Fun and Unusual Wall Décor Ideas


    The time to curate your space with unique living room wall décor ideas is now if your living room walls appear to be fairly bare and are just waiting to be filled with original artwork, wall hangings, and décor. Just keep in mind to buy what you find appealing rather than something just to fill a void. Take a look at some of this fun and unusual wall décor ideas.

    Fun and Unusual Wall Décor Ideas

    1. Work with Sporting Equipment

    Get ideas from the things around you and proudly display personal items by carefully positioning them against a living room wall that is empty. For instance, if you’re an avid surfer, surfboards make for a casual wall decoration that is also practical. Try using a large piece of art or a mirror in place of your sporting goods if they don’t feel as stylish as these boards.

    2. Hang Alternative Art

    Opt for something more dynamic, like a sculptural object positioned above the fireplace, rather than a conventional painting or print. Despite being a highly desired location in the living room, the area above the mantel is frequently underused. To fill the space, reconsider mounting a television above the fireplace in favor of something more creative and intriguing.

    3. Go for Large-Scale Paintings

    House Painting Décor

    To add a striking visual element to your living room, hang a painting on an empty wall. The larger the painting, the more significant the statement. On a small wall close to a doorway, a large painting fits perfectly. Another framed piece of art is hung beyond the hallway, adding depth and contrast to the living room.

    4. Organize a Gallery Wall 

    If you like the idea of hanging multiple pieces of art but aren’t comfortable with them all being on one wall, arrange the framed pieces into a neat gallery by hanging them straight up and down. Take precise measurements to ensure that there is an equal distance between each frame. It will be the ideal way to fill some space, whether you decide to work with a small or large amount of art.

    5. Try Cornered Art

    For a tasteful appearance, hang artwork such as paintings, prints, or photos on two intersecting walls. Try something daring and hang two completely different pieces of art, or hang pieces by the same artist, using the same medium, or using the same color scheme. The space is unified by a similar framework and black accents on the furnishings.

    6. Layer Fun Wallpaper Paintings

    Boldly layer a painting over decorative patterned wallpaper. Even though it’s a risk, a provocative print looks good in this eclectic setting. To make wall décor that is interesting and attracts visitors, have fun, and experiment with different colors, patterns, and materials.

    7. Include Iridescent Mirrors

    Use unique items, such as an iridescent mirror. Due to the wooden accents found in the accents, wooden fireplace, and the wooden rim of the mirror, the space is colorful and gives the impression of depth while still feeling cohesive. Another lovely way to let light into the living room and enlarge a small space is with a traditional mirror.

    8. Decorate with Small Objects

    The ideal way to display decorative trinkets and small items are on a bookcase that is built into the wall. To improve the look of a living room, arrange sculptures, colorful books, decorative boxes, and small objects on the shelves of a bookcase. It also looks good in a room with wall-mounted artwork and other decorations.

    9. Create a Diptych

    To make a diptych, hang two pieces parallel to each other or in a line. Take measurements and be exact, just as you would with a gallery wall. Make sure to take into account the wall’s size, the art’s size, and how the rest of the room should flow.

    10. Incorporate Bookcases

    One original idea for living room wall décor is to use a bookshelf as décor. A wall-to-wall bookshelf is one way to make a statement and show off the things you value in your home, whether the shelves are stocked with books, objects, vintage glassware, or vases.

    11. Choose Statement Paintings

    The most obvious option for a statement painting in the living room is to hang it carefully above the couch. It is a classic style that is simple to customize to your preferences. The flow between the floor, walls, and ceiling should be taken into consideration when choosing a piece like this.

    12. Consider Alternative Framework

    Pick three unframed, black-and-white images to hang on the wall with metal clips. It will produce a flawlessly unfinished appearance devoid of the formality of conventional artwork. Think of this as a more sophisticated version of your early decorating attempts, which probably included taping posters to the wall.

    13. Add Framed Drawings

    There are drawings in addition to paintings, photos, and sculptures. Hand-drawn sketches are rough and unpolished, but when they are incorporated into a formal gallery wall, they become sophisticated wall art. For a personal touch, you can either include some of your sketches or those of someone close to you.

    14. Display Photographs

    By framing and hanging intriguing black-and-white or vintage images on a large gallery wall, you can upgrade your standard family photo wall. Find original art that you can proudly display at home by looking around in thrift stores, galleries, and other locations.

    15. Hang Interesting Prints

    A much more affordable way to decorate your home with beautiful artistic elements is through prints. The majority of online art stores offer both original paintings and more reasonably priced prints of the same pieces.

    16. Position Large Objects

    The pieces of wood in this minimalist but incredibly stylish living room are an example of how other large objects can be used as wall décor in a similar way to sporting equipment. If objects are high enough, whether you mount them, lean them against the wall, or set them on top of a console table, they’ll serve as unusual and unexpected wall décor.

    17. Say Yes to Leaning Artwork

    Artwork need not be hung to have an impact. Leaning art against a wall will give it a relaxed, unfinished look. Choose a single large piece, as seen in the image, or incorporate several different smaller pieces in various sizes.

    18. Hang a Statement Mirror

    Mirrors on Wall

    When you need something for a wall but have run out of art ideas, a mirror is always a safe bet. Select a mirror that makes a statement rather than one that is purely functional, like this sunburst mirror. Additionally, it will help a small space appear larger.

    19. Include Illuminated Artwork

    Place a light over the artwork to illuminate it if you want it to stand out or if you want your living room to feel more upscale. It has a function in addition to being another layer of decoration.

    20. Create a Tower With Stacked Books

    Instead of using bookshelves, stack your collection of books so they are high enough to be noticeable. The outcome? A cozy but perfectly imperfect space.


    Instead of having a plain, boring wall, those empty spaces can be filled with decorations to make your house feel warm and stylish. Remove that boring wall and get some inspiration from this list of fun and unusual wall decor. 

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