Fun and Useful Wine Accessories


    Even though wine is already pretty fantastic on its own, inventive tools and accessories can enhance the flavor of the first sip. Yes, the contents of the bottle are what matters, but there is nothing wrong with enhancing the atmosphere with amusing bar accessories. View these fun and useful wine accessories before you decide whether to use them yourself or give them to a friend who enjoys wine. 

    Fun and Useful Wine Accessories

    1. Instant Wine Aerator

    Any wine enthusiast should own a wine aerator. It is a clever device that enables a more enjoyable, opulent drinking experience. You can enjoy a more flavorful wine that tastes great and lasts a lot longer with just the touch of a button.

    Male sommelier pouring red wine through the aerator into a glass. Aerators bring flavor-enhancing oxygen into a drink, enhancing the flavor

    2. Cordless Electric Wine Opener

    The process of unscrewing corks can be challenging. There are times when, despite our best efforts, the cork just won’t come out smoothly. With the help of an electric wine opener, challenging bottles can be avoided, and the cork can be easily removed. Anyone who enjoys wine and has expensive, corked bottles needs this accessory.

    An electric corkscrew on a table with a cork from a wine bottle

    3. Wine Chiller Stick

    With the help of this straightforward but brilliant wine accessory, you can keep your opened wine crisp, chilled, and refreshing. When the bottles are left out at room temperature, it both keeps your whites chilled and your reds cooler because it is designed to sit in the bottle as you pour. You can avoid constantly putting your wine bottles in the refrigerator by using a wine chiller stick to keep them by your side.

    4. Wine-Saver System

    With a wine-saver system, there is no need to crack open the bottle at all. It is a special and brilliant tool that enables cork-free wine pouring from any bottle of wine in any quantity. By piercing the cork with its clamp, needle, and capsule system, you can pour the wine while keeping it fresher for longer. This is a fantastic luxury present for any wine enthusiasts and lovers who host wine clubs, events, or when drinking socially.

    5. Wine Thermometer

    Use a handy thermometer to monitor the wine’s temperature so you can re-chill or leave as needed. This handy wine accessory can be attached to any bottle, is easy to use, and doesn’t take up much room in your home or kitchen.

    Measuring Red Wine Temperature with a Wine Thermometer. Close-up

    6. Wine Decanter

    A wine decanter might be the ideal present for yourself or any wine-loving friend or family member if you want to bring out the flavors of already delicious red wines. Red wine is broken down into tiny particles in wine decanters, which also add oxygen while filtering out sediment. You’re left with a wine that is crisp, and clean and has enhanced flavors, and aromas.

    Confident male sommelier pouring wine to decanter while standing near the wine shelf

    7. Wine Cooler

    Wine coolers are the perfect accessory when you just want to keep the bottle nearby without having to keep it cold. You can use wine coolers to make sure every pour is crisp, cold, and energizing.

    8. Wine Making Kit

    Winemaking kits provide you with everything you need to make your very own wine at home, making them the perfect gift for wine-loving couples, new homeowners, or wine enthusiasts. Making wine can quickly develop into a fun and rewarding hobby. Additionally, learning how wine is made firsthand can be a fascinating experience for those who enjoy it.

    9.  Wine Stopper and Pourer

    Wine stoppers are a straightforward but brilliant wine accessory that enables you to store and pour previously opened wines without having to recork them. There are numerous issues with corking bottles. A wine stopper and pourer allow you to pour without worrying about letting the wine sit because it is attached to the top.

    Wine stopper in bottle isolated on white with clipping path

    10. Wine Gem Chillers

    With wine gems chillers, you can give your wine-related activities, events, and hosting a more opulent feel. Wine gems are elegantly crafted and a trendy replacement for ice. Every glass you pour will have plenty of styles thanks to them, and they also make for interesting conversation.

    11. Wine Tote Carrier

    The best bags and backpacks for carrying wine are not handbags. A wine tote bag would therefore make a wonderful present for any wine-loving visitor or traveler. Wine totes are specifically made to hold wine bottles and are just as easy and convenient to carry as a regular tote bag.

    12. Wine Bottle Coaster

    Wine bottle coasters are a practical yet fashionable wine accessory gift for anyone who enjoys wine, whether it’s to display your favorite, most expensive wines or prevent an open bottle from leaving a mark on your surfaces.

    13. Charcuterie Board

    Regardless of whether it was intended or not, as soon as the wine is opened, the cheese and crackers quickly appear from the refrigerator and cabinets! You can serve cheese to your guests on a charcuterie board in a fashionable, useful, and less messy manner as opposed to serving on plates and making a mess. When the inevitable moment comes to serve your delicious cheese, you’ll be prepared with everything you need to do so tastefully and elegantly.

    Wine tasting set with a charcuterie board, overhead view

    14. Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

    A stemless aerating wine glass is a fantastic way to drink and display your most expensive wines because it has a wonderful decanting feature and a sleek, modernist design. Serving wine to friends and other wine lovers in such distinctive and lovely glasses will only improve the wine-tasting experience.

    15. Wine Straws

    Last but not least, it can occasionally be preferable to simply drink wine straight from the bottle when traveling. When there are no glasses or cups available, a wine straw is a fantastic novelty gift and a complete lifesaver.


    Use these entertaining and practical wine accessories to make your wine-drinking enjoyable while you chat with your friends. You can also use these wine accessories as gift ideas for your friends and family who enjoy drinking wine. 


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