Sweets and Foods – Gag and White Elephant Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat to give to your friend who has a sweet tooth, or you’re attending a white elephant party, it would be a great idea to give a gift which is something fun. Here are some of the fun and sweet gag and white elephant gifts.

Sardine Can Survival Kit



This compact kit is quite incredible, as it carries almost all the things you need to survive in the wilderness. Items include hook and line for fishing, compass, tea and sugar for brewing tea, fire-starting cube, first aid supplies, duct tape, matches, mirror, chewing gum, safety pin, matches, razor blade and even salt. These are all tightly sealed in a tin box.


Emergency Snack Kit




Whenever hungry suddenly strikes and you’re feeling irascible — “hangry,” that is — there’s the Emergency Snack Kit to the rescue! This gift is perfect for home, for school, for the office, for outdoor activities — everywhere! This kit is jam-packed with over 40 popular snack brands that you love, from chips to cookies to candies. A perfect gift for everyone.


WWE Booty O’s Cereal


Organic Bath Bombs


Now you will be able to enjoy WWE not just by watching them but by eating them too! Enjoy the sweetness and crunch of the oat cereals in the shape of trombones, unicorns and yes, booties! If you’re looking for something new for breakfast, even if you’re not a wrestling fan, we’re sure you’re going to enjoy this cereal!


The Perfect Man Chocolate


The Perfect Man Chocolate


We’re definitely sure that this guy will never break your heart. He’s sweet, delicious and will make you smile! This six-feet guy is made from rich milk chocolate so enjoy him to your heart’s content.


Stainless Steel Skull Ice Cubes


Stainless Steel Skull Ice Cubes


Sometimes, we hate to see our drinks diluted by melted ice cubes. Now, with these skull-shaped chillers, your liquors, sodas and spirits will remain ice-cold without the watered-down taste.


Sasquatch Poop




At first, the idea seems gross, but you’re fully aware that they’re not real Sasquatch poop but actually chocolate-covered almonds! Each pack contains five ounces of Chocolate Sasquatch Poop. A great gag gift for your friend or for yourself.

Make your gifts exchanging sweet and funny with these fun food and sweet gag and white elephant gifts.