Gift Ideas for Foodies


    You may think that it’s easy to find a gift for a foodie; just buy their favorite snacks! However, it’s always nice to make your gift meaningful and unique, while still being useful to the recipient.

    What is a foodie?


    A foodie is someone who appreciates food and rarely compromises on its flavor and experience. This doesn’t mean that they’re a glutton or that they have unhealthy eating habits. Being a foodie is more like having a hobby that involves seeking out good food and enjoying it to the utmost. 

    Some foodies might like to visit the best restaurants in their area or venture out to more distant places as well. Others will take care to select the best ingredients, follow interesting recipes, and make tempting food at home. Foodies can also have a mix of preferences, but the love for quality food is always there. 

    Finding the Perfect Gift for a Foodie

    With so many personality traits and preferences, the obsession with food doesn’t narrow things down. If you want to gift something to a foodie but are not sure how to go about it, the following ideas might come in handy:

    1. Something for the Kitchen

    Something for the Kitchen

    Is your foodie friend a whiz in the kitchen? Do they love whipping up meals or snacks when they have the time? If so, you can think about giving them something to make the cooking process easier, more fun, or more convenient. Here are some examples to consider:

    • Spice Grinder: This can be great for grinding whole spices, adding a new level to the dishes your friend makes
    • Cast-Iron Pan: A lifetime investment and preferable to non-stick cookware in terms of health, durability, etc.
    • Dutch Oven: Good for foodies who love slow-cooked sauces and soups
    • Fully-Equipped Cheese Board: If your foodie friend loves cheese, consider a cheese board with various cutting tools for different cheese types. 
    • Fresh ingredients: A gourmet salt sampler, some growing herbs, and a mushroom log are all examples of giving ingredients that a foodie cook will appreciate. 
    • Kitchen scale: Measuring cups and spoons aren’t always accurate, so many foodie cooks may want to measure ingredients by weight. A handy kitchen scale will help them get the perfect result each time. 
    • Cookbooks: If your foodie friend likes trying out new recipes, a cookbook will probably be welcome. Make sure to keep their preferences in mind (a Mediterranean diet, a love for desserts, etc.) before placing an order
    • Food Smoker: Choose the best food smoker for adding a unique flavor to poultry, fish, and meat. 

    2. A Food Assortment 

    A Food Assortment 

    At the end of the day, one may safely assume that a foodie loves to eat. If your particular friend is open to trying new foods regularly, an assortment of sorts will be a great gift. Here are some options to look for in your area: 

    • Fruits: Getting fruit preserves, fresh seasonal fruit, or exotic fruits will be an intriguing and fun experience
    • Cheese: A cheese platter with different varieties will be attractive for most foodies, especially if they’re accompanied by olives, crackers, etc.
    • Chocolates: These could range from your traditional assortment of milk chocolates with fillings to fancy dark chocolates with notes of lemon, red pepper, and so on.

    According to your friend’s preferences, you can also consider an assortment of the following items: 

    • Breads
    • Nuts
    • Brownies
    • Cookies
    • Cupcakes
    • Pretzels

    The list goes on…

    3. Sweet and Salty Snacks

    Sweet and Salty Snacks

    Does your foodie friend have a sweet tooth, or do they prefer snacking on something salty when the mid-meal cravings hit? Perhaps they’re living in a dorm or just enjoy munching for the sake of it. In any case, the following snack ideas can help you make the best selections: 

    • Pickles or peppers: Just about anything in brine can be a quick tangy snack or a way to upgrade a dish. See what your friend prefers and gift accordingly
    • Nuts: You can go for a basket filled with packets of different nuts, or get a few larger packs of their favorite kind. Nut butters may also come into this category
    • Banana Chips: A somewhat different take on the classic potato chip
    • A Bucket of Salt: Look around your local store or on trusted online platforms for different kinds of salt. Pineapple salt is one good example; it goes well on sweet baked items as well as savory items like eggs. 

    A few other ideas include:

    • Vegan Jams
    • Preserves
    • Unique flavors of ice cream
    • Homemade brownies
    • High-quality honey 

    4. Clothing and Accessories

    Clothing and Accessories

    If your foodie friend is a picky one or lives quite far away, gifting them something edible may not be the best idea. You don’t want to give them something that they don’t like or risk the food spoiling on the way over. You may also not feel comfortable giving them food items at a party or in the workplace or at school. In these cases, the following clothes and accessory ideas are good alternatives: 

    • Charm Bracelets: Hang some hamburgers, fries, and other food-themed charms on them before gifting
    • A Printed Shawl: See if you can find any local or online vendor selling shawls with pizza, cookie, or chocolate bar prints. A caftan or muumuu with food prints can also work. 
    • A T-Shirt: Funny T-shirts are trending now, so look around for options that have food-related quotes on them or have pictures of their favorite food. 

    Following are some more ideas for items that you can customize with food-themed prints:

    • Scarves
    • Sweatshirts
    • Hoodies
    • Socks
    • Sneakers
    • Cushions

    5. Equipment for Preserving Foods

    Equipment for Preserving Foods

    Foodies may also love the process of cooking, preserving, canning, and storing foods at home. Homesteading is seeing a jump in popularity these days. If your friend is also interested in such activities, they will probably appreciate the chance to store their resources for the long term. In such cases, consider the following options: 

    • Canning Equipment: This could be the whole kit or some tool they don’t yet have. You can also simply provide more cans or jars if required. Here’s a guide to the equipment needed for canning food
    • Preserving Equipment: These may include tongs, vinegar, a fermentation kit, or just a quality knife to help them chop up food before preserving it.
    • Organizers: These could be in the form of spacious wall shelves or a standalone organizer for all those cans and jars. A traditional Indian spice box will also be a unique yet economical choice. 
    • Food Dehydrator: dehydrating foods is another way to preserve them for the long run. With the equipment needed for freezing and drying food, a person can make items like jerky, dried fruits, banana chips, and more

    6. Gadgets 

    handy gadgets

    Some handy gadgets can help your foodie friend enjoy their food a little more than before. Some examples are given below: 

    • Smart Mugs: There are now mugs that help with temperature control, keeping a drink warm or cold for longer periods. Another model provides a self-stirring option that can be great for making drinks on the go or while working
    • Portable Blender: A powerful enough model can pulverize all sorts of ingredients, while the ‘jug’ also doubles as a bottle that a foodie can take with them when on the go. 
    • Churro Maker Machine: Some options allow you to make empanadas at home. Another related idea is a panini press, waffle maker, etc. 
    • Personal Cooler or Fridge: If your budget allows for it, your foodie friend will be delighted to have this gadget to keep their drinks cool and their lunches unspoiled. 

    7. Tableware


    A foodie will appreciate anything that makes their food experience better. For other non-edible foodie gift items, you may consider things that will help them eat and drink in a better way. For example: 

    • Stainless Steel Straws 
    • Glass Straws
    • Bamboo tableware
    • Durable plates and bowls that are also dishwasher safe

    The above items are environmentally friendly and sustainable options for enjoying all kinds of food. They also usually provide a better taste than plastic boxes or cutlery. 


    Selecting the best gift for someone you care about can be tough, especially if they’re picky in their ways. With the gift ideas we’ve discussed above, anyone will hopefully be able to find the right gift or put together a nice basket for their foodie friend. It may help to have an in-depth conversation with your friend first and then make a list of what they like the most. A little thought and care go a long way, but make sure not to go over your budget too much. 

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