Fitness Gadgets – Digital Jump Ropes

Do you remember jumping rope when you were a child? If we don’t have any major bone issues, we all know that jumping rope is a great exercise. It works out the arms, the back, and the legs. It is also wonderful for raising the heart rate. Plus, jumping rope is an enjoyable form of working out once you get the hang of it.

However, one cannot always keep track of their exercise level accurately when they’re jumping or skipping rope. You might be going too fast to count the jumps, or simply lose track of time. Using a stopwatch is one option, but you’ll have to stop in between to catch your breath or take a rest. Rather than relying upon an actual cumbersome jump rope and trying to keep track of how many jumps you make, you might want to consider using a digital jump rope instead.

Fortunately, there are a number of digital jump ropes on the market. They were all created to help users reach their fitness goals in a much easier and more convenient manner. The average cost to purchase a digital jump rope ranges from $20 and up, so you don’t really have to break the budget when getting this piece of exercise equipment.

The Purpose of Digital Jump Ropes

Where to Buy
MORE11 Jump Rope
Estone Digital LCD Display Jump Skipping Rope
Calorie Counter Jump Rope
ActionClub YSW00112-3 Virtual Skipping Rope
TANGRAM Smart Jump Rope Rookie
MORE11 Skipping Rope
The Keweis Jump Rope
SENDY FEATHER Mechanical Rope
Sunny Health & Fitness Digital Jump Rope
Gejoy Electronic Counting Jump Rope
Multifun Speed Skipping Rope with Calorie Counter


You might be wondering what exactly the purpose of a digital jump rope is and why is it better than a regular one? Well, for one, a digital jump rope will count the number of jumps you have made. This is a function that the most basic digital jump rope will perform, hence allowing you to take note of your daily or weekly exercise. For instance, you might aim to complete 200 jumps per day, and then gradually increase that amount to 500 or even more.

You might want to simply start off with a basic digital rope, in which case the MORE11 Jump Rope for Kids might be a logical consideration. This adjustable skipping rope is suitable for children as well as adults. With the digital counter on the handles, you won’t have to lose track of your jumps anymore. What’s more, the handles themselves are padded with a spongy material so that it’s comfortable to hold. There are red, blue, and green color options, so check them out here:

Some models of digital jump ropes will also keep track of the number of calories you burn during each jump rope training session. These might or might not be accurate, depending on the quality of the device you purchase. There are still more advanced models that will also keep track of the length of your workout.

Reasons for getting a Digital Jump Rope

The first and foremost reason for getting a digital jump rope is, of course, to track your exercise. This will help you stay focused on your goals and hence lose weight more quickly. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, a digital jump rope has the potential to streamline your workout and stick to a viable routine.

One example of a digital jump rope with various features is the Estone Digital LCD Display Jump Skipping Rope. This particular option has a counter for calories as well as jump counter. You can jump forward, backward, or in that difficult crisscross fashion while still getting your progress recorded. The user can also enter their weight right into the handles in order to keep better track of their weight loss. What’s more, the handles are made of anti-slip material so you don’t have to worry about your hands getting sweaty. Check out this model here to see if it’s right for you.

If you travel very often, this is another great reason to get one of these jump ropes. They are compact and fit inside any suitcase or carryon bag; most of them weigh about one pound. When you know you have a long day ahead of you at work, you can keep this on your desk to use during your lunch break.

Other reasons for investing in a digital jump rope could be to start up your home gym, have an easy way to exercise at all times, or just to gain some motivation for getting into shape.

Where to get a Digital Jump Rope

If you’re on the lookout for a great digital jump rope, we suggest you try looking at a local department store, to begin with. If there is a sporting goods store nearby, you may also want to try looking there. When buying any kind of product, it’s always best to try it out for yourself first and see if it feels right.  Be sure to check out Ropes Direct as well.

If you cannot find a digital jump rope locally, your next best bet is to look online. A number of retailers offer this type of jump rope and can ship it to you without much hassle. Plus, buying online has the advantage of enabling you to look up reviews of the product right away. This way, you can check out actual user experiences, warranties, and the kind of customer support a certain product offers.

