Fun and Silly Decor Ideas

Looking for inspiration for new decor for your space? The possibilities in a room are endless, and a few upgrades can make a house feel like a home. Continue reading if you’re ready to make those drab, empty rooms into fashionable focal points. We have tips that can enhance your home and highlight your personality and taste regardless of your style. 

You can design your home so that the things you love are all around you, whether you’re an art collector, a nature lover, or a bookworm. Check out these silly and entertaining decorating suggestions to spice up your home.

Fun and Silly Décor Ideas

1. Shades of Red

Don’t limit yourself to one pattern if you love the color red but can’t decide which pattern will look best with the walls, rug, or overall decor. To complete the look, choose a red-and-white striped rug and wallpaper with red flowers. For a coordinated look, choose paintings with red as well as red seating.

2. Rattan Hanging Chair

Rattan hanging chairs are a useful and original addition to a room. One can be hung in any room corner where you or visitors can relax, read, or take a nap.

3. Painted Brick 

Add a fresh coat of cream paint to a vintage brick fireplace or wood paneling. You go 1970s-era furnishings.

4. Screw in a Colorful Light Bulb


Change your traditional bulb for a bright one for a surprising and simple pop of color. It provides the same atmosphere as a neon sign without taking up any wall space. Try it in a hallway or entryway, where space is at a premium and décor opportunities are few.

5. Mix in Metallics

Anything shiny and gold makes a statement, right? To instantly upgrade your space, add a metallic lamp, sculpture, or vase.

6. Wallpaper a Small Space

A small room or closet gets a surprising edge by having wallpaper installed. Use scraps to line cabinets, backsplashes, and drawers, or line the entire room. Another option is a dramatic ceiling.

7. Move Furniture Away from Walls

Seating becomes more intimate when furniture is floated away from the walls. This means that all it takes to completely change the ambiance of a room is a few inches of furniture movement.

8. Lush Leaves


A large plant can be placed in any vacant space to serve as the room’s focal point. Put the pot inside a woven basket to give it more impact.

9. Match Walls to Furniture

Match the color of the walls to your furniture if you want to give your living room a moody, bright, or minimalist feel. This will seamlessly and uniquely bind the space together.

10. Pretty in Pink


Pink is thought to represent love. With pink furniture and walls, create a cheerful and welcoming environment that your guests will love. For the couches, stools, and tables, use a darker color; for the walls, a lighter color.

11. Statement Fireplace

Select a brick or stone fireplace to make it the focal point of the room. Keep the walls white and choose brown leather furniture for a semi-rustic appearance.

12. Versatile End Tables

Are you looking for a way to improve the usability of your living room? End tables can be easily moved around the room and can be used as a workspace or a place for children to do their homework. Place books or flowers on top when not in use, just like you would with conventional coffee tables.

13. Built-in Bookshelves

Installing built-in bookcases in your living room is the next best thing if you don’t have a separate library. Keep a portable rolling ladder on hand to make reaching the higher shelves simple.

14. Shades of Mint

This vibrant room serves as evidence that a living room is a great place to experiment with color. The sofa’s cushions and the curtains, which are all different shades of mint green, add visual interest.

15. Collected Look

Put potted plants, decorative trays, and a variety of vessels on your mantel to give it a collected appearance.

16. Colorful Light Fixture

With a few straightforward coats of paint, round bulbs, and pom-pom fringe for a whimsical touch, you can give an ugly light fixture a makeover. Overhead, bright hues bring the space’s eclectic feel together.

17. Streamlined Shelves

Remove the jackets from old books to improve storage. You can then stack them high at yard sales to reveal the stitching or cover your collection with complementary papers.

18. Ditch Your Coffee Table Base


If your coffee table has a marble top, remove it and set it on the ground. For an updated bohemian look, support it with some books.

19. Dual-purpose Bar Cart

It’s simple to set up a bar cart with drinks, but it’s brilliant to use it as an end table to display flowers, artwork, and coffee table books.

20. Low Furniture

Short furniture, like this tufted couch, adds coziness to an open floor plan. To create distinct “rooms” within the space, use area rugs.

21. Chic Storage

Replace plain shelving with more decorative alternatives, then stock up on fabric boxes or baskets to conceal an excess of trinkets.

22. Slim Footprint

Use dining chairs in the living room to conserve space without sacrificing seating. Rattan and cane perches are more space-efficient than conventional recliners.

23. Fast Fixes

Consider repurposing the furniture you already own to transform a space. Old chair frames can be painted with leftover wall paint, and pillows and curtains can be given a new look by adding fancy trim to the edge.

24. Sheer Curtains

Starting at the source is the quickest way to let in light. Gauzy curtains should be used in place of heavy ones, and the panels should extend to the floor. Mount the drapes about a foot above windows and doors to highlight a high ceiling.

25. Second Surface

With simple DIY, you can refresh worn-out décor. As an extra shelf, add old wood planks to a coffee table. Also, don’t paint; the weathered finish has more personality.


If you’re updating your home and want to add a decorative accent, these silly and entertaining home decor ideas are ideal and useful. Enjoy decorating!