Gag Gifts to Give to Men or Women


    All people, even those you don’t know all that well, share two traits: they enjoy laughing, and they enjoy receiving gifts. If we may speak for all people, we truly aren’t sure which we love more: laughter or gifts. Of course, it is where gag gifts come into play. Gifts that make others laugh are offered as a way to express your love and admiration. The ideal practical joke present would not only make your colleagues laugh but also make them feel special. Due to the vast amount of choices, you can never go wrong with anyone. There is bound to be something for everyone among the presents, which range from wicked to humorous and even useful. And so, here are some gag gifts you may give to a man or woman.

    1. Slippers 

    Slippers are a fantastic gift option because they can be given to almost anyone, regardless of age or gender. Additionally, slippers are useful, particularly in the winter. They are warm, well-fitting, cozy, and of high quality. For laughs, why don’t you give a funny pair of slippers? Surprise them with some unique ones which can be a pair of bread loafers, monsters foot, tacos, shark, and a lot more. You may find these funny but cute pairs with various designs online.

    2. Magnets

    Funny Magnets

    People like the hobby of magnet collecting. A space is made more colorful and functional with the use of magnets. They evoke feelings and bring back memories of prior travel, may it be to Europe, Australia, Africa, or any country in the world. So, why not give a ref magnet that will be hilarious but at the same time useful? This includes animal butt magnets with bottle openers, customized ref magnets with memes, and a lot more. Not only they’ll add vibrant vibes to the fridge but also serve numerous purposes.

    3. Pillow Case

    Pillow Case

    This is without a doubt one of the funniest gag gifts you can buy someone, especially if there’s anything more chilling and hilarious than swiping over your new silly pillowcase. Your recipient won’t anticipate it at all. You may customize it by printing the face of the recipient, inside jokes with him or her, or even adding some famous funny memes. This will be up to you!

    4. Socks

    Funny Socks Designs

    Giving someone socks as a present provides comfort in both the real and symbolic senses. Socks are a considerate gift to send to friends and family that they can enjoy in their own homes, particularly since that many of us are remaining at home due to the pandemic. So for laughs, why don’t you give funny pairs of socks? It will be a good laugh and for sure they will be using this every once in a while. You may also opt to add the recipient’s face as the imprint on the socks.

    5. Mug

    Funny Mugs, Creative Mugs

    A mug is typically used all day and giving one as a gift indicates its importance to the recipient. They make excellent gifts for colleagues because they are not only cheap and inoffensive, but they also demonstrate your consideration. Every mug can be slightly customized to reflect any interests you may be aware of. And one of these interests can be fun ones!

    6. Gag Gift Box

    Gag Gift Box

    These prank packs are not even gag gifts; the joke is on the recipient who is made to believe they are receiving a strange gift when in fact they are receiving a perfectly typical one. Pick one of three humorous boxes to hide your true gift inside so that when the recipient first opens it, they’ll believe they’re receiving random items.

    7. Shot Glasses

    Shot glass with Sombrero

    Shot glasses are a need for any home bar in addition to being a popular collection that many people like. They are not just the ideal size for measuring liquor for cocktails, but they also have many other home and culinary uses. Additionally, you may add a humorous touch by personalizing the set of shot glasses to make it a wonderful gift or memento for any celebration.

    8. Toilet Paper

    Toilet paper with a face

    Believe it or not, some individuals think that toilet paper makes a good holiday present. A gift like a toilet paper encourages the recipient to see beauty in the tiny, commonplace things in life. Feeling dramatic? Maybe it is, but all one has to do is stare at the gorgeous toilet paper with their face! Yes, personalized toilet paper is possible, and doing so would be amusing while using the restroom.

    9. Poop Toy

    Poop Toy for Dogs

    Poop toys may be very useful for dogs but why not give them as a gag gift to a friend? Not only it’s funny but you just have to make sure that the receiving person has a perfectly immature sense of humor. 

    10. Fake Piercings

    Gold Piercing Set

    While piercings are a terrific method to enhance your appearance and give you an alternative, edgy vibe, what if you don’t want to commit to wearing genuine jewelry on your skin? Especially if one has a strict parent who nags about having a lot of piercings. One of the greatest gifts you can give if one comes from a more conventional family is a joke that makes their parents completely freak out. That’s what these fake piercings will do. For the ultimate family freak out, one may clip them on their belly button, lip, nose, or ears.


    Even the nicest gifts might be completely useless. Thoughtful, heartfelt gifts are wonderful, but that simply isn’t an option. Everyone is aware of that one person who values a good chuckle more than anything else. The ultimate gift you are giving is the gift of laughter, even though the best practical joke gifts may initially appear to be foolish items. The ideal victims for your laugh-out-loud moments can be your siblings, friends, coworkers, and family. However, you need to use a little caution and consideration when it comes to humor. For the best reactions ever, keep in mind to hunt for gifts that are amusing and practical, and think about choosing one of the items mentioned above.

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