So many people love fresh herbs and there’s nothing better than wandering out to a kitchen garden to pick your own, but let’s face it most of us don’t have fresh herbs all year long, so here’s an easy to remember substitution solution.

If you want to substitute dried herbs in a recipe that calls for fresh, the conversion is simple. Reduce tablespoons to teaspoons; two Tablespoons of fresh oregano equals two teaspoons dried.  Just keep in mind that essential oils are more concentrated in dried herbs so you use fewer.

Ginger is an exception to this interchangeable rule. If a recipe calls for fresh ginger, you cannot substitute ground. The flavors are completely different.

Here’s a clever tip

You can perk up the flavor of a dried herb by combining it with common fresh parsley. Pick the parsley leaves from the stems, sprinkle with the required amount of dried herbs and chop the parsley fine. This breathes life into the dried product and adding parsley couldn’t hurt any dish.

Identifying your herbs has a great visual guide to herbs.  We admit it, from time to time; we’ve planted an herb in the garden and forgotten exactly what it is.  Epicurious to the rescue.

Buon Appetit!