Geeky Video Game Décor Ideas

A cool video game room is probably a dream of every person who loves to play video games. There are lots of geeky video game décor you can add which can make your play experience more enjoyable. There are many ways on how you can decorate your game room. Some game enthusiasts also take it as an opportunity to showcase their love for movies and television shows with the design of their game rooms in addition to playing videogames. But there are also other game rooms which are focused on more classic game décor such as pinball machines, board games, and other classic toys.

If you want to have a geeky video game room at home and you’re looking for great themes and accessories to add, or you simply want to decorate your home with the video game inspired accessories, we are very happy to help you. Here are some of the best geeky video game décor ideas we can recommend.


1. Adding Video Game Inspired Lamps

Lighting can do a lot to enhance the look of a video game room and it can be nice if the lights you will use are also video game inspired. For example, you can place a Legend of Zelda inspired Nightlight or a Super Mario Question Mark Night Light on a corner table in the room. These geeky lamps will show how much you love video games while keeping your video game room chic and inviting.


2. Adding Video Game Wall Decals

Wall decals are something that can help you immediately transform your video game room. It is also one of the best ways to express how much you love playing games. There is a lot of video game inspired wall decals you can find, and they can also make you feel like you’re in your favorite game every time you walk into your video game room.


3. Adding Accent Lighting

If you only have a small room, is kind of challenging to provide just the right amount of ambient background lighting so that the eye will not be blinded by the action on the screen while playing video games. With this, you can add offset spotlights on the ceiling with recessed lighting in the shelves. This way, it will improve illumination in the space without distracting the action on your computer or television screen. Some dark colored furniture might also help in amplifying and emphasizing gameplay on the screen and placing a comfortable sofa and an elegant table can provide a more enjoyable experience.


4. A Classic Game Room

Video game room decorations do not have to be focused on electronic games. If you want your game room to look more classic than modern, then decorating it with classic board games can be great. If you have an unused space in the room, you might want to place a classic pinball game there. Aside from that, you can also decorate the walls with your favorite classic movie and games posters to add to the classic feel. This geeky and classic video game room theme will always make you feel nostalgic.


5. Super Mario Video Game Room

Super Mario is one of the best classic video games that the majority of video game enthusiasts probably love. Therefore, it is also a great theme to decorate your video game room. You can add Super Mario wall graphics to the walls of your video game room to add the feeling of watching the game on pause. You can also place a theme throw pillow on chairs matching with Super Mario action figures on the shelves to emphasize the colorful wall decoration. And to enhance the look of the room more, adding plush figures from the game is great.


6. Star Wars Themed Video Game Room

Some video game enthusiasts are also fans of the Star Wars franchise. If you’re one of them, then this geeky concept can be perfect for your game room. You can use lightsabers as wall lights then place green LED lights on the border of your desk to create a thematic background lighting. Aside from the lights, you can also place your favorite Star Wars action figures, scale replicas, and other merchandise to give your room a unique and cool look.


7. Street Art Inspired Video Game Room

Aside from adding symbols, characters, and graphics from your favorite games, another great way to create a geeky video game room is to add whimsy and energy to it through the use of street art. You can arrange modern games in the room in a conventional way, then contrast it nicely with a painted backdrop that has bright street art colors like those we see outdoors. Adding overhead lighting can also help make the room look bright and airy.


Geeky Video Game Decorations

Where to Buy
“Keep Out Gamer at Play” Novelty Sign
Arcade Light Switch Plate Cover
Leisure Recliner and Ottoman Chair Set
Video Game Themed Art Print Wall Décor
Gamer Mode On Indoor Rug
PlayStation Metal Drink Coasters
PlayStation Icons Light
Best Gamer Ever Throw Pillow Cover


Aside from decorating your video game room with your favorite games and characters, you can also add other fun accessories about video games to make it look more cool and fun. Here are some that you may like:

1. “Keep Out Gamer at Play” Novelty Sign

This is a cool novelty tin sign you can place on your video game room’s door to let everyone know that you’re busy playing video games.

2. Arcade Light Switch Plate Cover

You can cover the light switch in your room with this arcade-inspired switch. It is a classic arcade button that can be used to cover any rocker-style light switches. It is a really fun décor to add to a game room and it will definitely be lived by video game enthusiast. Plus, these buttons will give you a nostalgic feeling every time you turn on and turn off the lights.

 3. Leisure Recliner and Ottoman Chair Set

This is a really nice gaming chair that will give you comfort while playing video games for long hours. But aside from comfort, it can also enhance the look of your video game room. It comes in a black and red color combination. It has a 360-degree swivel function and a backrest movement from 90 to 145 degrees. It also comes with a footrest for an ultimate gaming experience.

4. Video Game Themed Art Print Wall Décor

This is an awesome set of art prints which are perfect for video gamers. It features statements such as, “You can’t just pause a game.” and “When life gets hard it means you just leveled up.”. These are great to be placed on your video game room wall because they will make the room look more fun.

5. “Best Gamer Ever” Throw Pillow Cover

This throw pillow cover is perfect for a video games geek and it is also a great décor addition to a video game room. You can place it on chairs, sofas, or even on beds. It can also be a great gift for a video game enthusiast.

6. Gamer Mode On Indoor Rug

This is a cool-looking, decorative rug that is great to add in your geeky video game room. It is an ultra-soft mat that is 23.6 inches by 0.4 inch. You can sit on it as you play video games because it is very fluffy and comfy.

7. PlayStation Metal Drink Coasters

These are Play Station controller-inspired coasters that are also great as decorative pieces for your geeky video game room. You can use it to place your drinks on it as you play your favorite games. Your friends will be impressed with these wicked and cool coasters.

8. PlayStation Icons Light

Light up your game room or bedroom with the symbols and icons from the PlayStation gaming system. This is an iconic light which can be a conversation starter when your friends visit to play some video games. It has 3 different light modes and is music reactive as well so you can turn up the sound while you play. It is a perfect novelty decoration for a themed room.

These are some of the best geeky video game décor ideas we can recommend. These décor ideas are not just for video game rooms because you can also decorate your bedroom, home office, or any part of your home with these items especially if you’re really a big fan of video games. Remember that no matter how much your budget is or whatever the design ideas you have for your video game room are, use it as a chance to express yourself freely. We hope these ideas will give you inspiration for decorating a geeky video game room.