Fun and Unusual Furniture Ideas

One thing that is essential in every house is how the furniture are presented or arranged. We use our furniture every day, and it would be a great idea to make them look fun and attractive, instead of just plainly staying in one spot of your house. There are a lot of unique creations and designs out there. Here are some of the fun and unusual ideas you can do to your furniture.


Multicolor Nine Drawer Cabinet


Multicolor Nine Drawer Cabinet


This cute piece of furniture draws a lot of whimsy, with each of the nine drawers having different sizes, colors, shapes, positions and textures. With its decorative hardware, skirt and curved legs, this cabinet pulls a strong nostalgic appeal! Playful and quaint, it still serves a basic purpose of providing storage to your essentials and non-essentials.


Shipping Container Cabinets


Shipping Container Cabinets


Sander Muller, a Dutch designer, was inspired by the colorful container vans she saw at harbors to make the Pandora cabinet. This piece of furniture is a great combination of functionality, practicality and industrial aesthetics. You can stack, rotate, mix and match the containers in limtiless configurations. The cabinet comes in five colors and three sizes available.

Give your home the added storage space it needs with this portable cabinet which can be stacked up like boxes.


Cassette Tape Coffee Table




Do you miss playing your old cassette tapes during your younger days? Well, relive those days by this cassette tape-shaped pinewood coffee table that features a giant cassette tape decal artwork on the surface, as well as extra three drawers for storage. This surely pulls a strong throwback and old-school vibe in your home!



NES – Nintendo Gameboy Coffee Table


NES-Nintendo Gameboy Coffee Table


This table is perfect for anyone who loves playing Nintendo Gameboy. It can make you smile just by looking at it and relaxing while you put your coffee on this table. Make your coffee breaks more fun with this table. It measures 90 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm, and is made of wood material.


Contemporary Book Case


Contemporary Book Case


Way Basics manufactures sustainable “flat pack” furniture that do not require tools when being assembled. This stackable bookcase comes with extremely strong 3M adhesive which allows you to put the pieces together. Simply peel off the 3M adhesive, stick the pieces together and voila! That’s it. This book case will pull your clutter together and organize any room. It is best placed in a study room or office, where you can show off your books and showcases photos or other keepsakes.

You have limitless possibilities when using this bookshelf, which has a unique look that becomes the focal point of any room.


Stand Up Dresser Suitcase


Stand Up Dresser Suitcase


If you are a frequent traveler or tourist whose usual problem is dealing with disastrous pile of wrinkled clothes while you’re on the road, this item is perfect for you. Simply unzip the case, pull up the supporting frames, raise the shelves and voila! This ingeniously-designed suitcase magically transforms itself into a mobile wardrobe where you can have easy access to every clothing you need.

This stand-up dresser suitcase was the recipient of the Travel Goods Show’s “Buzz” trophy in 2015, for being the most-“buzzed” new product.


Giant Bean Bag Denim Sofa




This giant bean bag denim sofa is large enough for up to three people, and is stuffed with finely shredded furniture grade polyurethane foam and covered with soft yet durable and machine-washable denim covers, which can also be accented with brass zippers. It also includes a protective inner liner which comes with a zipper that’s tamper-proof, so it means it is safe for both children and pets.

To clean the cover, just wash with cold water and tumble dry on low heat.


Sobro Coffee Table


Sobro SOCTB300WHBK Coffee Table


This coffee table has everything you could ask for, and we mean everything! It comes equipped with a refrigerator drawer, which keeps beverages and food chilled and always within reach. Plus it also has bluetooth speakers, charging ports, LED lights, and a sleek touch panel for optimal control.

The durable tempered glass on top of the table means no need to use coasters, and it puts the built-in touch controls right at your fingertips.


Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair


Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

This comfy bag is the perfect furniture to add to your basement, family room, bedroom or any room, whether as a gaming chair or a study chair. This bag is stuffed with soft but durable memory foam blend which helps the chair to maintain its shape while providing a nice soft comfort for those relaxing afternoons and lazy evenings. It is made with high-quality, light and fluffy US shredded foam, premium zippers, and hand selected fabrics that are double-stitched for maximum strength and durability.

Every chill sack bean bag chair comes with an internal liner which allows you to remove the cover easily to be washed.


Octopus Table Server




Reach your snacks, food, appetizers easily by placing them atop this octopus table server. This octopus stands 9 inches tall and is made of cast iron. Its tentacles serve as a solid and durable base between the table and small glass surface overhead.

This table has a unique style and design which will surely attract guests and start a conversation.


These are some of the furniture ideas which are fun and unusual, that you could try at your home.