What are the Benefits of Floating Keychain?


    One of the numerous ways to appreciate the rivers, streams, lakes, and vast oceans that surround us is to go boating. In addition to thinking about our own safety as we board, we also consider the safety of our possessions because they could easily be lost if they fall into the sea. Smaller items may be challenging to recover from the water as easy as larger ones. This is the reason why a variety of items, including floating keychains, have been made available on the market to keep your belongings afloat in the event of accidents or crises.

    A floating keychain is made to hold many pounds of weight and float at the water’s surface. They come in a wide range of styles, dimensions, and shapes. The majority of them are soft, compact, and easily portable. Boat keys are frequently lost in the water, thus floating keychains are a common solution.

    A lost boat key can leave you stuck, cost you hundreds of dollars, and take a while to be replaced. Consequently, having a straightforward and affordable floating keychain will spare you from all of these problems. If you’re one of those people who have accidentally thrown a boat key overboard, you know how important floating keychains are. Discover some tips for using floating keychains and reasons to select personalized ones in this article.

    Uses and Benefits of a Floating Keychain

    boat keys

    You may put a floating keychain, also known as a key floater keychain, right into your pocket. Its soft and vibrant EVA construction makes it float rather than sink to the bottom of the sea, river, or swimming pool. It offers a variety of advantages and gains:

    Keeps boat keys from getting lost in the water

    Losing your boat key in the water while boating might be disastrous. This is accurate if you are trying to start your boat while trying to get to the water. Being trapped, waiting hours to days for a replacement, and incurring hundreds of dollars in costs are all consequences of losing your boat key. You may avoid all of these problems by purchasing a cheap floating keychain.

    But it’s not only for boaters. Anyone who spends a lot of time around water, such as surfers, zookeepers, and even sewer workers, might consider investing in a floating keychain. You will undoubtedly appreciate the value of employing floating keychains if you are one of the unfortunate individuals who has lost a key overboard.

    Offers versatility and variety of designs

    The floating keychains come in a wide variety of designs. Virtually any design shape is possible for floating keychains, which can be constructed of plain foam, vinyl-covered foam, or plastic coated, depending on the message you wish to convey.

    Many have designs inspired by sports, holidays, or nautical themes. It can be challenging to select one pattern or shape among the many that are offered on the market. You can choose a personalized design and have a graphic or statement of your choosing printed on them. Your name, contact information, or the name and contact information of your organization could be all that is required to ensure that your keys are returned to you.

    Can keep your waterproof bag and belongings safe

    On your boating or water activity, are you bringing a waterproof bag? If you fasten some floating keychains to your luggage, you may keep your belongings safe even if your bag inadvertently floats on the water. For activities like wakeboarding, kayaking, rowing, sailing, canoeing, tubing, or when at a water park, it is tremendously helpful.

    This key will float

    Can be used as a promotional item

    Custom floating keychains can be used as employee incentives or as a practical and necessary floating accessory to secure your keys and other small items. You may brand it with your logo to turn it into a promotional item that will catch the interest of potential buyers. The company logo and message are printed on the floating foam by many businesses using floating keychains. Its ability to float makes it a great present for hoteliers, boat owners, boat dealers, water sports instructors, and others.

    Can be an inexpensive form of advertising

    Fortunately, it’s a low-cost method of advertising that appeals to a wide audience. It is one of the most affordable methods of advertising, and it is also simple to disseminate, distribute, and give away to the public. To help lower individual expenses and expand your reach to more clients, it is also possible to buy floating keychains in bulk or have them personalised in bulk.

    Can be an affordable gift or giveaway option

    Floating keychains are a good choice if you’re having a beach wedding or a birthday party and you’re searching for an inexpensive but handy handout. Everyone uses keys, and if they visit locations close to water, they are valuable. In order for visitors to remember your special day, you can personalize it with your wedding monogram or name. To ensure that everyone’s keychain doesn’t become out of date as they use it, you may simply customize a design or a quote that they all appreciate.

    An appealing keychain option

    Many people may be drawn to floating keychains, particularly ones that are personalized or have a distinctive design. Other people would appreciate the keychain’s convenience and how easily it makes it possible to locate specific keys, even though boat owners stand to gain the most from it.


    When stepping out to enjoy the seas, there are several ways to keep your possessions secure. Floating keychains are made to support many pounds of weight and float at the water’s surface. You have access to a large range of floating keychains because they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. You probably want it to be as personalized to you as possible since it’s an accessory. We wish you luck in your search for the best floating keychain to guard against misplacing your boat keys. It is undoubtedly among the necessities you need when sailing. 


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