Garage Storage Units for All Your Needs

The garage is usually the go-to storage for seasonal items, sporting materials, DIY and gardening tools, and anything and everything we don’t want to keep inside the house. If you’re not careful, your garage may turn into a dumping ground for all your items, so it’s best to invest in handy storage units for the garage to keep it tidy and organized.

Getting your garage organized isn’t a one-size-fits-all project, so here are some of the best storage units to get for your garage:

Where to Buy
LANGRIA 6 Tier Garage Shelving Unit
Edsal URWM184872BK Black Steel Storage Rack
Sandusky Lee PS361872-5B Plastic Shelving
HyLoft 00967 45-Inch by 15-Inch Wall Shelf, Off White
DIY Rhino Shelf Garage Shelves
IRIS 27 Gallon Utility Tough Tote, 4 Pack
Sterilite 19889804 70 Quart/66 Liter Ultra Latch Box
FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack Adjustable Ceiling Garage Rack Heavy Duty
Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack
Stalwart Multitool Organizer for Hand Tools
Home- It Mop and Broom Holder
Berkley Rod Rack
Monkey Bars Ski Storage Rack
Stack-On Drawer Storage Cabinet 
Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack


Open shelving

Just like in any other room in your house, shelves are optimal storage units for anything and everything. However, the usual pretty wooden shelves you have inside the house aren’t very ideal for use in the garage. First of all, the things you store in the garage are mostly tools or toxic materials like paint or chemicals, so keeping it in a closed, wooden cabinet isn’t practical. Garage items need open, heavy-duty shelving so they can breathe and have less maintenance.

This is a sturdy wire shelving unit perfect for the garage. The distance of the shelves are adjustable to suit your preferences. The shelves have a black, powder-finish coating to make it water and rust-resistance.

If you need something more durable than a simple wire shelf, this storage rack is a great choice. It has five adjustable shelves with 4,000 lb. capacity, making it ideal for storing even your heavy power tools and items. It has durable steel frames and a wood shelf. These shelves that can either be stacked or put side-by side.

If plastic is your preference, this shelf is an ideal choice. It’s made of heavy-duty, high-impact resin and has ventilated shelves to prevent mildew. Since it’s made of plastic, you’ll be sure that it won’t rust.

Floating wall shelves

Making use of the wall is an efficient, space-saving trick to keep your garage neat and organized. This frees up floor space, making the space usable for other purposes.

Adding an understated style to your garage, this wall shelf is a great way to keep your garage organized. These shelves are made of heavy-duty steel available in powder-coated, off white or hammertone finishes.

Here’s a DIY shelf kit for making your own garage storage shelf. You have to provide the wood plank for the shelves, so you can modify it to your desired length. It comes complete with steel hardware and mounting materials. It’s makes a sturdy, customizable wall shelf wherein you can hang more hooks and hardware below.

Storage bins

Cardboard boxes can disintegrate easily after a few years, plus it can make your stored items vulnerable to attack from pests and rats. It’s only practical to opt for stackable, plastic storage bins with lids to keep your items safe and secure.

This pack of four, 27-gallon capacity boxes are heavy duty and ideal for large storage needs. Keep away Christmas and Halloween decorations, baby clothes and stuff (given that your kids outgrown them), beach toys, sports attires, seasonal items like thick fur blankets and fleece jackets and the like in these utility boxes. Then stick a label to the body of the box so you can easily find what you’re looking for when you need it. These set of four boxes are all available in black, but you can choose from black, gray or red lids.

If you want it extra easy to find what you’re looking for, opt for a set of clear boxes. These storage bins are heavy-duty with larches integrated to the base to add strength. These are also stackable for efficient use of space.

Ceiling-mount garage shelving

The space above the garage has so much potential to be utilized as storage. It’s the ideal space to store your seasonal items and to protect them from possible damages that can be incurred when you store it in a garage floor.

This overhead storage rack has a grid design and is made of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel construction. It’s adjustable and highly durable. You can store items up to 600 lbs. in this rack. You can buy it in either black or white.


Transform your plain, blank wall into a storage display of your hand tools. Pegboards are best placed on the wall where your worktable is, so your hand tools are always at arm’s reach.

This metal pegboard pack includes two galvanized steel pegboard panels measuring 32 x 16 inches (covering 32 x 32 inches when installed), 12 standard hooks, 4 medium hooks, 2 long hooks and 2 U-hooks. It’s also very simple to install and easy to modify depending on your storage needs. It’s available in the usual galvanized finish, but you aren’t limited to the gray slate – this one’s available in different colors like black, beige, blue, red, gray, white, green, orange and yellow.

Wall-mount organizer

If getting a pegboard is not your style, a wall-mount organizer for a variety of items can be handy. You can store hand tools, automotive tools, long gardening tools, cleaning tools, fishing rods, skis and more.

This genius multi-tool organizer has a total of 103 slots to fit a huge variety of hand tools and items. It’s the perfect organizer and accessory for any garage workshop. It can be mounted on the wall or on the side of your workbench.

The name of this product may say it’s a mop and broom holder, and you’ll think of it as a storage for your cleaning materials – but it’s more versatile than that. You can also use it to store gardening materials like rakes and shovels, or sporting equipment like baseball bats and golf clubs. You can even hang your towels or caps in here.

If you and your family likes to fish, perhaps you already have a collection of fishing rods. This rod rack can take care of them, so they won’t get damaged while you store them together. It can store up to 6 rods and has foam grip pads that hold them neatly and securely.

This rack is primarily designed to hold up skis and poles. It’s easy to install and can hold up to 200 lbs. of material. You can choose from either 3-pair, 4-pair or 6-pair racks.

Small storage drawers

Small nuts and bolts can easily get lost in a drawer or kit, but having small storage drawers especially designed for them

Organize your hardware and other small bits in this clear storage drawers. This also works great for storing arts and crafts items. You can use it as a standing drawer, but it can even be mounted on a wall if you like.

Shoe rack

Got any shoes or boots that you only use for your outdoor chores or activities? Perhaps you have that fishing boots or gardening boots that you don’t want anywhere near your living room? Getting a separate shoe rack for the garage can pack those dirty work boots and other outdoorsy shoes on your garage to avoid additional cleanup for the house.

This iron shoe rack can store up to 9 pairs of shoes and is sturdy enough to hold up heavy utility shoes. It’s also very easy to put together and is resistant to corrosion.