for.


There sure are lots of Science toys out there but since they are Science geeks and nerds, they probably have those in their collection by this time. But you don’t have to worry if you haven’t found the perfect gift for your nerdy friend yet, because we will help you. Here are some gift ideas that Science geeks and nerds will love.

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Caffeine Molecule Beaker Mug
Cooking for Geeks Cookbook
PancakeBot Pancake Printer
Chemistry Socks


1. Caffeine Molecule Beaker Mug:

Science geeks and nerds will surely love this mug from Science Company. It is designed with a diagram of the caffeine molecule. This mug is perfect for your nerdy friend to start his day. Aside from the diagram of caffeine molecule, it also has beaker graduations on the back, allowing the drinker to calculate how many mL of coffee he will be drinking.

2. Cooking for Geeks Cookbook:

If your Science geek friend is also a food lover, then it’s great to give him or her this cookbook. This will allow people to express their creativity. More than just following recipes, they will be able to learn the Science behind what’s happening to the foods while they are being cooked.

3. PancakeBot Pancake Printer:

This robot is a 3D printer of edible pancakes. You can choose from hundreds of ready-made pancake designs, or you can even customize your own pancakes. This printer will surely make any Science geek’s morning and breakfast wonderful.  Interested in 3D Printing?  Read our What is a 3D Printer? post.

4. Chemistry Socks:

These are cute socks perfect for those who appreciate Chemistry humor. These socks are designed with images of bubbling beakers, atoms, and molecules. They come in different colors as well.

Where to Buy
This Book is a Planetarium
Cerebral Coasters
Scientific Cocktail Chemistry Set


5. This Book is a Planetarium:

This is a really great book to give Science geeks and nerds. It’s not just an ordinary Science book about planets because it features pop-up constructions which demonstrate a working planetarium that projects constellations. It also has a stringed musical instrument, a message decoder, and more that will amaze Science lovers.

6. Cerebral Coasters:

With these coasters, you’ll be able to sip coffee while talking about the enigma of the brain. Each coaster shows a different slice or part of the brain. If you want to give this to your geek friend, you can get it from Think Geek.

7. Scientific Cocktail Chemistry Set:

Give this cool cocktail chemistry set to your friend and allow him or her to enjoy making his or her favorite drinks while feeling like a chemist. The set contains a beaker, a glass stirrer, four test tube shot glasses and a shaker.

8. Mars Rock Meteorite:

Your Science nerd friend will surely love to receive a box that contains a rock from Mars. Each display box contains a unique specimen of Martian meteorite. These meteorites have been classified and listed in the Meteoritic Bulletin Database.

Where to Buy
Lego Research Institute
Microbe COVID Plush Stuffed Toy for Educational Purposes
Newton and Einstein Shirt


9. Lego Research Institute:

This Lego set features a team of lady scientist mini figures working in a research institute. Aside from those, it also has other props such as a dinosaur skeleton, a telescope, and a chemistry lab. Your nerd and geek friends will go crazy over this Lego set.

10. Microbe COVID Plush Stuffed Toy for Educational Purposes:

This is really a cute plush toy that is designed for COVID-19 awareness. If you give this to your nerd friend, it will be the only time that he or she would like to cuddle with a coronavirus and learn more about it without getting scared.

11. Newton and Einstein Shirt:

This is a women’s shirt that features Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein fighting like in a video game. This is a handmade shirt that you can get from Etsy. Who do you think your geek friend will bet on?

12. Punny Science Stickers:

Science geeks and nerds will be able to show their love for Science through these cool stickers. They are designed with humorous puns that range from biology, geology, and astronomy. They are perfect for Science fans and puns enthusiasts as well.

There are indeed lots of gifts you can give to Science geeks and nerds aside from those toys and experiment kits. These are just some of the best ones we found but we hope that this will help you find the perfect gift for them. If you’re a Science geek or nerd, what kind of gift would you like to receive?