Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Do you have a coffee aficionado in your life who wakes up to the aroma of coffee and cannot face the world without first having a cup of java in the morning? Such people are very easy to gift to. They love receiving various kinds of coffee beans or cute little coffee mugs with a personal message. 

For most coffee fanatics, it is either going back to the basics and having a manual coffee grounder and brewer or making their morning easier by receiving a fully automated espresso machine. Another item coffee lovers are excited to see is any form of specialty coffee.

If you are looking for ideas to gift to a loved one who survives mostly on coffee, you should save this list. We have mentioned more than ten awesome gift ideas for coffee lovers. Let us begin. 

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers in Your Life

Where to Buy
Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Coffee Pod Carousel
Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Snoozies Slippers for Women
On the Go Coffee Cup
Temperature Control Smart Mug
FinalStraw Collapsible, Reusable, Metal Straw
French Press with GroundsLifter
Milk Creamer Frother
Airless Canister
Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

1. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

There is nothing more heavenly than having a perfectly brewed coffee whenever you desire. This stainless steel perforated cold brew coffee maker by OXO is the best thing to have ever happened in the life of a coffee lover. The cold brew is perfect every time you use it as the rainmaker equally distributes the water throughout the coffee grounds. 

It gives the best tasting coffee you have experienced along with unmatched convenience. There is a simple switch that releases the brewed liquid, filtering out the beans. The extraction is smooth and makes a concentrate that you can use for cold or hot coffee. The brewer has measurements engraved on one side, which makes it easier to pour precisely. Unlike other coffee makers, this one by OXO is surprisingly convenient to clean due to its washable stainless steel filter. 

It does not take up much space on the countertop and looks stylish sitting with other appliances.

2. Coffee Pod Carousel

Coffee Pod Carousel

This carousel by Nifty is a sweet and thoughtful gift for the person who loves coffee to death. It is the ultimate solution to holding and managing all the K-cups. It is quite stylish and stands on a base of lazy Susan. It has the capacity of holding up to 35 K-cups, so your friend is surely going to enjoy this gift for a long time. 

One can easily spin it to view all the choices and choose the desired flavor. It has a sleek black design that goes with almost everything on the countertop. The carousel looks stylish in the kitchen and grabs attention immediately. With its vertical design, this carousel uniquely displays all the flavors and comes in handy when serving coffee to guests. 

Moreover, it makes up an excellent gift for students living in dorms as it does not take up much space. It is about 13 inches tall and measures about 7 inches in diameter.

3. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

This stainless steel travel mug by Contigo is built with a special AUTOSEAL technology that prevents spills and leaks way better than other brands. If your friend or family member is always on the go and gets to miss out on their coffee, then you can be no less than an angel if you gift them this mug. 

It can keep coffee hot for up to 7 hours and cold for up to 18 hours. You can take it in your car or even on long flights! Its thermalock vacuum insulation forms insulation that does not let the temperature of your beverage change. 

Also, it locks up very well and it is extremely easy to clean. The lid comes off easily while washing, and it has no small parts to dismantle. Its size is perfect for all cup holders. 

4. Snoozies Slippers for Women

Snoozies Slippers for Women

What could be better than a hot cup of coffee on an early winter morning? Answer: maybe, a pair of coziest and warm slippers with coffee doodles on them! Yes, it is the perfect combination. These snoozies slippers can fully brighten up your day. They have the cutest coffee-related illustrations on them that bring a smile to your face immediately. 

These slippers are lined with the softest fleece on the inside, making them perfect for wearing around the house. With a wide range of vibrant colors, these slippers are bound to be an excellent gift for your friends, family, or partner. They have an anti-skid sole on the bottom so that you wear them comfortably around the house on wood or tiled flooring. The pairs are machine washable and do not shrink or deteriorate after washing.

5. On the Go Coffee Cup

On the Go Coffee Cup

This gift option can be a real lifesaver during the current times when people are more comfortable in bringing their coffee mugs to work and everywhere. A collapsible coffee mug facilitates your coffee love by being in your bag whenever you need to pour coffee in it. For many people, the idea of a fancy travel mug is too much. It takes up extra space in the bag, and they might not even use it much. 

However, if you are ready to embrace convenience at another level, Stojo collapsible coffee mug is the best option. It is made of high-quality silicone, which means it will last a lifetime as silicone hardly breaks. It is about 2 inches when collapsed shut and has a diameter of about 4 inches. So, it is easier to carry out without taking up the bulk of space in your bag. 

It is the best gift ever as it is a sustainable choice that does not contribute to the increasing plastic dump of the world. You can take your coffee order in this and then wash it when you reach home. 

6. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Hot coffee lovers will love this gift as this new Ember temperature control smart mug operates on a long-lasting battery. It can maintain the temperature of your drink for about 80 minutes when it is fully charged. You can gift them to your office colleagues or friends as people often get so drowned in work that they forget to have their coffee while it is still hot. 

With this temperature-controlled mug, you can enjoy your hot beverage anytime you like and set the temperature you prefer. It pairs up with your smartphone, and you can set timer, temperature and receive reminder notifications to enjoy your coffee. Moreover, this new Ember mug is also fully operational without being paired to the app. It is built with a technology that remembers the last preferred temperature and continues to use it as the baseline. 

This mug is called smart for a reason. It is intelligently designed to sense when it is not in use for about 2 hours and goes in a sleep mode. It instantly wakes up when liquid is poured into it. In addition, this smart cup comes with a charging coaster that is built to support a long-lasting battery. 

7. FinalStraw Collapsible, Reusable, Metal Straw

FinalStraw Collapsible, Reusable, Metal Straw

If your coffee lover friend or partner is also an enthusiast for sustainability (which we all should be), then gifting them this straw is an excellent choice. The idea of this straw is unique yet so simple: it aims to eliminate plastic waste by being reusable and portable. You do not have to purchase straw daily or remember to keep a stock of straws in your house. 

It is a one-time purchase, and it lets you contribute towards sustainable living. It comes with an insulated and tight-shut box that keeps your straw clean for use anytime when the need arises. It is made of soft food-grade material that is a healthier choice than the usual plastic straws. Moreover, it is dishwasher safe and comes with a squeegee tool so that you can clean it on the go.

It fits snuggly into its carry case that takes up minimal space in your bag. You can attach the carry case with your keys or backpack and be ready to enjoy your cup of cold coffee anywhere.

8. French Press with GroundsLifter

French Press with GroundsLifter

French press is quite a useful gift for all the die-hard fans of coffee. However, this one by OXO comes with added convenience and ease. It has a GroundsLifter design that makes cleaning up after brewing and pouring much easier. You can easily use the GroundsLifter to lift all the remaining beans and clean up in a jiffy.

This OXO French press makes up to 8 cups of coffee concentrate. It has a fine mesh filter that prevents grounds from entering into the concentrate. It has a stylish steel exterior with a plunger knob that is soft and has a non-slip grip.

9. Milk Creamer Frother

Milk Creamer Frother

All cappuccino lovers vouch for the perfect foam that sits on top of their coffee. Milk froth or foam makes a rich topping for any coffee that you prefer. If you have someone like this in your life, choosing this milk frother for them is the best choice. 

With this HIC’s milk frother, there is no need for electricity to create a perfect milk foam in under a minute. This frother operates on a battery and has about a 14-ounce capacity. It is made from high-quality, durable stainless steel with nylon. The lid of this frother is made from a double-mesh aerator. 

This frother is extremely convenient to use: it has a plunger with a good grip and a strong handle. You have to pump the plunger for about 30 to 60 seconds while holding onto the handle strongly. When you think your foam is of desired consistency, stop pumping and pour the heavenly foam over your coffee. 

This frother is worth gifting to any coffee lover as it is economical to use and lasts you for a long time. It is also very easy to wash and clean up.

10. Airless Canister

Airless Canister

Nothing can be more heartbreaking than your coffee beans getting soggy and stale even after storing them in a container. This Evak fresh airless canister is sure to keep coffee beans fresh all the time.

The lid on this canister acts like a plunger – you push the lid down until it covers the coffee beans completely to get all the air out. You can even hear a satisfying ‘woosh’ sound when you are pressing down on the lid. The plunger-like lid displaces the air, and you can always find your coffee fresh and aromatic. 

This airless container is ideal for locking in the flavor and aroma of your coffee beans. It preserves the taste and quality of your beloved cup of coffee. The canister is built of heavy-duty glass, while the lid is made of stainless steel. Both the parts of this airless canister can be easily washed. Your friend or partner, whoever you choose this for, is going to be forever grateful to you. 

11. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Coffee lovers are the best to choose gifts for – they are classics lovers. This Chemex pour-over coffee maker has an unmatched elegance. It looks dapper sitting on the countertop and made of high-quality plastic. It can hold up to 1.9 pounds of coffee. You can easily store your coffee in this container and never worry about losing the taste. 


There are tons of other things to choose from when you’re picking up a gift for a coffee lover. However, this list contains all the best options that are worth the investment. These gifts are extremely useful and can mean a lot to loved ones or friends who cannot live without coffee. 

From receiving a coffee subscription to various kinds of specialty coffee beans variety and from sleek French press coffee maker to the airtight canister keeping the beans fresh and aromatic, coffee enthusiasts are pretty easy to impress.