Getting your laugh back

Let’s all be adults here: urinary incontinence is no laughing matter. If you’re a mom of even 1 child, chances are you know what I’m talking about. That embarrassing feeling that you’re going to pee your pants every time you erupt into a fit of giggles. Or maybe you’re familiar with the ol’ “cross your legs while you sneeze/cough/laugh.” You probably can’t enjoy things like a trampoline or exercise either, for fear of the dreaded leak. I feel you there! And so do 35 million other women who experience stress leakage. I’m a mom of three, and it seems like no matter what I do, I always end up peeing my pants quite often after I’ve had a baby, and then even long after that I’m terrified to sneeze in public for fear that I might have a slight leakage problem. Hashtag momlife. Bye bye, pelvic floor muscles!

Thankfully, the lovely people at Poise have developed a totally new and innovative product to help stop stress urinary incontinence (SUI) before it even happens. Yep, the new Poise Impressa stops the leaks before they even start! It doesn’t just protect you after the pee has started to flow- this isn’t your typical pad. Poise Impressa is the first over-the-counter product that helps you let go of the worry- you can laugh all you want now, or heck, even jump on a trampoline (something I normally can’t do with my kiddos).

Stopping your SUI leaks with Impressa is pretty easy. First, you need to try a sizing kit, because every woman’s anatomy is different, and the sizing kit allows you to find your most comfortable internal fit. The Impressa Sizing Kit includes 6 bladder supports (two of each size) as well as a $4 off coupon for a Single-Size Pack. After you’ve found the perfect fit with your Impressa Sizing Kit, it’s time to move on to the Single-Size Pack. You can use Impressa for up to 8 hours a day to help prevent SUI leaks before they even happen.


Poise Impressa is all about letting go of the worry- life shouldn’t be spent worrying about embarrassing leaks. Don’t skip out on activities or stifle your laugh out of fear of leaks- stop them before they even start, and continue enjoying life to the fullest! Experience a renewed sense of freedom and regain your confidence to enjoy a fulfilling life- including laughing your butt off or jumping on the trampoline to your heart’s content!


Want to try Poise Impressa for yourself? Make sure to hop over and get a $2 off coupon for an Impressa Sizing Kit.




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