Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Reviews and Graphics

Where do you get your data from for your charts and infographics?
We truly live in the information age. Data is all around us and is being created at a rapid rate. Our goal is to sift through reputable quality and most often public resources to provide the kind of review and insight necessary to filter through the digital data noise to make sense of the world around us.

How do you make your visuals?
In short our amazing design team uses a wide range of tools including the Adobe suite of tools, Canva and much more. Often the visualization requirement is what drives the tool to be utilized.

How do you do your Amazon reviews?
Our editorial team reviews product data, develops comparison charts, reads reviews and digs deep to find useful and interesting products to present to our readers.  While its not possible to do a hands on review with all the products we have our site, we do in some cases review them directly.  Our goal is to help you in your shopping by doing the in depth research and analysis for you!

Who owns Lulu and Sweet Pea?
We are part of Power Digital Services and fully owned by our Editor-In-Chief Noel Jerke.

Using Our Visualizations

Can I use your content without a license?
We truly believe information should be free and be shared. The only thing we ask is please provide attribution and a link back to our site and where you found the graphic. With out that support it makes it difficult for us to grow our traffic.

Can I use your graphics in an offline format such as print?
Please contact us – we have to assess this on a case by case basis.

I want to license an infographic – what are the next steps?
Contact us – we will evaluate this on a case by case basis.

Working with Us

How can we work together?
Do you have an idea for a graphic or a new content piece? We would love to hear it! Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss.

Can I contribute as a guest post on your website?
We are open to guest submissions but they must follow a standard format and go through an editor review process. In addition all such content will be clearly labeled as sponsored content. Please contact us to find out how we can work together.

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