Fixing An Off-Track Garage Door

Garage doors function on a system of switches, tracks, and rollers. They are heavy doors that take a bit of force to raise and lower them. Also, they receive quite a bit of use like the day in and day out. The garage door comes off the track due to a lot of reasons. A malfunctioning garage door can be of great inconvenience. 

As soon as the garage door goes off the track, you start realizing that how much important a functional garage door is in your daily routine. You don’t have to worry about the off-track garage door. fixing an off-track garage door is a simple and easy DIY project, so you don’t have to call professionals for repair. 

Why Does Garage Door Get Off-Track?


Before you start working on fixing the off-track garage door, you should know that few factors unhinge the garage door in the first place. If you know these factors, you will prolong the life of your garage door. It will save a lot of money in repairing the garage door. 

  • Improper Installation: While installing the garage door, it might not be aligned properly which later on gets detached. 
  • Impact: Most of the homeowners cause damage to the garage doors by bumping their cars into the door. Although the bumping is unintentional, they bend the tracks. Hence, it will cause problems with the opener system. 
  • Broken Parts: If the components used in the garage door system are not on a proper level, the parts will break. Hence, your garage door will go off track. Usually, the springs and rollers are the main parts that are worn out or get damaged
  • Weight: The average weight of garage doors is 200 to 400lbs. Some of the parts of the garage door system cannot bear the weight and they wear out. 

Maintenance of Garage Doors 


Preventive care is the best medicine. Same works for the garage doors. To avoid any kind of damage to your garage door you can perform certain tasks to make sure that your garage does not go off track. 

Regular Inspection

The maintenance of the garage door requires regular inspection such as visual inspection. According to the professionals, you must inspect the parts of the garage monthly. Also, you can get year servicing done for the garage door opener. Hence, your garage door will be maintained. 

Cleaning The Garage Door Tracks

The garage door goes off track because of the debris clogged inside the track. It depends on the place where you live. Sometimes the track gets clogged with stones or small branches. As a result, the parts of the garage door opener start to wear out. Make sure that you unclog the garage door tracks to avoid the risk of a detached garage door.

Lubricate The Moving Parts

For this purpose, you have to be a mechanic or rocket scientist. To make the working of the garage door smooth, lubricate the parts with oil. You have to grease up the rollers and other parts of the garage door. Make sure that you don’t put a lot of greases because it will cause the debris to stick to the tracks. Hence, you will save your garage door from going off the track. 

Fixing an Off-Track Garage Door


Not all owners are prepared to invest a few hours in maintaining the garage doors. Also, the importance of garage door maintenance cannot be overstated. If your garage is going off the track, you are probably not caring about it much. If you are not willing to maintain or repair the garage door, you must call a professional to do the job. If you are planning to fix an off-track garage door, you must be following the guidelines as follows:

Cease All Operations

If your garage door starts malfunctioning, you should stop the opening process of the garage door. You can cause further damage if you force it to go further. You can disengage the garage door opener by pulling the rope in the center of the door. 

Identify The Cause of the Problem

In process of fixing the off-track garage door is to identify the problem. In most cases, dented or loose tracks cause an issue in the off-tracking of the garage door. Also, a track might not be aligned properly. Sometimes it is crucial to check the system and to identify the main problem. 

Try To Solve on Your Own

Without calling a professional for fixing an off-track garage door, you can try repairing the garage door on your own. You can check the bolts and nuts. If they are loose, you can fix them easily. Also, you can connect the tracks with the wall. In case, if you are not having the experience to replace the garage door rollers, you can call a repairman. 

Calling The Professional

A professional and expert eye can detect the problem at once. So, calling a professional will be the safest and best option for fixing an off-track garage door. The professionals can deal with the high-tension springs. If you are not having experience in handling the high-tension springs, it will cause grave injuries. Calling a professional means that your car will not be trapped inside or out for a long time. 

DIY Fixing an Off-Track Garage Door 


Disconnect The Opener

Find the hanging string from the console that controls the garage door opener. To disengage the door opener, pull on the string. Hence, you will be able to open and close the garage door manually. 

Open and Secure the Garage Door

When the door is completely released from the opener, lift it until the track gets lined up with one of the rollers. You have to be cautious in this step, so make sure that you are having locking pliers or a pair of vice grips that help to hold the garage door in one place. Also, you can ask someone to help you in opening and securing the garage door because it might not be a one-man job. 

Bring The Rollers Back to Track

Open the track with a pair of pliers with precision where the roller jumps out of the track. Now put the rollers back to the track and close the opening of the track. To bring the track back into the original shape, you can use a wooden or rubber mallet. 

Check The Proper Alignment

When the rollers are fixed in the track, check manually if the rollers are working smoothly. When the rollers will be working smoothly, it means the garage door will operate properly. You can test the balance by opening and closing the garage door for few times. To make sure that the garage door is working properly, repeat the above-mentioned steps until the track is aligned.

Best Repairing Tools 


Locking Plier

With a locking plier, you can move an object easily and safely. They come in different designs, shapes, sizes, etc. If you need to buy a locking plier, make sure that you focus on its jaws. The design of the jaws indicated that how they are designed to work. Instead of using a traditional plier, you can use a locking plier that comes with more physical strength than a plier. 

The design of the locking pliers encourages single-handed operation to make another hand free for other tasks. Locking pliers are safer than pliers. It is because they will not release themselves until it is released by you. 


When you plan on repairing an off-track garage door, you will be needing pliers along with a locking plier. Plier is considered as one of the basic tools for maintenance. A specific pair of pliers would be dependent on your repair job. If you want to repair your off-track garage door, you will be needing a durable plier. 

