Fun Summer Activity: Make A Fort!


    Summertime is a once-in-a-year long-waited season by most people. It’s the time of the year when it’s best to go outdoors with your friends and loved ones while enjoying the sun. All kids and kids at heart will always have memorable stories of their life every time this season come to them.

    So, what if you are stuck inside your home for special reasons? And you can’t go outside the house or go to the beach since the authorities are not allowing you to go. What if you will spend your entire summertime within the four corners of your house and will not have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors? What will you do?

    This dilemma has been common nowadays in most families with kids that were used to have a summertime spent outside their house. It seems that the fun and thrill of summertime are denied of them forever, and there will be no hope to save the special season. Most families and kids find this a predicament today since their kids will not have the chance like the chance they had as a kid.

    Saving Summertime

    Luckily, there are some things that you can do to save summertime. So, in case you and the kids are stuck in the house for several months, you can still do a fun activity with your kids that will make them love you forever. Well, that fun summer activity is to build together with the kids a nice, big fort.

    The Blueprint of the Fort

    You and the kids will need to team up to come up with ideas and designs for the fort, while all the materials for building the fort will come straight from the available stuff inside the house. Imagination is the limit.

    Common materials to build a fort may include used boxes and cardboards for the walls and foundations, some blankets for cover, kiddie tables, kiddie chairs, and a rope for tying things together. It will be best to paint the used boxes and cardboards and give them a personal touch of art. Kids can also engage in designing and building the fort as this will also help them improve their creativity and analyzing skills.

    Location of the Fort

    You can also decide where you want to build this majestic fort. It could be inside the kids’ room, in the living room, you can also build in the attic, or even in your backyard. No matter what your choice will be, the kids are guaranteed to love this activity and will surely love to build it together with you.

    Just make sure that the location of the fort will not be restricted when guests arrived or for other reasons. The best and most memorable forts are the ones that can stay and be accessed for weeks or the entire summertime.

    Building a Relationship

    Building an indoor fort for the kids is not just an activity that you serve to your kids, like a delicious meal after cooking it. It is a way to build a relationship with the kids during the summertime. So, instead of single-handedly building the fort, you should team up with the kids in it. Ask them and talk to them about ideas and designs they want, and in case their ideas would go unrealistic, that’s the time you will guide them.

    You should also let the kids help you out in constructing the fort, from stacking carton boxes to painting them to putting artistic designs on them. These will give way for you to bond with them as both of you are building the fort of their dreams. And as all of you finish the entire fort, give yourself some time to role play with them using the fort.

    This summer activity will put a long smile on the kids. Despite having restrictions on going outside the house, the fun and thrill of the season will never be stopped as long as you keep creating summer ideas that will engage the kids into action. Making a fort is one of the best ideas you can come up with to save summertime and bond with your kids.


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