Fun and Unusual Book and Reading Accessories

Reading is a hobby that takes you to new worlds, but it isn’t just all about books. People who love to read usually like gifts that recognize their passion. If you’re a book lover or know someone who is, gifts like bookmarks, bookends, and other reading-related accessories may be very well appreciated.

Read on for some fun, unusual, and novelty accessories especially targeted at the book-loving masses.  These would either help you out in reading your books, organizing them, or just having fun with something book-related:

Finger Pointing Bookmark


Finger Pointing Bookmark


The finger pointing bookmark helps you keep your place in any book by marking not just the page, but the sentence where you left off. This way, you can get right back into the story without trying to find your exact place. This bookmark snaps onto your book and allows you to mark where you are at any point without worrying about it sliding off.

Since the bookmark is flexible, it’ll fit books of all sizes and thicknesses. In fact, you can even double its function as a book strap to keep your textbooks together. The fingerprint is made of durable silicone, while the bookmark itself comes in orange, blue-gray, and green color choices.


Zipper Bookmark




This is a novelty bookmark that also makes it easier to locate your place. It’s available in three colors; green, orange, or blue. You can hence choose your favorite shade or get all three to use for the books you’re currently reading.

These zipper bookmarks work well with any kind of book. They present a unique effect, giving the impression that you’ve zipped your book shut rather than just closing it. While there’s no special function to this bookmark other than its appearance, it’s just one of those novelty gifts that could make reading even more fun. You may also want to gift this to a child or young adult who might be more attracted towards reading as a result.


Crocodile Bookmark




This bookmark comes in the shape of a crocodile. When you use it to mark your place in any book, it’ll look like a crocodile is swimming in the pages. This would be eye-catching and useful at the same time.

Though the size of this crocodile is quite tiny, it has a sturdy plastic build that helps it to double as a toy. Hence, even if it doesn’t really come in handy, it might be useful to give a child as a bath toy.

The reviews for this bookmark have reported that it’s not too stable in a book if moved about too much. This means that you probably can’t toss a book with this bookmark in your bag. Since the reviews mostly agree that the crocodile itself is adorable, this bookmark might be a good idea for a reading addict who mostly keeps their books at home.


Falling Books Bookend


Falling Books Bookend


When you stack up your books in the bookshelf, you might want to keep them steady while adding a bit of décor. A bookend is the perfect solution to this issue. The Falling Books Bookend, in particular, is not just useful but also a humorous addition for your bookshelf. You can use it to prop up a shelf of books along with bringing a smile to your face.

The bookend itself is very sturdy, being crafted from metal. It shows two people figures trying to run before they get crushed under the books. This would be an interesting conversation piece and a memorable gift. Even if someone isn’t really a book lover, they would appreciate this gift if they like design and novelty art pieces. The piece is completely black, so it would tie in nicely with any kind of home décor. Its measurements are 13 by 12 by 16 cm (LxWxH).


Balloon Animal Bookend


Balloon Animal Bookend


It’s wise to encourage reading habits from a very young age, and this balloon animal bookend would help any parent accomplish just that. This bookend is made of resin, so it won’t pop like a balloon animal does. It would be a whimsical and colorful addition to any reading nook, though most would probably prefer it for kids.

You can also choose from a variety of colors when ordering this bookend. They’re available in green, yellow, purple, and orange in order to provide the right matching shade you need. Once they’re up on the shelf, these bookends would remind you of the circus. The shape is that of a balloon animal dog, and the measurements are around 10.5″ x 3.5″ x 8.5″.


Harry Potter Boots Bookmark




Those who love books and reading would probably have enjoyed Harry Potter at some point in their lives. This series has many fans all over the world, with most of them being just as interested in the merchandise as the books themselves.

This particular bookmark is made from polymer clay, with the handmade mark assuring us of its quality. It only consists of the main character Harry’s legs, with the broom end of his broomstick jutting out. This gives the impression that the character is immersed in whatever book you’ve just stopped reading. Incidentally, there are several similar bookmarks also available with different book characters. Just a couple of examples include Alice in Wonderland and the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz.


Book Weight

When someone really loves reading and/or is in the middle of an excellent book, they usually don’t want to stop until they absolutely have to. For instance, you may have to stop reading while cooking simply because the pages might get stained. This book weight solves this problem among many others.

This weight is shaped like a thin transparent book itself and is made of rigid plastic. You can use this to weigh down your pages while your hands are otherwise occupied. At the same time, it would naturally prevent anything from soiling your precious book’s pages. This would be an excellent purchase for using on textbooks, cookbooks, yoga books or for people who simply cannot stop reading even while doing something else.

The dimensions of this book weight measure 12  by 9 inches, which are perfect for the most common 6 by 9 inches book size. It’s around a third of an inch thick, providing minimal warping while still being heavy enough to weigh down pages.

Author Mighty Bright XtraFlex Book Light

There are several situations where a bookworm might not be able to read because of dim light or absolute darkness. This could occur in planes, trains, or cars when the lights are switched off. It may also happen each night when you can’t switch on the overhead lights for fear of disturbing your partner. In all these cases, having a small reading light would really come in handy.

This reading light is a high-quality one that can clip onto a headboard, a desk, or even a seat if it’s thin enough. If all else fails, you may even clip it onto the book itself. The lamp runs on AAA batteries and is well worth the investment. It’s durable and suitable for young children above the age of 3, being able to withstand a lot of twisting and turning.

The Book Lover’s Journal

If you’ve read a lot of books, you might get them mixed up or even forget about reading them in the first place. With this book journal, you can finally note down the books you’ve read in an elegant, attractive medium.

This book journal is a hardcover spiral tome that serves to organize your reading journey. You can jot down the titles you’ve read, make your to-be-read list, and even make a wishlist of the books you want to buy. This way, you’d have a ready list on hand when someone asks what book they should gift you.

There’s also space here to list any books that you’ve borrowed, lent to someone, or even donated. Include information on book clubs, book sources, and other aspects of your reading life. This journal comes in a handy portable size or 4.5×7.5 inches, with a removable band and flat binding.

Antiquarian Bookplates

These bookplates would come as a useful and beautiful addition for anyone with a large, well-loved book collection. There are around 55 bookplates here, all customized with quotes from well-known writers.

The packaging itself is appealing, resembling a magazine rack with the bookplates assembled inside. Each group of bookplates has a different color and a different height. The quotes are for people like C.S Lewis, Cicero, Helen Keller, and Longfellow. Some designs are without quotes, with just ‘Ex Libris’ or ‘from the library of’ printed on them. This would help anyone who lends out a lot of books and would like to keep track of them.

Book lovers would certainly love to have any of the options above in their possession. To ensure the best purchase, ponder upon the kind of reading a person does and how they treat their books. For someone who wants to protect or display their pages, the Book Weight is an excellent choice. For a person with a huge book collection and needing some organization, the Book Journal or bookplates would come in handy.