Gelish “Hello Pretty!” Summer 2015 Collection {Review}

Hello, pretties!

Today I’m sharing the latest and greatest color collection from Gelish- the 2015 summer line called Hello Pretty! These gorgeous, bright, fun colors are inspired by Japanese street style and features pops of pink, adorably cute purples, and a little bit of fun for everyone. This playful collection is perfect for summer and I had a hard time deciding which one to wear first. My first reaction was “Oooh, pink! No wait, purple. Oooh! More pink!” I’m a sucker for bright colors, especially ones with cute, playful names like these.
The consistency of a few of these colors were a bit tricky. Some of them seemed thicker than the usual Gelish formulation that I’m used to, and I had some problems with them going on streaky and thick. The thicker ones also didn’t seem to self-level as much as they normally do. Of course, part of it could have been due to the fact that I was trying to swatch all 6 colors during nap time, so I was rushing. Each color is shown with 3 coats of color, and I apologize for the short nails. I keep breaking the corner off my pointer fingernails, which is extremely annoying when it comes time to try on and photograph gel polish swatches.
Look At You, Pink-Achu! This is a creamy, bubblegum pink with no shimmer or sparkle. It’s a very fun, neon-ish pink. You know how much I love a good “Barbie” pink! This one was one of the thicker formulations and you can kind of see on the middle finger where I had trouble with it streaking slightly.


Do You Harajuku? This is a lighter, shimmery, neon green with a beautiful creme formulation. It went on very smooth, but almost needed 4 coats for complete coverage.


Pop-Arazzi Pose. This is one of my favorites! This is a more reddish, rose red-pink creme with no shimmer or sparkle. It had great coverage and went on perfectly.


Manga-Round With Me. This one is a beautiful neon coral creme. I had no problems with the application of this one and it went on very smooth with pretty even coverage.


Anime-Zing Color! This one really is amazing. At first glance I thought it would be more blue, but it’s actually a gorgeously bright neon purple creme. Again, great consistency and even coverage. This is definitely one of my favorites!

Tokyo A Go Go. This is another fun, neon pink color with a bit of purple in it. It’s a creme with no shimmer or sparkle, but the formulation was a tad thick and I had a hard time getting it to go on evenly.


I am in love with this entire collection, but I think my top 3 favorites would have to be Pop-Arazzi Pose, Anime-Zing Color!, and Look At You, Pink-Achu! I’m currently rocking Pop-Arazzi Pose on my fingernails right now.
The Hello Pretty! summer collection will be available for a limited time at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $13.99 each  (don’t forget to sign up for their Beauty Club Card & save on every item!) 


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I was given these products by the company for the purpose of a review. All opinions are, as always, my own!