Gift Ideas for Runners

Running is more than just a sport or hobby, for some people it is a lifestyle. Whether a runner in your life istrying to get in shape or training for a marathon, he or she will surely love the running gifts we have selected below.

Where to Buy
Garmin Forerunner Series
SPIBelt Running Belt
MedalART Wall Hangers
YakTrax Ice Grippers
Sterling Silver 26.2 Marathon Necklace


1. Garmin Forerunner Series

This device is ideal for tracking distances. Not only that, this wristwatch GPS system track different information, such as how far you run and how to return to your starting point. The gadget tracks the amount of calories burned and also calculate them during the course of a workout. Another unique feature of this device is a virtual partner, which allows you to set a pace that you want to follow or race against yourself.

2. SPIBelt Running Belt

This sleek, running belt has a small look but it can actually expand and hold cellphones, up to five energy gel packs, keys, and other small personal items securely. The belt doesn’t bounce, ride or shift when the user is running or doing other activities. It is perfect for long-distance runners.

3. MedalART Wall Hangers

For runners who have a collection of race medals, the MedalART Wall Hangers is a stylish way to flaunt them. The wall hanger is hand sculpted from metal and it also makes aperfect piece of wall art. The hanger can hold over 24 medals, and you can easily slip your medals to it.

4. YakTrax Ice Grippers

Want a winter gift for a beloved runner? Then go for this YakTrax Ice Grippers, which offer traction and confidence and make winter runs safer. All you need to do is slip them over running shoes, and they won’t add extra weight. Thegrippers have spike-less coils that provide a firm grip and prevent you from slipping or sliding on the snow and ice.

5. Sterling Silver 26.2 Marathon Necklace

The beloved runner in your life can’t wear her marathon medal always. However, you can help her remember her accomplishment by gifting her this sterling silver handcrafted 26.2 pendant necklace.

Where to Buy
The Marathon Stick
Balega Merino Hidden Comfort Socks
Running Hydration Belt
Saucony Boston Running Pant – Women
Saucony Boston Running Pant – Men
Night Running Gear Shoe Lights
Under Armour Men’s UA Storm Extreme ColdGear Jacket


6. The Marathon Stick

Specifically designed for runners, the Marathon Stick helpsaccelerate recovery time, increase flexibility, and reduce muscle soreness, pain,and stiffness. It is similar to a foam roller, and you can use it for a self-massage by rolling the stick on your muscles. The stick is portable and can fit into a backpack, making it convenient to take along to races. It is very effective at loosening up tight leg muscles, so your beloved runner would find it useful.

7. Balega Merino Hidden Comfort Socks

This Balega Merino Hidden Comfort Socks with heel tab helps prevent the sock from slipping into your running shoe. Apart from helping runners keep their feet dry and avoiding blisters, this pair of socks has a plush under-sole cushioning for more protection.

8. Running Hydration Belt

This is not only a hydration belt that helps you store water while running, it also has a large water-resistant pocket where you can store your mobile devices – iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices. While holding your 10 OZ water bottle for hydration, the gel-based interior also holds your devices firmly to prevent scratch and bounce during your long runs.

9. Saucony Boston Running Pant – Women and Men

Made of a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex fabric, the Saucony Boston Runningpant can keep you dry and comfortable during your runs. You can wear the running pants alone or over a pair of tights during a cold weather. Also, you can easily wear or take them off over your running shoes with the long zipper at the ankle.

10. Night Running Gear Shoe Lights

This reflective safety running gear fits shoes of almost all sizes and provides extra safety for those who love to run at night. Its high quality LED produces maximum light output and offers about 70 to 10 hours of illumination. The shoe light has two lighting modes, color changing RGB flash output and steady colorfast strobe. It is water-resistant and also light-weight, so it doesn’t add extra weight to your running shoes.

11. Under Armour Men’s UA Storm Extreme ColdGear Jacket

As the name implies, this water-resistant and wind-resistant jacket keeps you dry and protected and blocks wind respectively. The Under Armour jacket can keep you warm and comfortable in even the coldest weather condition.

Where to Buy
Funny Running T-Shirt
Sport2People Running Belt USA Patented
Runner Bracelet

Other gift items for runners include Funny Running T-Shirt, Sport2People Running Belt USA Patented, and Runner Bracelet.

We have presented a list of unique gifts to make any runner in your life feel special. Let them know your support them whether running is their professional or just a hobby. And you’re a runner – find a couple items for yourself as well!