Reaching the age of 21 is a momentous occasion. Given that it is a special occasion with a special celebrant, the occasion merits a special gift. These are practical and appropriate gift suggestions for a 21-year-old. 

    For Him:

    1. Tactical LED Flashlight 

    tactical led flashlight in white background

    Prepare him for adulthood by giving him a practical gift that is essential for emergency kits and toolboxes at home. This rechargeable flashlight has an ample beam of light, can be charged via a type C USB cord, is waterproof, and is durable. So, wherever his adventurous spirit takes him, he is prepared. 

    2. Laptop Carrying Bag

    men’s dark grey laptop bag in white background

    Get him a decent, sleek, and long-lasting laptop bag. This bag is intended to protect his laptop from scratches, dust, inclement weather, and bumps. Depending on his personality, there are so many designs and materials to choose from. Aside from serving its functionality, it adds a hint of style to the owner.

    3. Vacuum Flask

    Purchase him a stylish vacuum flask that can keep his beverages hot or cold for hours. Made to resist high temperatures and is leakproof, whether he has hot cocoa or chilly soda with him. If he is into trekking, camping, or any outdoor activities that require hydration, this thing will always be suitable. 

    4. Personalized Key Chain

    leather keychain in a white background

    Keychains with his name embossed, printed, or engraved on them are more sentimental. It can be attached to his belt loop, the zipper of his bag, or can be suspended in his ID lanyard. Apart from safeguarding his valuable keys, they can also make a stylish statement. 

    5. Messenger Bag

    olive green messenger bag in white background

    A messenger bag is a perfect present for a daily commuter. Due to its exterior pockets or compartments, the bag guarantees comfort for individuals carrying bulky items while facilitating simple access to its contents. 

    6. Airpods

    white wireless earphones with charger box in a wooden background

    Airpods provides a great audio quality, it works well with laptop, music player, or smartphone. These wireless earbuds are portable, and he can take them with him wherever he goes! Whether he is into rigorous activities or just having a sound trip, Airpods are waterproof and sweatproof. Airpods from Apple, Inc are preferred by many because it’s easy to use, provide crystal clear sound, provide comfort to users, and are fashionable. 

    7. Men’s Cologne

    perfume bottle in white background

    Give him a nice cologne to wear. The entire perception of being a smart, well-groomed man is enhanced by a pleasant aroma. It bears a refreshing scent that gives him new life and energy. After all, donning fragrance indicates that he is conscious of his look and grooming.

    8. Smart Watch

    smart wrist watch with black silicon strap in black background

    Here is yet another tech device for the tech-savvy. There are three types of smartwatches available: screenless hybrid smartwatches which resemble a traditional analog watch that can be connected to his phone via Bluetooth, basic smartwatches that shows what is exactly in his phone, and fitness tracker which can measure heart rate, calorie count and more. Generation of this age preferred Apple Smartwatch due to its special functions. It is a standalone watch that can make a call and send a message minus the iPhone. 

    9. Bottle Opener

    Bottle Opener

    Celebrate his birthday by opening a bottle of wine or beer with this handy bottle opener. This thoughtful gift is ideal for cheers and beers now that he is “legally” allowed for spirit!

    For Her:

    1. Hand Bag 

    Hand Bag

    Modern ladies prefer handbag because it is both useful and fashionable. It serves as both a container for her valuables, such as her phone, keys, and grooming items, and adornment that represents her style of expression. Many women choose handbag since it is not overly hefty for regular travel.

    2. Perfume

    Perfume bottle

    One of the five senses most important is the sense of smell. You may be attracted to someone simply because of the way they smell. Perfume keeps you smelling lovely the whole day. Give the celebrant a nice scent to enjoy. It will not only make her smell nice and clean all day, but it will also cheer her up and make her feel good.

    3. Chakra Bracelet

    boho style bracelet with 6 gems in different colors

    If she is into naturopathy, this Chakra bracelet is the perfect gift for her. It is thought to possess a remarkable property that calms our nerves and induces mental peace and tranquility. It restores harmony and balance to the energy in our bodies. Also a beautiful piece because of its embellishments. 

    4. Sunglasses

    green pastel sunglasses in a pink background

    Shades defend our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. But apart from that, it gives those who wear it a sophisticated appearance. Eyeglasses make an excellent gift because they not only protect our eyes but also add style and appeal to the wearer. Let her experience the wonderful outdoors without being concerned about the sun’s UV rays. These sun cheaters are ideal for bringing out her summery side. 

    5. Passport Holder

    2 passport cover with flip lock

    It is essential to invest in something that will help protect her valuable possessions, such as a passport holder. A high-quality, water-resistant passport holder can keep her passport and other travel documents safe and secure. 

    6. Personalized Keychain

    silver key chain with chain and rings in a white background

    Give her something in which she can safely store valuable items such as her keys. It is a thoughtful gift not only keeps her keys together and secure but also adds a touch of style to her purse.

    7. Travel Size Refillable Cosmetic Bottles

    black box with small size refillable bottles and black pearls in brown background

    Reusable refillable bottles are reputed to be cost-effective. 

    It is lightweight and portable, and she can take it with her wherever she goes. It is an excellent travel companion because it takes up less space, is leak-proof, reusable, and protects her toiletries while in transit.

    8. Journal Set

    pink notebook, pink pencil and pink pen with gemstone in a light pink background

    Give her something to keep track of her development and progress. A planner, pen, and pencils are included in this trendy, girly pink journal set. She will be able to capture her thoughts wherever and at any moment. In terms of psychology, journaling fosters self-assurance, elevates mood, and sharpens cognition and memory.

    For Both: 

    1. Personalized T-Shirt

    white t-shirt with sewn patches

    Give him or her personalized t-shirts with his or her age, picture, or name on them. It adds a personal touch while also being visually appealing. The design can be embossed, printed, or sewn. 

    2. Travel Neck Pillow

    green neck pillow in grey background

    We feel discomfort and pain in our necks while traveling. One suggestion is to use a neck pillow to prevent further damage. The neck pillow provides support for the neck and head. It also aids in the prevention of stiff neck and back pain.

    Indeed a thoughtful gift to the celebrant.

    Finding the right gift can be challenging depending on who you are purchasing the gift for.  And the 21st birthday is an important milestone.  Take the suggestions above and do your research to find just the right gift to make their birthday special.

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