The handle material of the plier should be slip-proof for a firm grip. You don’t want to be dropping your plier on the floor because of oily or greasy hands. A steel-made plier is recommended for different craftsmen’s jobs because of the manufacturing standards. There are few types of pliers as follows:



Snap Ring Plier

For installing and removing circlips

Needle Nose Plier

For manipulating the wire

Safety Wire Plier

To cut the extra length of wire

Fencing Plier

To drive staples or to remove them OR

For splicing, twisting, and tensioning the fence

Wooden Mallet and Rubber Mallet

Wooden and rubber mallet are used for carpentry work. You can use them to knock the wooden pieces together. The wooden or rubber mallet can also be used for driving chisels or dowels. They come in different sizes, weights, shapes, and designs. You should look for the best wooden or rubber mallet that does not deform on striking. 

Where to Buy
IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter, Curved Jaw, 10-Inch (502L3)
Channellock 440 Tongue and Groove Pliers | 12-Inch Straight Jaw Groove Joint Plier with Comfort Grips | 2.25-Inch Jaw Capacity
Wooden Mallet 4 ½” Bora 540049, The Well-Balanced Beechwood Woodworking Mallet That’s Ideal for Solid, Damage-Free Striking
TEKTON 32 oz. Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet | 30605

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter, Curved Jaw, 10-Inch (502L3)

This vise-grip locking plier comes with a curved jaw and hardened teeth. The design of this locking plier makes it easy for you to grip different matters from any angle. For maximum locking force, it comes with a classic trigger release. Instead of using a safety wire plier and locking plier at the same time, you can use the wire cutter provided in this locking plier. 

The high-grade heat-treated alloy steel makes it durable for a longer period. To draw the materials together for a controlled release and to adjust the pressure, this locking plier comes with hey key adjusting screw. 

Key Features

  • Secure Grip
  • Guarded Trigger Release 
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • Hardened Teeth
  • Alloy Steel

2. Channellock 440 Tongue and Groove Pliers | 12-Inch Straight Jaw Groove Joint Plier with Comfort Grips | 2.25-Inch Jaw Capacity

This tongue and groove plier makes a perfect fit for garage and home needs. You can use it for bolt and nut failure as it is one of the reasons behind the off-track garage door. The laser heat-treated teeth of this plier give you a better and long-lasting grip. The ultimate rust prevention makes it rust-free and for a longer period

If you are working on your garage door, the patented reinforcing edge of this plier minimizes the stress breakage. Hence, you don’t have to worry about breaking anything while working on an off-track garage door.

Key Features 

  • High Carbon C1080 Steel 
  • Tongue and Groove Design 
  • Rust Prevention
  • Patented Reinforcing
  • Channel Lock Blue Comfort Grip

3. Wooden Mallet 4 ½” Bora 540049, The Well-Balanced Beechwood Woodworking Mallet That’s Ideal for Solid, Damage-Free Striking

The precision and comfort of this wooden mallet are crafted carefully for convenient swinging and striking. The striking face is made of kiln-dried and hard European Beechwood for exceptional power without damaging the material. The handle of the wooden mallet provides additional strength with a tapered handle. 

The handle is smooth, easy to grip, and splinter-free. You can use it for striking the chisels. Despite the fact of its looks, the wooden mallet is sturdy, well crafted, functional, and balanced.  

Key Features

  • Superior Craftsmanship 
  • European Beach 
  • Rock Solid 
  • Easy Grip 
  • Splinter Free Handle

4. TEKTON 32 oz. Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet | 30605

This fiberglass handle rubber mallet works perfectly for automotive, woodworking, and construction applications. You can use it for fixing an off-track garage door. It delivers a soft strike that does not damage the metal or any other hard surface. The rubber head comes in black and solid material for striking sensitive or delicate materials such as chrome or aluminum. The lightweight fiberglass and high-strength handle make it unbreakable and dampen the vibrations.

If you miss any strike, a poly jacket protects the core and impact of strikes. The nonslip and soft rubber grip makes it comfortable for use and easy to handle. You will not be dropping it on the floor. 

Key Features

  • Jacketed Fiberglass Handle 
  • Nonslip Grip 
  • Solid Strike
  • Double-Faced Solid Rubber

  IRWIN VISE-GRIP Original Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter, Curved Jaw, 10-Inch (502L3)Channellock 440 Tongue and Groove Pliers | 12-Inch Straight Jaw Groove Joint Plier with Comfort Grips | 2.25-Inch Jaw CapacityWooden Mallet 4 ½” Bora 540049, The Well-Balanced Beechwood Woodworking Mallet That’s Ideal for Solid, Damage-Free StrikingTEKTON 32 oz. Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet | 30605
UsageGripping Variety of Shapes SecurelyGripping Bolts and NutsWoodworking and Striking ChiselsFor Aluminum and Magnesium Parts
Handle MaterialAlloy SteelComfort GripSplinter-Free HandleFiberglass Handle
MaterialAlloy SteelCarbon SteelEuropean Beech WoodRubber
StyleLocking PlierJaw Groove Joint PlierWooden MalletRubber Mallet

Off-Track Garage Door – A DIY Project

Different types of garage doors can go off track because of various reasons. The main reason is that some homeowners don’t bother to take few minutes out of their daily routine for maintaining the garage door. It is necessary to inspect the garage door monthly. Sometimes the seasonal debris clogs the rollers and tracks with dirt or small branches of the trees. Instead of calling the professional, you can clean it yourself and fix an off-track garage door. 

If you happen to maintain the garage door timely and properly, you won’t be having an off-track garage door. Fixing an off-track garage door can be a DIY project if you know how to use different tools. Use these tools wisely to repair, fix, or maintain the garage door.