Gift Ideas for Avid Campers and Outdoor Enthusiasts


    When you plan on giving a gift, it’s usually best to keep the recipient’s hobbies and interests in mind. When their interest is something like outdoor activities and camping, however, choosing the right gift could get a bit challenging. This is because most outdoors enthusiasts and experienced campers probably have a large collection of gear already. They’d make sure to have the right shoes, clothes, tents, chairs, compass, and other basics that one needs to enjoy such hobbies. 

    As a result, shopping for such people forces you to think about something useful yet still unique. If it’s something that they don’t already have, it should be lightweight and practical enough to take with them while on the go. On the other hand, if you know what they want, you can splurge on an expensive item that they’d be sure to use. To get the thought process started, here are a few gift ideas for avid campers and anyone who loves the outdoors: 

    1. Footwear and Foot Care

    Footwear and Foot Care

    When a person is frequently out of doors or camping at least once a year, their feet are at greater risk of injuries, diseases, and other issues. They probably have a great pair of sneakers, trainers, or waterproof shoes already, but you can always find out if they need a new pair. Shoes especially made for outdoor excursions might be a bit expensive, though, so the recipient should be close to you in this case. While choosing a shoe for someone who goes camping or on outdoor excursions a lot, make sure to check for the thickness, sturdiness, durability, and support of each pair before shortlisting your gift.

    Other feet-related products might include some durable pairs of socks. This may seem like a boring option, but it could be the perfect token gift or Secret Santa offering when you’re on a strict budget. The other person will probably appreciate the socks if they’re running short or are planning an outdoor trip during chilly weather. 

    Finally, you can put together a gift basket and include foot cream or foot balm among the items. An outdoor enthusiast never knows when they might need something soothing for their tired feet or a healing cream. It could go in their first-aid kit (another idea for campers, hikers, etc.) and not weigh it down too much. 

    2. Clothes


    Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer to wear layers of clothing or at least carry a few extra in their bags. A hiker might start off during the day with just a light T-shirt and feel chilly when evening falls. You can tap into this need and provide your friend with a collection of comfortable T-shirts, a warm jacket, a raincoat, or a full-sleeved shirt for a base layer. These items could really help them out if they’re caught in the rain or feel cold at some point. If nothing else, the T-shirts can provide a quick change of clothes when they’re feeling grimy. 

    3. Gadgets


    There are several little gadgets that could make hiking, camping, hunting, boating, or any other outdoor adventure a little safer. Ask a few questions and see whether your friend already has a portable charger, a powerful pair of binoculars, a Swiss Army knife, or a headlamp when they head out. Items like these can be useful on an everyday basis when one is outdoors

    The Swiss Army knife alone provides protection and many tools for cutting food, whittling, opening bottles and cans, etc. For music lovers, some outdoor speakers may also be a nice idea. 

    You can also look up other gadgets that can help someone out if they’re lost or just want to stay outdoors for a bit longer. If your friend doesn’t have any of these gadgets or wants an upgrade/replacement, you have the perfect gift idea!

    4. Comfort Basics

    Comfort Basics

    Camping and outdoor lovers will probably have a tent already, but you may want to see if they need a new one. If their tent’s too old and they’re not spending on a new one, this could be the perfect gift for any occasion. They will appreciate having a nice new tent without any holes or stains. However, a premium tent can cost around $300 and above, so make sure you have the budget and inclination for this gift. 

    Other than a tent, there are some basics that a camper might love. Check out where they stand in the chairs area; while an outdoorsy person might be fine with the ground or a log, there are times when a chair is very welcome. The ground might be wet due to rain, or they might suffer from a stiff back at times. In any case, a couple of lightweight chairs might make for a useful gift. The same goes for a hammock; those who love the outdoors also love to relax when surrounded by nature. A hammock could make for a unique gift; it could be that one thing your friend didn’t know they needed on their trips!

    Finally, you could look into getting them some ice sleeping gear if they need it. Inflatable pillows, compressible pillows, sleeping pods, emergency blankets, and regular sleeping beds might be in order. 

    5. Luggage


    When someone ventures outdoors for some time, they need to take a lot of gear with them. Find out if your outdoor-loving friend has a proper backpack or if they’re just winging it each time. Regular backpacks and bags may work, but the experience of a hiking or camping backpack is worth the upgrade. If your friend likes to travel long distances for the perfect outdoor experience, you may want to consider giving them a suitcase for the initial journey. 

    Do their outdoor excursions include water sports? If so, dry bags are a great gift as well. The thick and heavyweight fabric of these bags will make sure that everything inside stays dry and safe even when your friend is kayaking, rafting, or taking part in any water-related activity. It could also help to get some gear for beach camping

    Other than the main luggage, packing cubes are a great way to organize items and make the most of a small space. 

    6. Cooking Gear

    Cooking Gear

    Finding food, cooking, and eating are important parts of camping or staying outdoors for any hobby. Since people are so active during these adventures, they need enough fuel to keep them going. While the classic marshmallows on a stick or dry food essentials are fine, you can help your friend enhance the experience with some carefully chosen items.  

    If they’re a coffee lover, for instance, a small coffee press of the best coffee makers for camping might be on your gift idea list. For delicious meals each time, a Dutch oven might come in handy. Other ideas include a water purifier of sorts, whether in the form of tablets or a jug. A utensil set may also be handy and also good for the environment. 

    7. The Experience Itself

    The Experience Itself

    Finally, you can even think about giving a whole outdoor experience to your friend! Whether you go with them or not, any adventurous person would probably love a camping getaway or a secluded cabin where they can reconnect with nature. According to their interests, you can also book them a skiing adventure, a day at the water park, or anything else that resounds with them.


    Getting just the right gift requires a bit of thinking and knowledge about the recipient. Giving your outdoorsy friend something to help them enjoy their hobby will make them happy and also strengthen your bond. This gesture will let them know that you care about what they want and support their lifestyle. Start your research today and see what products seem like the best options. 


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