Fun and Unusual Wall Decor

Are you tired of staring at that blank and boring wall in your home? If you ran out of ideas on how to transform a blank wall in your home, there are a few solutions beyond just painting it. Those empty walls can be filled with decorations to make your home cozy and stylish, instead of plain boring wall. Here are fun and unusual wall decorations that you can do on your wall.


Vintage Metallic Signs Wall Decal




This wall decal is the most fun yet the simplest way to transform your ho-hum-looking room into a colorful, lively and charming space.  This is the easiest way to add a touch of individual style to any kind of space — bedrooms, bathrooms, office spaces, restaurants, cafes, stores, and a lot more. Some of the best things about this wall decal is that it is also reusable and can stick to any type of surfaces, including wood, porous surfaces, ceramic tiles and windows.


Mosaic Tile Wall Sticker




This product can be directly attached to the walls, ceramic tiles, window, screens, mirrors, etc. It is also self-adhesive, water and steam resistant, easy to remove without leaving stain. It is also reusable and flexible. The package includes 1 piece 54cm x 54cm, and the finishing size can achieve 54cm width x 54cm height, depending on your preferences. This is a great wall sticker for your bathroom.


Skeleton Hand Wall Mounted Guitar Grip


This horrifyingly realistic skeletal guitar grip is an absolute must for guitar players, especially if they’re into hard rock, heavy metal, death metal or goth. Install this grip in your wall and even the Grim Reaper himself would hesitate entering your “inner sanctum.”

This guitar grip is coated with bone white paint, airbrushed and then glazed for life-like (or we may say “death”-like) finish. For extra durability, it is painted with a clear matte substance.


Vintage Guitar Poster


Vintage Guitar Poster


This is the perfect gift for every rock and guitar geeks out there. Measuring 18″ x 24″, this wall decor consists of a catalog of 64 iconic “axes” gathered from over 75 years of the history of rock and roll. Some of the most famous and most odd-looking guitars include classic acoustic guitars, Paul McCartney’s iconic Hofner “violin” bass, some Gretsch’s and Rickenbackers and even the crazy five-neck 1985 Hamer orange electric guitar.


I Want To Believe X-Files Poster


I Want To Believe X-Files Poster

This is the perfect wall décor for every hardcore X-Files fan. It was printed using special, premium inks that won’t fade easily. With its 24″ x 36″ frame, this piece of cool sci-fi lore will adorn your bedroom, office, home office or sci-fi themed stores and cafes.


Giant NYC Coloring Poster


Giant NYC Coloring Poster

Get lost in this City without worrying about crowd, traffic, or getting mugged when you fill in this giant NYC coloring poster. This poster measures 63” x 36” and encompasses every square inch of the New York City. Leash out your inner art skills and hang your masterpiece in your room.


If you want a mural that will become an instant eye-catcher, this Vintage World Map Mural should be it! Combining both the vintage and the contemporary, this mural is also educational as it is decorative. It will help you remember every continent, country, capital and city, and it is a great addition to your living room, bedroom, office or classroom.

If you are a passionate world traveler, this giant world map mural is also perfect for you! Mark every city that you already have gone to as well as the places that you plan to visit in the future.


Vintage Library Wall Adhesive




This huge decal will certainly add a classy, dignified-looking flair into any home. It features a detailed image of a well-known library and is available in nine separate pieces for assembly. Installing this decal is easy as it is self-adhesive and doesn’t require any special tools. It can be removed and re-used and is great for many types of surfaces such as drywalls, tiles, screens, glass, etc. Great especially for bedrooms, study rooms and home offices.


Lenticular Four Seasons Poster


Lenticular Four Seasons Poster


Witness the coming and passing of spring, summer, fall and winter in this beautiful and awesome lenticular four seasons 3D wall art poster. Nothing but high-quality and spectacular 3D art that will instantly shock and impress your family members, friends and guests, apart from adorning your home. The 3D artwork there consists of a single tree experiencing different seasons of the year, depending on what angle you view the poster from.

Get rid of that plain wall and get some ideas from this list of fun and unusual wall decors. It consists of various wall decoration ideas which you can choose from.