Fun and Unusual Book and Reading Accessories


    Reading is a hobby that opens up new worlds for you, but it’s not just about books. People who love to read usually like gifts that recognize their passion. If you’re a book lover or know someone who is, gifts like bookmarks, bookends, and other reading-related accessories may be very well appreciated. Having reading accessories elevates the reading experience. That is why it is really fun to have them. 

    Read on for some fun and unusual accessories, especially targeted at the book-loving masses. These would assist you in reading your books, organizing them, or just having fun with something book-related.

    Fun and Unusual Book and Reading Accessories

    Reading Books

    1. Pen Pouch

    When a good book crosses your lap, for sure, you can’t help but underline your favorite passages. A pen pouch is a perfect accessory for readers who want to mark those book quotes that stick with them long after reading the end. Now they no longer have to search for a pen or highlighter when the mood strikes, as it’s right there with them all the time.

    2. Eyeglass Case

    Just as you don’t want to go looking for a pen when you need it, with an eyeglass case, you won’t have to go searching for reading glasses whenever you need them. To make it cuter, design your glasses case with stickers for a more personalized experience.

    3. Page Holder

    As someone who’s struggled with repetitive strain in life, one of the perfect book accessories is a page holder. A page holder will save your hands from holding the page. Plus, having a page holder on your book is such a cute accessory.

    4. Book Light

    For someone notorious for saying “just one more chapter” when they should be going to bed, a book light is perfect for you. For readers who can’t put a book down but don’t want to disturb their bedmates with an overhead light, a book light is an ideal accessory. You can simply clip it into your book, making it a cute and entertaining accessory.

    5. Personalized Bookmark

    You can enhance your reading experience by personalizing a bookmark. You can download and cut out free vector designs and paste them into a white folder to make them sturdy. The good thing about personalized bookmarks is that you can make them whenever you want. You can also design your personalized bookmarks depending on the story you are reading to match your book.

    6. Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

    Book lovers who prefer e-books will find blue light-blocking glasses to be one of the most important book accessories to have. Light-blocking glasses can help prevent eye strain, headaches, and disturbed sleep if you use an e-reader late at night.

    7. Reading Neck Pillow

    Woman reading book

    Why risk neck strain while reading in bed when you can have an amazing reading pillow? For sure, having a reading neck pillow will make you last longer when reading a book since it will make you more comfortable. Plus, you can pretend that it’s your favorite bookworm stuffed toy, keeping you company while reading. 

    8. Book Tote

    A book tote is the perfect book accessory to transport your pile of library books or the latest bookstore purchases to your bookshelf. It is also perfect to keep you stylish and adorable while book shopping.

    9. Personalized Bookish Mug

    Settle in with a warm cup of tea or coffee while reading with a personalized bookish mug that’s perfect for all book lovers. Be sure to have a plain mug and glue some cut-out book icons or book quotes to it. It is nice to sip some coffee while reading using your personalized bookish mug.

    10. Book Stand

    A book stand is perfect for studying and comfortable hands-free reading. Plus, it is better if your book stand is foldable so you can take it anywhere you can take a book. Your reading experience will be a whole lot more comfortable and accessible. 

    11. Book Log

    Bookworms indeed read a lot. With that, they sometimes forget the titles of the books they have read. A book log will help them keep track of their favorite reads. They can list down the titles of the books they have read using a book log. 

    12. Book Bath Tray

    Nothing’s worse than accidentally dropping your favorite book in the tub. Using a book bath tray, you can read while relaxing with more peace of mind in your bathtub. 

    13. Book Pouch

    A book pouch will keep your favorite book snug and secure wherever you go. Make sure that your book pouch is made of durable fabric with flat corners to prevent your books from getting damaged while you are out and about.

    14. Colorful Annotation Tabs

    Change your reading game by using cute annotation tools. Make sure to use annotation tabs while reading to help you stay focused on what you are reading. In addition, you will feel connected to the text when you annotate. If you are the kind of reader that has many thoughts and feelings while reading, using colorful annotation tabs is just for you.

    15. Headphones

    Reading doesn’t just involve absorbing texts and stories visually; listening to audiobooks can also be a great reading method. If you enjoy listening to audiobooks, you will need a good set of headphones so you can concentrate entirely on the story without being distracted by outside noises. 


    Reading can be made even more enjoyable if you have all the necessary book accessories. If you have fun and unusual reading accessories, you can disappear into a new book world and only emerge when you’ve reached the happily-ever-after. These fun and unusual accessories for readers will help you create the coziest reading environment imaginable whether you’re reading in bed, on the couch, on the road, or even in the bath.


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