Geeky and Nerdy Lamp Ideas

Your home is your haven. Whether you decide to place a poster of your favorite pop artist or plan on printing a life-size banner of a quote by your favorite revolutionist, your home or room should be the true depiction of your personality, likes and dislikes, or preferences. In addition to posters and banners and framed photos, different designs and models of lamps also help portray your personality, such as geeky and nerdy lamps.

Yes, you read it correctly. There are tons of geeky and nerdy lamps available on Amazon for all the nerds out there. Ranging from The Star Wars lamp to the Harry Potter-themed lamp and from the iconic Mario Brothers design lamp to the Batman’s Bat-Signal, these geeky and nerdy lamps are best suited for your nerdy room.

Why Do You Need Such A Lamp?

Whether you want to show it off to your friends or try and relate to your favorite comic book or superhero movie, these lamps are a fashion statement on their own. They can liven up that sulky corner in your room or make an attractive addition to the wall of the living room.

And when you have your friends over, you can proudly show them how awesome your room looks with these magical geeky lamps. They are also a great companion for late-night study sessions.

Where to Buy
Harry Potter Potion Bottle Light-Twinkle and Static Light Settings
Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle with Lighted Sculpture and Glass Dome by The Bradford Exchange
Star Trek Schematic Illuminated Display Light Lamp
Schylling Pac-Man Lamp
Tetris Stackable Toy Light,Puzzles Fun Toy lamp,7 Colors Magic Induction Interlocking Blocks,DIY Tetris Tangram Light,Kids Toy DIY Gift

Our Top Picks


Harry Potter Potion Bottle

This magical potion bottle lamp will transport you back to when you watched Harry, and his friends tried potion for the first time. It has two light modes – static or twinkles – for every Harry Potter enthusiast. The lamp is 20cm tall and is powered by a USB cable. It has two light modes – twinkle and glow. You can set the lamp to static or change it to a magical twinkle.

The best thing about this lamp is that it isn’t just another cheap knockoff, but a real deal. It is an officially licensed product, which means you will be getting a genuine product of high quality.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle with Lighted Sculpture and Glass Dome

Bring the real Harry Potter magic to your room. This lighted sculpture of the mystical Harry Potter castle with a glass dome is the perfect addition to your room. It is the most magical adornment with the glass dome, making you relive the magical beauty of the Hogwarts Castle.

The product is officially licensed, so you don’t have to worry about its quality.

Star Trek Schematic Illuminated Display Light Lamp

Equipped with a mesmerizing display of acrylic plates, this ten and a half inches wide Star Trek Schematic Illuminated Display Light lamp is the most sought-after nerdy lamp in the list. If you are an avid follower of the famous Star Trek series, then this lamp is the best gift you can give to yourself or your nerdy friend.

However, it is not intended for use as a night light.

Schylling Pac-Man Lamp

Do you remember how everybody used to go crazy for the Pac-Man game? Some of you might still have the Pac-Man music humming in your ears when you see its merchandise. Well, if you want to cherish your memories or tell how much this game meant to you, get your hands on this Schylling Pac-Man lamp. It also comes with 12 different retro Pac-Man sounds that will transport you back to the old times.

The lamp works with plug-in power and measures about 6.5” x 7.5”. It also comes with remote control with which you can easily control the brightness of the lamp.

Tetris Stackable Toy Light

Powered by funky neon lights, this Tetris Stackable toy light is as fascinating as its changing colors. With a unique color for each piece, this stackable Tetris toy light turns on when the pieces are stacked together and turns off when you take them apart.

Whether you are thinking of decorating a room for your kids or you yourself are a nerd who wants to have this neon-stackable toy light in your room, this lamp is the ultimate gift for Tetris fans.

The thickness of each Tetris block is 1.6inch, and the whole set weighs approximately 1.3lbs. As the blocks are stackable, you can make any shape out of them by stacking them in the desired shape, such as a Christmas tree.

