Fun and Unusual Lighting Ideas

Your house is a safe sanctuary for you. Your house or room should reflect your personality, likes, dislikes, or preferences. It may be whether you choose to hang a poster of your favorite pop musician or intend to print a life-size banner of a quotation by your famous revolutionary.

There is more to lighting than just making things easier to see. Properly placed lighting in a room draws the eye upward, revealing the area’s entire height and scope. Light fixtures, like posters, banners, and framed pictures, can be used to express one’s individuality. Are you experiencing a surge of nerdy pride? Or longing for a return to retro times and vintage looks. Not to fear, though; the lighting industry has plenty of lamps to suit your quirky tastes.

These lights are a statement piece in and of themselves, whether you’re trying to wow your friends or draw inspiration from your favorite graphic novel or comic book film. They may brighten up a dreary nook or give visual interest to the wall in the living room. These fun and unusual lighting ideas will add an exciting touch to your room!

Geeky and Nerdy Lighting

With people being more comfortable expressing their opinions on popular culture through social media and other online forums, it’s a creative way to use your house lighting as a platform to share your passions and interests with visitors.

Your home will be positively aglow after being bombarded by dazzling bulbs. That’s why you should try to explore these geeky lamps, which will provide adequate lighting for all your nerdy pursuits. You can choose the perfect nerdy light from the options available.

With these mystical nerdy lights, you may impress your guests with your fantastic decor and show off your awesome space to everyone. Furthermore, they make for a wonderful study partner when the hours draw in. These geeky and nerdy lamps, including a Star Wars lamp, a Harry Potter lamp, an iconic Mario Brothers design light, and a Batman Bat-Signal lamp, are perfect for your nerdy decor.

Lightsaber Lamps


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What could be more exciting than illuminating your apartment with the most famous prop in cinematic history? Adding a lightsaber lamp to your living room, workplace, or bedroom makes you stand out from the crowd. Star Trek’s lightsaber will always be one of the most iconic cinematic props of all time. You may choose a wide variety of Lightsaber lights in a spectrum of colors to fit your decor. Some lights activate when plugged into an electrical socket, while others require a separate remote control to switch on.

Super Mario Lamps

Playing the first Super Mario Bros. gave you a rush of happiness every time you moved the character across the screen. The game will always be iconic. This Super Mario Lamp may illuminate any area in your home, whether a bedroom or a gaming room. Everyone deserves a Super Mario Lamp by their bedside, whether you are a casual or hardcore gamer or just love the Mario Brothers. The lamp’s shade is a cube, like the one seen in Super Mario games, and it casts a soothing light.

Pac-Man Lamps


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Who doesn’t recall the iconic arcade game in which you had to dodge four colorful ghosts while trying to eat all the dots placed in the maze? Geek out in comfort with this adorable cyan lamp depicting the Inky ghost from Pac-Man. You may also place it on your nightstand as an additional light source. Other options include Pac-Man himself, as well as other Pac-Man characters. There is probably one near you if you do an internet search for it.

Harry Potter Lamps


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You will solemnly swear that you will need this brown Harry Potter-inspired lamp, which will add some genuine enchantment to your room. This brown triangle lamp, decorated with the Deathly Hallows symbol, will look great in your home. This magical light makes it the most enchanted ornament, transporting you back to the wizardry of Hogwarts. Suppose you’re a Potterhead who wants to take your decor to the next fantastical level. In that case, more Harry Potter-inspired lights are available online than this one that will make you cast the spell “Lumos!”.

Pokémon Lamps


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Some kids cannot sleep at night because they are afraid of monsters under their beds. Therefore, some parents buy their kids some cute lamps, so they won’t be afraid anymore before they sleep. Just like these Pokémon lamps, children will feel they have a companion every time they sleep. These lamps are also perfect for creating a geeky vibe in any area, whether you’re a toddler in need of a nightlight or an adult with a casual interest in Pokémon. There are several variations of Pokémon lamps to choose from on the web. If you “Gotta see ’em all,” you better see them all. 

Other Odd and Vintage Lighting

You might attempt vintage-style lighting to give your home a sophisticated and elegant vibe if you’re not interested or just don’t care for geeky decor. These odd and vintage lamps may give you ideas on what to buy and decorate to achieve that vintage vibe already for your home!

Vintage Cat Lamps

Cat lovers will like these vintage lights with feline details. It depicts a vintage cat which comes in numerous styles as well. You can set it wherever, from your desk to your nightstand. These types of lamps are a treasure for cat lovers.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamp, buddha figure and crystals on golden table indoors

Crystals of amber-hued rock salt are carved into the shape of lamps in the form of Himalayan salt. Once lit, they provide a soft, pinkish-red light. These ornamental items are sold with the claim that they offer more than just aesthetic value to a space; they also benefit one’s health. Makers of these lamps claim that they can almost do everything from lifting your spirits to helping you get a good night’s sleep to purifying the air so that people may breathe easier.

Selenite Electric Lamps

Rough big selenite crystal tower pole lamp illuminated on home window sill, spiritual home decor accent. Winter forest on background

These are electrical lamps in the shape of an iceberg, shining with the iridescence of selenite. The mineral gypsum can crystallize into selenite. It is typically displayed in areas where the presence of a serene and stress-free atmosphere is desired. Like the moon, it may reflect a pristine beam of white light, which is said to spread positivity and revitalize the surrounding area. You may put it in your bedroom to unwind at the end of a hard day.

Mushroom Lamps

Mushroom shaped glass white lamp stands on red table

These modern light fixtures are unlike conventional table lamps due to their eye-catching design that resembles a capped mushroom. Iconic lighting is typically characterized by a large, domed shade and a clean shape adorned with shiny metals or bright acrylics. Their sculptural forms and down-firing light from their spherical shades make them a welcome addition to any space.

Vintage Floor Lamps

Typical furnishings of a living room in an apartment of a city apartment building from the time of the former Soviet Union

When going for a softer, subtler look, vintage floor lamps can be the only source of illumination in a place. Adding a touch of nostalgia to a space while also making it more practical, these vintage floor lamps are a great addition to any living room, den, or office. Their impact on the atmosphere and aesthetic of a space is substantial.

Tiffany Style Lamps

tiffany lamp image

Beautiful tiffany glass shades sit atop sturdy bases to create Tiffany table lights. The lamp base is often extremely heavy to prevent the glass shade from toppling over. Even though the lamp’s base is lovely, most people are more interested in the shade. Lampshades use copper foil, a modern alternative to the traditional leaded method of assembling stained glass. Stained leaded glass lamps, even those not created by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s firm, are commonly referred to as “Tiffany lamps” or “Tiffany style lamps” due to Tiffany’s outsized impact on the design. You can’t deny the sophistication of a Tiffany lamp. Their utilization of a wide variety of gorgeous designs and colors is striking, and their Art Nouveau design roots ensure that they will remain fashionable and relevant for years to come. Tiffany lamps are a high-end choice for decorative lighting.

These nerdy and geeky lamps are perfect whether you’re looking to relive your glory days of Harry Potter marathons or relive your glory days of playing the original Mario Brothers game. Suppose you aren’t into or simply don’t care for geeky decor. In that case, you could try installing vintage-style lighting to give your home a sophisticated and elegant feel. If you’re looking to brighten up your workspace, home, or the homes of loved ones as gifts, consider some of the options listed above.