Foods to Avoid


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    Foods to Avoid

    1. Deep-Fried Foods

    If there is only one food to avoid, then deep-fried foods would be top of the list’s head. Deep-fried foods are known to increase the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. They are also high in calories, and can, therefore, lead to obesity. Research has also shown links between deep-fried foods and diabetes.

    2. Carbonated Sodas

    Carbonated drinks are also problematic. The large concentration of sugars hasbeen attributed to the current obesity epidemic sweeping the United States and other countries all over the world. Some US states are banning soft drinks from school vending machines, while some cities have even gone as far as prohibiting large serving-sized sodas. With so much sugar in soft drinks, it is not surprising that many people begin to lose weight just by cutting sodas out of their diet.

    3. Cakes and Pastries

    Although cakes and pastries are delicious, they have little nutritional value and packed with sugar. For example, a muffin can have 400 calories or more, which is around a fifth of most people’s recommended daily intake. If a person combines a pastry with a sugary drink, they are close to almost half of their recommended calories.

    4. Processed Meats

    We can certainly see how eating fish or lean organic meat a few times a week could contribute to a healthy diet, but processed meats do not seem beneficial. Preparing any food takes more away than it adds. Simple processing is fair, but if you buy processed meats from animals that have had growth hormones or antibiotics added to their feed, we cannot see how that can be good for your health.

    5. White Flour Products

    Doctors recommend that you should not eat white bread. It has a remarkably high GI rating, and people can pile on the pounds quickly if consumed in large quantities. They also suggest avoiding other white flour products, such as pasta.

    6. White Rice

    Brown rice is excellent for your health and great for keeping your blood sugar levels balanced. But white rice is a different story altogether. Most white rice has a high GI rating, and avoiding it is recommended by dieticians. As with white flour products, you can quickly pile on the pounds if you eat white rice regularly.

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