Garden House Guide

If a person who is choosing to live off grid wants to buy a garden house, it could be because of the desire for a tiny house. On the other hand, even garden houses can get quite large, depending on which house is purchased.

Many garden houses are unsuitable for living in, at least when first purchased. They often do not include insulation and often have single walls, making it difficult to add in electricity and plumbing. Of course, these things are less of a problem for off grid living, as houses are often without either of those. Composting toilets and outhouses handle toileting and bathing and cleaning do not require running water (though it does make it easier). Therefore, a garden house can reasonably be used for living spaces by only adding insulation – and that addition may only be required if the area is not a temperate one.

The smaller space inside a garden house is likely to be easier to heat and cool, because there is less space to affect.

Another use for a garden house is to grow vegetables and plants throughout the year. This is especially useful for people who live off grid, since it reduces the need to purchase food from others, increasing self-sufficiency.

Garden Houses Suitable for Living

These garden houses can be converted into living space fairly easily; they are large enough for studio-style housing. Alternatively, they can be used for storage.

11’ x 9’ Metal Utility Shed

This shed has ventilation and a double door for entrance. An additional window and door would be helpful, but not required; the double door can be left open for better airflow during summer months.

10’ x 6’ Low Gable Steel Shed

This shed has a coffee-colored woodgrain design. Its alloy steel exterior is easy to assemble and resists corrosion. The sliding doors make it easy to get in and out of the building. If more space is desired, the shed comes in two larger sizes:
10’ x 8’
10’ x 12’

8’ x 12.5’ Polycarbonate Building

This shed has polycarbonate windows on the side and screened vents to provide ventilation. The steel-reinforced doors are lockable. Resistant to all weather and winds to up 65 mph, this shed also comes with a floor that offers slip resistance. Shelving units and skylights are also included.

7’ x 10’ Resin Building

467 cubic feet of space are surrounded by double-walled construction that is resistant to all weather and will not rust or rot. It has two skylights and two windows, as well as a durable, impact-resistant floor.

12’ x 16’ Wooden Shed Kit

The door on this kit opens 5’4” and the door can open to the right or the left, as desired. This kit includes only the shed kit and does not include the floor, windows, roofing, or cupola.

Galvanized Steel Shed

Level and secure the shed with the base kit that is included. Double doors and a window make it easy to enter and exit as well as providing ventilation. The galvanized steel supports an angled roof for liquid to run off, preventing standing water from damaging the roof. 34 square feet is small but enough to make into a nice little living space if desired.

Framing Kit

This framing kit is set up to make it easy to use 2x4s and the included brackets to frame up a shed in record time. One kit will create a 7’ x 8’ building. Kits can be combined to make an 8’ x 14’ building or a 10’ x 22’ building. This kit is the angle brackets and base plates, plus material lists and plans; siding, roofing, and lumber are not included.

Garden Houses Suitable for Growing

Where to Buy
Walk-in Greenhouse with Shelves
Greenhouse Tunnel 20x10
Mini Walk-in Greenhouse
Large Polycarbonate Greenhouse with Roof Vent
Sunbubble Greenhouse
Portable Tunnel Greenhouse

These garden houses are geared toward extending growing seasons and providing food even throughout winter.

Walk-in Greenhouse with Shelves

This heavy-duty greenhouse is put together with alloy steel and polyvinyl chloride. It comes with eight shelves for use with potted plants. It can be assembled with no tools needed and rope and anchors for stability are included.

Greenhouse Tunnel 20×10

This waterproof house is made of polyethylene on a galvanized steel frame. A zippered entrance rolls up for easy access. The sides have 12 windows that can open for air circulation. The cover is designed with extra material that can be buried for added stability and to seal the air if growing tropical varieties. The durable cover is weather-resistant.

Mini Walk-in Greenhouse

Four wired shelves give space for a variety of plant starts and young plants. The clear PVC cover has two side windows to provide air circulation while still protecting from bad weather.

Large Polycarbonate Greenhouse with Roof Vent

UV-resistant polycarbonate panels protect plants while allowing in light for excellent growing conditions. Thermally insulated, this greenhouse will allow users to grow healthy vegetables all year round regardless of the weather.

Sunbubble Greenhouse

This large greenhouse bubble is about 11 feet in diameter, providing plenty of space for growing food. The dome aids in gathering the best sunlight for the plants inside, as it means there is always a surface at a 90-degree angle to the sun.

Portable Tunnel Greenhouse

This more-than-ten-foot-long greenhouse is over nine feet wide and over seven feet tall. Its polyethylene cover protects the growing plants and the coated steel frame can be staked down with the included metal stakes for stability. Setup takes about a half an hour.

If do-it-yourself is not appealing, it is also possible to get a tiny house or garden house from places like Hobbitat Spaces ( who have specialized in tiny houses for over 8 years. Headquartered in Oakland, Maryland, Hobbitat Spaces offers complete building services for their adorable little homes, which they refer to as “hobs.” Each individual home is unique and uses reclaimed and recycled materials as much as possible. They come wired to code, insulated, ventilated, and plumbed.