Fun Remote Control Toys to Bring to the Beach

Remote-controlled toys are trendy among today’s children. Because this is a technologically advanced generation, kids favor toys that move over stationary toys. That is why children prefer remote-controlled toys to ordinary hand-operated ones. And as they also enjoy playing in the sand and at the beach, combining both will bring both you and your young ones an endless source of enjoyment.

These best remote control beach toys may also be a fantastic present for youngsters. These six remote control toys are essential items to pack for your next summer getaway.

Joylink RC Stunt Car‍

This new toy remote control car is fun for the whole family because it can perform a variety of acrobatics and stunts and travel on water. The automobile is sturdy and designed to withstand any mishaps. Even after being turned upside down, this toy automobile can still move! Because the car can’t be flipped upside down, you can use it for various stunts.

It can be used on various surfaces, such as water, rough surfaces, land, and even rocks. The car’s body is shockproof and durable, while the wheels are constructed of super-durable rubber. The car’s powerful motor allows it to travel up to 25 meters before losing signal, making it ideal for mini racers.

SZJJX Remote Control Racing Boat‍


Remote-controlled boats are not the same as radio-controlled cars. This SZJJX Remote Control Racing Boat‍ can be used on water, such as beaches, lakes, ponds, and pools, rather than on land. This distinctively shaped radio-controlled boat is built to withstand damage and last a long time, no matter what your child throws at it.

It’s been meticulously crafted to stay clean while gliding effortlessly through the water. This is one of the best radio-controlled boats for kids since it’s simple to operate and has a powerful signal transmitter that allows you to take the boat a long distance while maintaining control. The toy’s battery is also entirely rechargeable, allowing it to be used repeatedly.

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SZJJX RC Boat, Remote Control Racing Boats for Pools and Lakes, 10KM/H Mini Speed Boat Toys
Flying Toy Ball Infrared Induction RC Flying Toy Built-in LED Light Disco Helicopter Shining Colorful Flying Drone Indoor and Outdoor Games Toys
Cheerwing S107/S107G Phantom 3CH 3.5 Channel Mini RC Helicopter with Gyro Crimson

Toyk Flying Ball‍

The Toyk Flying Ball is a great toy that everyone in the family can enjoy, and it’s also highly affordable. With the various activities you can play while using it, this toy can get the whole family involved. It has infrared technology integrated, allowing it to hover in the air and avoid adjacent objects while flying. This makes it suitable for children of all ages and members of the family to play with.

It’s also really dependable, as it’s made of environmentally friendly components, is simple to charge, and the device itself is remarkably durable. The helicopter’s blades are sturdy, so if your child inadvertently crashes the flying ball, its blades are unlikely to be harmed. Why not buy this toy and spend many wonderful hours at the beach with your loved ones playing with it?

Top Race Remote Control Car Cyclone Twister‍


The front wheels of this Cyclone Twister‍ remote-controlled toy are on a 360-degree axis, allowing the toy car to tumble in many different ways while still moving around without difficulty. If the toy car comes against a barrier, it comes up with a creative way to go past it, delivering hours of fun. The automobile also includes built-in rainbow LED lights that show brightly in the dark, as though the front wheels being on a different axis wasn’t enough.

This toy automobile can perform a wide range of tricks, and if it becomes stuck, it can quickly flip over to free itself. This toy will delight your children and can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for beach holidays.

Cheerwing S107/S107G Phantom 3CH 3.5 Channel Mini RC Helicopter

The Cheerwing 3.5 Channel Mini RC Helicopter is perfect for outdoor play, is extremely safe to operate, and incredibly easy to learn to fly. All of this makes it ideal for kids who want to learn more about RC cars but aren’t sure what kind of toy to get. 

This RC helicopter is exceptionally small and lightweight, so parents won’t worry about breaking or causing damage.

Traxxas TRX-4 1/10

This is a Traxxas crawler model with various advantages for sand driving. The TRX-4’s waterproof electronics and good ride height make it ideal for smashing through and over dunes with ease. It can also go very fast for a crawler, so you may fly over ramps if you want, although landing may be difficult due to the vehicle’s width. The remote-controlled car isn’t designed to take ramps, but it can take a beating if it doesn’t fall on its wheels. It’s just sand, after all.

The TRX-4 has enough power in the low range, allowing it to leisurely tread on the soft sand while maintaining perfect control. You’re unlikely to get trapped in the sand with this remote-controlled car as long as it’s on wheels.