Gelish “Haute Holiday” 2014 colors & swatches

Can you believe the holiday season is almost upon us? It’s time to break out the fun, festive new gel nail colors from the Gelish Haute Holiday line. I’ve been rocking a few of the Get Color-Fall colors for the last few weeks, but as the leaves have fallen (and so have the temperatures), I’m ready for something fun. This gorgeous new line did not disappoint! Here’s what they say about it:


Celebrate this season with the Haute Holidays Collection, brought to you by Gelish. Whether you’re sneaking kisses under the mistletoe, sipping your favorite bubbly or dreaming of sugar plum fairies, these six glamorous glitters and shimmers will keep your manicure shining all through the holidays.

I am so in love with all 6 of these colors. They are so sparkly! The two colors on the left are from the Gelish Trends line and have a clear base in them, so they can go over any color. I’m showing them with 2 coats here. The other four shades are shown with 3 coats of color and are a bit “translucent.” The coverage was good though, the consistency was easy to work with, and they self-leveled nicely before curing. Let’s take a closer look at them.
Berry Merry Holidays
This is a beautiful, medium toned burgundy with a shimmer finish. I don’t have another color like it in my collection so I was really excited for this one.


Kisses Under the Mistletoe
This one is a dazzling emerald tone with superfine glitter mixed in. I wish it had a little better coverage because I could still see the white of my nail through it in the light. This jewel tone is perfect for Christmas.


Here’s to the Blue Year
This is one of my favorites. This is a bright navy mixed with varying sizes of chunky glitter throughout. These pictures don’t do the color justice- there’s a lot of glitter in there.


Sugar Plum Dreams
This is another of my favorites because you know I love anything pink. This is a bright, rosey pinkish-red and reminds me of candy.


Your Sleigh or Mine?
This is the silver version of the Gelish glitter topper. Its base is clear with chunky glitter and can be worn alone or over another color.


Feeling Bubbly?
This is the gold version of the Gelish glitter topper. Like the silver one, its base is clear with chunky glitter and can also be worn by itself or over another color. The possibilities with these toppers are endless and would be gorgeous over any of these Haute Holiday colors.


After trying on each of the colors I decided to go with Here’s to the Blue Year for my own manicure this week. I had to try out one of the Trends toppers too, so I chose Your Sleigh or Mine. I really love blue and silver together for the holidays.
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Which one is your favorite?
Any you just can’t live without?