Gift Ideas for Runners


    Running can be a really tedious activity for some people. The effort required to be on a constant running schedule is quite high. Most people end up not having any motivation to pursue this hobby. However, as friends, you can always help in motivating the other person for it. Gifts are a great idea to keep any person up and running for whatever activity they are involved in. With that in mind, let’s head on to a fun-filled discussion on some of the best gift ideas for runners. 

    Best Gift Ideas for Runners

    Before we begin, keep in mind that it all comes down to how a person might address your gift. Picture your friend, their liking, and disliking which will help you select the most appropriate gift for them. 

    A Fitness Tracker

    Let’s just agree. It’s the era where everyone is surrounded by technology. Most people love to adapt to newer technology and use gadgets where appropriate. Your runner friend could really make use of a smart band or a smartwatch for physical fitness. 

    A fitness tracker will track the different aspects of a person’s exercise. It can evaluate a number of aspects including the following.

    • Steps a person has walked/ran
    • Distance in miles or kilometers
    • Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Heart rate Monitor 
    • Respiration tracking
    • Oximeter Support
    • Ascent/descent tracking
    • The total time utilized in running

    There are a whole lot of other insightful metrics as well. It can be easily worn on a person’s hand and they can use it while they are running without any hassle. Other fitness trackers can be worn around the neck as well with the help of a small lace or rope. 

    There are plenty of benefits of such a device which is why it is highly recommended for a runner. These devices are generally waterproof, resistant to rough usage, and have a user-friendly interface for better exercise. The more advanced fitness trackers come with Artificial Intelligence and help you set the right goals based on your “Body-Mass Index” and other parameters. Runners will also be able to evaluate how has been their running in contrast with other runners as many of these fitness trackers companies have online communities and forums for useful discussion. 

    Some of the best models of fitness trackers are Fitbit, Samsung, and Apple. Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit Charge 5, and Apple Watch are highly recommended. 

    Benefits and Drawbacks of a Fitness Tracker to a Runner
    Benefits Drawbacks
    Helps to Keep track of running metrics Not everyone is tech-friendly
    Helps to Keep track of body health metrics The device can break down at some point if the person does not take care 
    Motivates the runner to do better The buyer might not be having much technical knowledge about the fitness tracker
    The runner can connect with online communities and forums

    A fitness tracker with its mobile application.

    Customized Products

    There is a high chance that if you have a friend who frequently runs, he or she might already have a fitness tracker. Therefore, you can simply shift to something more convenient like a customized cup, customized shirt, customized wallet, customized keychain, and other related items. 

    Let’s say the runner has recently won a competition and you want to gift them something. You can easily get numerous customized items made. There are plenty of stores online that can manage all that for you including the delivery. Below are a few of the interesting ideas you can follow for a customized product.

    • A shirt with the following text – “Way to Go Champ, Keep Running”
    • A cup with a picture of the runner and text – “You are the best!”
    • A 3D picture changing cup – “The best athlete I know”
    • A wallet with an engraving of the runner’s name
    • A keychain with the picture of a famous runner

    There are plenty of other ideas in the form of text and graphic illustrations that you can use for a runner. It all comes down to your creativity and imagination as well as the fact that what your friend might like. 

    We also recommended that you choose a 3D mug or a Magic Mug. This is a specially designed mug that changes color when liquid is poured into it. For example, you can have 2 different pictures and two different quotes on the same mug. One will be displayed when the mug is empty while the other will come up when the mug is full. Check out the following picture for a better understanding. 

    3 stages of a magic cup. 


    An outfit could be one of the best gifts for a runner. Most runners have specific outfits for running that fit their bodies well and don’t impede their performance. This is why they use a different outfit such as a sports short and a tank top when they are going for a run. 

    If you have a precise idea of the person’s clothing measurements, you can get them an outfit for the run. Some of the best ideas include a custom-made outfit, tracksuit, pair of tank tops, or a pair of shorts. For winter, you can also consider a jacket or a hood. There are plenty of companies you can find online which can help you in having your custom design on the outfit. 

    In that case, there are plenty of ideas to follow. 

    • A picture of a famous runner on a tank top
    • A tracksuit with the person’s name on the top corner
    • A tank top with a motivational quote

    Again, these are just some basic ways to give you an idea of what you can possibly do. Get creative and think about it while keeping in mind what your runner friend might like. 


    Footwear is one of the most desired items by a runner which is why it could be the perfect gift for a runner. If you know the precise shoe size of your friend, you can give them their favorite pair of shoes for running. Many people have inspiration from a particular athlete and plan to buy a pair of shoes affiliated with them. If you know what your runner friend is planning to buy, you can simply get them that. 

    Keep in mind that footwear is expensive as compared to other gift items for a runner. This is because shoes are specially designed with high-tech involved. They are usually branded which is why they could cost you way more than a regular pair of shoes. Choose the right color based on what your friend might like. Also, remember to get a pair of great running socks as well. 

    A Picture Frame

    Going artistic is also one great idea to give your runner friend something great. Many people have different types of small posters and frames held up on their walls. For a runner, this could seem like a great idea. 

    You can get a custom design frame easily. Following are a few ideas

    • A printed picture of a famous runner with a motivational quote
    • A large picture of a famous runner
    • A collage of multiple runners
    • A frame with your friend’s picture and a famous quote

    These are some pretty great ideas for a picture frame but you can think even further and get more creative about it. Think about the dimensions of the frame, your budget, and the possibility of whether your friend will like it or not. This is because not everyone holds up posters or pictures at their houses. 

    A photo frame for a runner. 

    Miscellaneous Ideas

    Think about what your friend would really like or not like. For example, a particular person might be interested in reading the biography of a famous runner while the other person might not. Following are a few miscellaneous gift ideas for a runner

    • Headphones for listening music on the run
    • Subscription to an online running platform/community
    • A motivational book on bay famous runner
    • Fitness belts such as the Running Hydration Belt
    • A medal hanger
    • Moisturizers for rejuvenating the skin


    We hope that this post helps to generate ideas on what to give to a runner friend. With plenty of ideas provided above as well as a bit of creativity on your end, you can come up with some pretty exciting gifts for a runner. Just make sure that you do full research on your end before buying any particular product so that you make the right choice as well. 


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