Fun and Specialty Coffee Products

Coffee is a staple drink for everyone everywhere. And for coffee lovers, drinking coffee has become more of a routine than a sacred moment of peace. It no longer gives the same excitement and experience. Although, for some, that feeling of excitement still lingers with every sip of coffee, but not as intense as it was before. But don’t fret because there is always a way or two to make your coffee drinking experience more enjoyable and convenient. Here are a few fun and special coffee products that you might find exciting to add to your coffee ritual. 

Fun and Specialty Coffee Products

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There’s a whole lot of fun and specialty coffee products in the market depending on what you are (or are not) looking for. So, here are a few quirky and unique coffee products you might like to make your coffee drinking experience better.

  • Mugs – You can never go wrong with mugs. They’re versatile and you can customize it in any way you want – paint it, sculpt it, mold it, glitter it, etc. The possibilities are unending! And there are endless varieties to choose from. Whatever size and shape you want, there is a mug for that. There are all kinds of mugs and there is always that perfect mug for everybody. Now, as great and as vast are the options for mugs, some very specific, very particular mugs may be hard to find, but not impossible to find. A few unique and fun mugs are 1) Handmade woven cup, 2) Hidden animal cups, 3) Camera lens mug, 4) Color changing mug, 5) Double shot glass mug, 6) 64oz coffee mug, and many more.
  • Coffee Mug with a Built-in Coaster – Talk about convenience and efficiency. For those who likes to keep things clean or for those who always forgets to use a coaster, this product is calling out your name. You never have to worry about ring formations or coffee drippings on your furniture because this product has got your back. Sit back, relax, maybe even raise your feet for extra comfort while you worry about something else other than rings and stains.
  • Adjustable Temperature Coffee Mug – Keeping drinks warm has been a challenge before but not anymore. With the invention of electric mug warmers, we can now keep our drinks warm for longer periods of time. But that’s an added cost and another thing to clean and maintain. So, here’s a proposal, how about a coffee mug with a built-in adjustable temperature? You can take it anywhere with you and you don’t have to worry about your drink getting cold and stale. Can we all just stop and thank the universe for blessing us with such an amazing invention?
  • Knit Mug Warmers – Mug warmers are the knit sweaters in the mug world. Imagine how cute and fun it would look like to have matching sweaters with your mug! It may not keep your drink warm for long compared to an electric coffee warmer, but it sure will protect your hands from the heat of the mug. Plus, it’s easy to make and materials, instructions, and patterns are all readily available online.
  • Stainless Steel Coffee Filters – If you’re a coffee enthusiast and an advocate of the environment, a reusable coffee filter is perfect for you. These zero waste coffee filter solutions can be used in place of single-use paper filters, just like washable cotton filters. They can, however, also be utilized independently. No ceramic cone or Chemex is required; simply place the stainless-steel filter over the mug, add the grounds, and brew as you would with any other drip cup.
  • Portable Coffee Maker – Yes, you read that right, a portable coffee maker. With a portable coffee maker, you can make coffee anywhere anytime – it’s an endless joyous adventure with coffee. There are brands who manufacture portable coffee makers with not just convenience in mind, but also efficiency. And since a portable coffee maker is purposely made for traveling, it’s best that you opt for one that already comes with a coffee grinder and a filter.
  • Rugged Coffee Maker – There are only a few notable brands who manufacture coffee makers specially made for rough conditions. These types of coffee makers are not only lightweight and portable, but are also built to endure incredibly tough environments and travels. This is probably a sensible investment if you need a cup of coffee on your construction site.
  • Spillnot Drink Carrier – Here’s a fun and unique product for coffee lovers who are always on foot and moving or who just can’t get enough of adventures. This type of cup holder is the ultimate cup holder – any glass or mug that is placed on it will be impossible to spill its contents. This is especially helpful for carrying hot beverages that you cannot put on your lap. You may carry your favorite beverages without worrying about messy spills when using the SpillNot with caution and common sense. 
  • Coffee Flavored Candy – Now, if you’re always in a rush or you’re just fashionably late that even a portable coffee maker won’t do it, coffee flavored candies could be your new best friend. They might not give you the tranquil experience compared to sitting in peace while sipping your warm coffee in the morning, at least they get the most important job done – they help keep you energized and awake. It’s best that you choose those that come in individual wraps so that you can just bring some with you in your pocket. Individually wrapped pieces are convenient, efficient, clean, and hygienic.

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Any coffee enthusiast would enjoy any of the specialty coffee products. For true coffee connoisseurs, though, you might want to invest in some stainless-steel coffee filters or a portable coffee machine. The travel mugs and coffee flavored candies are the ideal choices for people who are constantly on the road. But, whatever you choose, choose one that will add value to your coffee experience in whatever way you deem appropriate and right for you.