Gift Ideas for Avid Campers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Most outdoor enthusiasts and campers already have a lot of camping, hiking, or backpacking gear. So, when buying gifts for them, they would more than appreciate something unique, and not the generic familiar stuff that they already have or would rather pick out for themselves. For example, most avid campers already have a good pair socks thus that might not be the most exiciting gift. Therefore, if you want to get some outdoor or adventure gear for the outdoor enthusiast, it is best to get them something different, cute, useful, and most likely not in there pack already.

Below are some unique gift ideas for campers and outdoor lovers:

Where to Buy
Inflatable Solar Light
Solar Powered Heated Shower
Personal Water Filtration Straw
Keychain Water-Resistant Blanket
Portable Laundry System
EVac Dry Sack
20-In-1 Survival Axe Multi-Tool
Ultralight & Fold-Up Chair
Camping Stove with USB Charger

1. Inflatable Solar Light

These are absolutely awesome for backpacking. The inflatable solar light weighs almost nothing and doesn’t need any batteries. To charge with the sun all that is required is to inflate the light and you will have an instant camp lantern for the night.

2. Solar Powered Heated Shower

Many backpackers will already have some kind of shower with them, or they simply use wipes or water for bathing. But can they have a warm water? With the Solar Powered Heated Shower, the water is heated with solar energy before its used for bathing. Though it may not be as hot as you’d get at home, it is far better than cold river or lake water.

3. Personal Water Filtration Straw

Most campers already have some sort of water filtration device, such as bottles, tablets, etc. However, this Personal Water Filtration Straw is unique for the fact that it allows the camper to drink instantly and directly from any source of water. It is very handy and convenient.

4. Keychain Water-Resistant Blanket

This water-resistant blanket is tiny, and so it is a great space saver. It also has a pocket-sized version. It will help to keep you dray and block a cold wind.

5. Portable Laundry System

This is an excellent gift for backpackers who go on longer trips. When out in the wild, most backpackers are exposed to a lot of dirt, some get used to it while others simply wash their clothes in nearby rivers or streams. However, this Portable Laundry System makes washing more comfortable and more convenient. You can pair it with the dry sack below.

6. EVac Dry Sack

The outside of this sack is waterproof, which prevents water from getting in and allows it to get out. With this dry sack, you can dry your wet clothes while they are still in your pack. All you have to do is to put wet clothes in the sack; the water evaporates from the clothes while not having contact with any other item in the pack.

7. 20-In-1 Survival Axe Multi-Tool

This tool is of great benefit to campers and hikers when they are engaged in some outdoor adventures. With this tool, you can do almost anything – use it to cut wood for fire or use it for self-defense.

8. Ultralight & Fold-Up Chair

A lot of backpackers will prefer not to bring a chair with them on a long hike because of the need to ‘travel light.’ However, this lightweight, little chair is worth considering because it has a back. So it will be very useful when you need to sit down and rest your back comfortably.

9. Camping Stove with USB Charger

Two products combined into one. With this stove, which doubles as a USB charger, you will basically be replacing two devices with a cool, new multipurpose one.

A few more gift ideas for avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts include Suunto Clipper Watch Band Compass, which can clip to almost anything and helps you get your bearings on the go. PackTowl Luxe Towel keeps you completely dry and can be packed into a backpack without taking much space. Campfire Defender – Pro Camper Kit helps preserve your campfire till the next morning, keeping it protected all night or while you’re away for a day hike. It also protects the fire from the rain.