Fun and Unusual Indoor Games


    Do you get dizzy just by the thought of playing another pin the tail on the donkey? Or maybe you already ran out of secrets and are tired of doing the dares during the spin-the-bottle? What about musical chairs? Does fighting for a seat while dancing still excite you?

    It seemed that you may have gotten tired of playing these usual indoor games at a party. We can’t blame you for that. The ones mentioned are, indeed, a little bit too common that the excitement easily fades.

    But hey! What’s a party without a few games, right? You can’t allow your reunion with family and friends just to go by without you spending some bonding time together through a fun game. Reunions and other types of gatherings don’t happen that often. Therefore, you need to make the most fun out of them. 

    Aside from the fun it brings, playing indoor games offers many benefits. It can be a source of exercise for the mind and also a form of stress relief. It is one great way, as well, to strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

    So, if you want to add an extra drizzle of fun to your party without boring your attendees, we’ll share a list of fun and unusual games perfect for indoor entertainment. 

    P.S. The list is not just limited to parties. You can still play them whenever you’re bored at home with your family—or friends if you’re living with them. 

    1. Mirror Charade

    Happy family playing charades together

    While this may sound common, it isn’t your common charades game. Mirror charades require two people to “act” the word. Only that the other person, the one who knows what is being acted out, is positioned at the back of the rest in charge of guessing, while the other is at the front and will try to imitate what the person at the back is trying to do. 

    The second person does not have any idea about what the first person is acting out–making this version of charades a little harder than the common one. 

    2. Sardines

    Have you ever played hide-and-seek? Well, this game is like it but a little different. 

    Here, one person hides while the rest of the group seeks. Once a seeker finds the hider, he will join in the hiding instead of announcing it to the group. This goes on until only one seeker is left–making him lose the game. 

    This is best played when your venue or home is spacious enough to facilitate the “seeking” and the “hiding.” 

    3. Ostrich Dance

    Two sisters on the floor in the middle of a fun fight.

    This game will require two players. There will be a piece of paper with a word written on it taped on their backs. The first person who can read aloud the word on the other person’s back wins. 

    P.S. Players usually end up wrestling each other to achieve their goals.

    4. Junk in the Trunk

    In this game, you will need two empty tissue boxes, a lot of small balls or ping-pong balls, and tape. 

    To play, choose two people who will play the game from your family members and friends. Fill the empty tissue boxes with an equal number of balls. Then, tape a box on each of their lower backs. 

    Once ready, you can start the game. The goal is to get the most balls out of the box. Whoever achieves the goal after the time finishes wins! Don’t forget to remind your players that they need to jiggle their way to accomplish the task.

    5. Who Tooted?

    Who Tooted? is a board game suitable for players aged six years and up. This may be played during intimate reunions or even when you just feel bored at home together with your family. 

    Four players are needed and will be represented by four character pieces included in the box. Each can get to choose their own. 

    Every player will then get ahold of one whoopee cushion-shaped button. This will be used as a controller and should be hidden from the other players. 

    When everything is set, the youngest in the group can press the start button. This will send a signal to one of the players through the controller. The person who received the signal becomes the Tooter

    Once they hear a tooting sound, the rest of the group will guess who tooted by pointing their characters’ nose to the person they believed did soThe tooter must also play along and point his character’s nose at another person to avoid being caught.  

    After which, they need to reveal their controllers to show who really tooted. The Tooter’s points will be based on the number of players he fooled into believing. The player who gets the highest points after their preferred number of rounds wins!

    6. Don’t Step On It!

    Wondering what this game is all about? Well, it’s time you take your fear of accidentally stepping on poop on the streets to a hilarious level. This unusual game will make you and your family burst into laughter. 

    This can be played even in your living room area, where a mat can be placed. Every member of your family can take turns playing. 

    So basically, in this game, a spin dial will be used to identify the number of steps the player needs to take on the plastic mat. He needs to ensure that he won’t be stepping on the compound molds (representing poops) as he makes his way across the mat. This will be done while being blindfolded. 

    The person with the lowest number of poop encounters wins!

    7. This or That

    Young woman making choice

    As the name implies, this game requires your decision-making skills. What commodities would you want to remain existing in the world? Will it be this? Or that? Let’s see. 

    Gather your family or friends in a circle. Identify which of you will start the game. The first person will think of two things. Say, for example, food or clothes. The next person will choose from the choices. 

    The winning choice will then be compared to another thing by the next person. The cycle continues until a final choice is made. All the things that get voted out completely vanish from your world.

    There’s no winner and loser in this game. You and your game players can just laugh about imagining the world you’ve created. 


    couple welcoming guests for dinner party at home

    So that’s it! We offer you our list of fun and unusual indoor games you can play with family and friends. We’re with you in keeping the fun energy during reunions and other social gatherings. 

    It is important that, despite the rise of social media, and videoconferencing apps, we get to strengthen social ties with activities that require our presence. You don’t get to meet cousin Ted, who always works abroad, right? Or your Aunt Tessie, who lives in a different state. 

    Make your reunions fun. And whether you decide to go indoors or outdoors, there are lots of activities and games you can enjoy! 


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