Where to Buy
3D Visual Night Light 7 Color Change Remote Control Retro Game Drive Car Mario Boy Toy Super Gift Bedroom Sleep Desk Table Decorative Children’s Day Gift
Star Wars Luke Skywalker Light Saber Table Lamp
3D Saitama Lampara Anime Lamp
Crystal Lamp Touch Table Lamp with USB Charging,4 Colors Changing + Dynamic Mode,Led Nightstand Lamps
Wizarding World Harry Potter Exclusive Light-Up Tri Wizard TriWizard Dragon Champions Goblet Cup
Paladone Batman Eclipse Batsignal Light - Table Top or Wall Mount

Mario 3D Visual Night Light 7 Color Change

This creative 3D optical night light highlighting the popular gaming figure, Mario Brothers, is the best addition to your room. It changes colors when you touch the lamp. The colors this lamp offer are green, blue, purple, white, cyan, yellow, and red. It adds a warm glow to your room at night and comes with a USB cable and replaceable battery option (requires 3 AA batteries).

You can also gift it to someone you know who will appreciate a trip down the memory lane.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Light Saber Table Lamp

What could be better than lighting up your room with the iconic prop in the history of cinema? Get the lightsaber lamp for your bedroom or even your office and stand out from the usual crowd. The lightsaber has been an eminent prop in the Star Wars movie. It gives a cool blue light.

You can switch this table lamp on by plugging it into the power outlet.

3D Saitama Lampara Anime Lamp

Enriched with LED visuals that create a stunning optical illusion effect, this 3D Night Light Saitama Lampara Anime Lamp is the ultimate buy for all One Punch Man anime fans out there! This LED lamp has seven colors- red, blue, green, pink, yellow, cyan, and white flashing in turn. You don’t need to use an adapter with this desk lamp as it is compatible with devices with standard USB power ports such as those found in computer/ laptop, USB power bank, and USB power adapter. If power charging is not possible, you can use 3 x AA batteries for this Saitama LED lamp. Aside from its ingenious design, this lamp is also an energy saver and doesn’t overheat even used in an extended period.

Crystal Lamp Touch Table Lamp with USB Charging,4 Colors Changing + Dynamic Mode,Led Nightstand Lamps

You should have this Crystal Lamp Touch Table Lamp if you are a true-blooded nerd! This is a specially-designed sparkling crystal rose lamp that features four colors plus gradient modes that keeps the atmosphere warm and romantic. Since this employs 3D visual design, this is a futuristic kind of lamp that every geek would always want. This comes with a USB charging cable and you don’t need to frequently charge this as it is equipped with a battery especially built for an extended period of usage.

Potter Exclusive Light-Up Tri Wizard TriWizard Dragon Champions Goblet Cup

Harry Potter brought back the TriWizard Champions Goblet Cup without Cedric Diggory, and it broke the hearts of millions of Hogwarts students. However, it also left countless fans in tears. If you are also one of those fans who could not hold their tears back, then this Harry Potter Exclusive Triwizard Champions Goblet Cup light-up lamp is the best buy for you.

Illuminate your room with the Harry Potter vibes and have something exciting to look forward to when lying down in the dark. This amazing lamp is 10 inches in height and operates on 4 AAA replaceable batteries (included).

Paladone Batman Eclipse Bat-signal Light

This Bat-Signal light is perfect for summoning the Batman fan in you. You can place this iconic Batman Eclipse Bat Signal on your nightstand or living room table to glow brightly in the dark.

Also, you can either place it on the table or have it mounted on your wall. This Batman Bat-Signal makes an excellent gift or someone who is a die-hard fan of the Batman. It is 18.2cm tall with the stand and comes with a long USB cable that is 5 feet in length.

Final Words

Whether you want to reminisce your childhood memories with the iconic Mario Brothers game or revive the old days of watching Harry Potter whole day, these geeky and nerdy lamps are there for you. If you are a Harry Potter fan, then get yourself the TriWizard Cup lamp. Also, if you could quote Star Wars day and night, then the Star Wars-themed lamps are for you.

In short, these lamps are a great addition to your geeky room décor.