For my friend

On Friday, March 8th I received a text from one of my best friends. 
This girl. Anna.


 That’s her gorgeous daughter Violet.
I smiled as I picked up my phone & saw her name pop up.
It was around 10am.
She’s just getting to work and has time to kill. This is routine for us. 
I read the text:
My daughter’s dad has leukemia.
My heart stops for a second. I re-read the message.
My daughter’s dad? Violet’s dad? Wait…what?
Then she tells me: Matt, her ex- and the father of her child, has cancer.
He’s starting chemotherapy right away.
 She doesn’t say much more and I don’t ask. I just ask if she’s OK and she says she is.
Over the weekend this popped up in my newsfeed:
Then Monday, Anna posts this link:
 A lot can change over one weekend.
My heart is breaking for my friend, who I’ve known since beauty school.
The girl who did my makeup on my wedding day.
 One of the first people I call or text when I have something exciting to tell.
This is her daughter’s dad.
Her daughter, Lily’s friend, who was once mistake for her twin when we shopped.
Violet, who sat across from me at Lily’s 2nd birthday on her dad’s lap.
A beautiful little girl who has grown up with my children right before my eyes.
I cannot imagine her growing up without her dad, and I’m praying that won’t happen!
I’m hoping to use my blog and whatever little social media influence I have out there to help Matt, Anna, & Violet out in any way. As I mentioned above, a friend of theirs set up a “cancer fund” to help raise money for whatever this family needs while Matt is going through treatment. They’ve already had to pull Violet out of daycare to cut costs and family has come together to help care for her while Anna is working full time. They are all going to need a great amount of help now more than ever. Please take a moment to hop over to the Fundrazr page set up for Matt and donate whatever you can. Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated!
If you could keep my dear friend, her daughter, and Matt in your thoughts and prayers I would be so grateful! Please tweet this, pin this blog post to Pinterest, and share it with as many people as you can so we can help spread the word and get more donations! I know the blogging community can do some amazing things when we pool together, and I thank you in advance for your help.
Here is some more information on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Matt’s Fundrazr Page
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