Gender reveal time- it’s a…

OK, today was the big day. Ultrasound day! I’m 20 weeks and 1 day today and waiting this long has felt like some kind of torture, let me tell you. I knew much earlier with the previous two babies and I’m a very impatient person. I woke up at 5am this morning and slept like a kid on Christmas Eve because I was so excited for my 9:30 appointment today. Anxious doesn’t quite put into words what I was feeling when I finally went out the door with my husband!
First off, check out my bump update.
I definitely “popped” this week and look pregnant now.
The first 15 minutes of the ultrasound were full of all the not-so-fun but very important stuff, like checking out the heart, brain, head size, and measuring all the parts of the baby to make sure everything was good. I kept looking at my husband and he was antsy. I think he thought they were just going to get us right in there and go for the money shot! Baby was laying face down for part of it, so I had to lay on my side so we could get a good look. We finally got an opportunity and here’s what we saw:

There was no mistaking it- there’s definitely a baby girl in there! The ultrasound tech was very sure of it and checked and double checked and we didn’t see any boy parts at all. We have one healthy, very active baby girl on her way! I was so excited I started crying and I looked over and saw my husband do a little fist-pumping “yesssss!” action. He really wanted another girl.

After the ultrasound I met with my doctor and she said baby girl looked great and all of my tests and blood work came back perfectly. The only issue they found was that I have placenta previa, which means that my placenta is laying partly over my cervix. This isn’t good because you don’t want to deliver the placenta first when you go into labor, and it can result in needing a C-section, which I’m terrified of. My two previous births were normal and perfect and I’m absolutely scared shitless of having a C-section. I don’t want one. I will avoid it all costs. My doctor said she’s about 90% sure things will shift around in the next 20 weeks and I’ll be able to have a normal delivery, but just to be sure I can’t workout and I have to abstain from relations with the husband until they check me again. So no exercise and no sex. Dang. (haha). Hopefully things change before it’s delivery time. I really, really don’t want to have a C-section. Did I already mention that?

So now that I know I’m having a girl I can finally start…well, doing stuff to get ready to have a baby. I need to get working on the baby room. I know quite a few people who have offered me girly baby items, so I need to round those up and start collecting them. I need to figure out what colors/theme I want so I can start a quilt and decorate. I’m so excited to start shopping! Shopping for a baby girl is so fun. I’m sure I’ll have everything I need in no time flat now that I know what I’m shopping for. I also need to start thinking of some names, because we don’t really have any picked out yet. Time to put my thinking cap on!

Exciting stuff! Looks like I’ve got a lot of work to do.