There are several interesting choices when it comes to jump ropes today. For instance, the Calorie Counter Jump Rope by the company Elegantstunning features both cordless and corded versions in one package. You have a choice between a 3m cord and a 25cm cord with a TPE ball.  There’s also a magnetic control count system, which has a long service life and high sensitivity to make your tracking accurate. The weighted handles are an excellent addition, as they provide the arms with an additional workout. Check out all the features of this jump rope here:

Virtual Digital Jump Ropes

Do you find that you trip easily when you jump rope? There is a special ‘jump rope’ designed that comes without any rope at all! The Airope is one example of such a virtual digital jump rope. You can use it by itself for a cardiovascular workout or in conjunction with other exercises to create a comprehensive workout routine.

There is also an interactive, digital jump rope that you can use with your iPhone – it’s called the iRope. Its Bluetooth transmitter can transmit data to your iPhone, an iPad or any other smartphone that is within 30 feet and is using the iRope app. This jump rope will measure your heartbeat, track elapsed time, revolutions and more. All of the details are displayed on an LED screen on the handles. What makes this digital jump rope different from the rest is that you and your friends can use iRope at the same time if you all have Bluetooth connections. Have a competition to see who can reach a specific number of jumps first!

Another excellent option available now is the ActionClub YSW00112-3 Virtual Skipping Rope. The color of this skipping rope is a vibrant red, which makes it attractive as well as easy to spot. With this option, you can have the option to skip rope without having to free up too much space. You can jump your heart out without getting tangled up in any rope, while the sensors will track your progress.  Check it out here:

Considerations Before Buying a Digital Jump Rope

One thing you may want to consider before deciding to buy a digital jump rope is that they will require batteries. The cost of replacing the batteries will need to be added to the overall cost of the jump rope. This is one disadvantage of such jump ropes, especially when you consider that conventional jump ropes don’t require batteries, recharging, or anything like that.

Another factor that you’ll have to take into consideration is that digital jump ropes do cost much more than regular ones. Even the cheapest kinds won’t be as cheap as conventional jump ropes, and you’ll have to compromise on quality plus performance if you go for the unbranded models.

For instance, you may look at the TANGRAM Smart Jump Rope Rookie, which costs upwards of a hundred dollars at the time of writing. While this might be a staggering price for a jump rope, keep in mind that you’re getting some amazing features with such models as well. This one has a Bluetooth function, a skip counter, timer, calories counter, alarm reminder, exercise alarm, and weight adjustment all in one package. You can see the details here:

Losing Weight

Can jumping rope help you lose weight if that is your goal? Obviously, any activity will help in burning calories, so it’s more a question of your eating habits and workout intensity. You will want to speak with a doctor to find out about the best diet that goes with your digital jump rope workouts. They will also be able to advise you about the intensity of your workout based on your current health.

If you want to have a versatile jump rope of your own, you might want to check out the MORE11 Skipping Rope. his speedy jump rope is an adjustable tangle-free option that also includes a calorie counter. The user will decide whether to use the cordless function or stick with corded. For kids, the cordless version is a much safer option, as it prevents them from getting tangled. Take a look at the classy ash-black color here:

Some of the Best Digital Jump Ropes Available

When you’re searching for the best digital jump rope for your exercise needs, you might feel overwhelmed by the wide range of choice available. At all events, you want to invest your money and time in a high-quality product, so some research is in order. In addition to the products discussed above, we’ve also reviewed some of the top options on the market right now:

The Keweis Jump Rope

This device is a jump counter that will help you with both indoor and outdoor workout. It also has the battery included, so you can start jumping right away. The Keweis Jump Rope is available in blue or pink, so one can order according to their preferences. It’s equipped with a heavy handle, which is a positive factor when it comes to such jump ropes. This is because it will help in maintaining proper control while you’re working out.

One convenient feature here is that you can choose to have a corded jumping experience or go cordless. This way, you can enjoy jumping without worrying about getting tangled in the rope and tripping. The cordless function is especially great for kids, as you don’t have to risk them getting hurt while engaging in a healthy physical activity. With childhood obesity on the rise, getting a digital jump rope for kids is also a good idea.

Other features of this digital jump rope include a calorie counter, a timer, and an LED screen to display it all clearly. This will help you out in burning that excess fat, losing weight, and toning your body. There’s also a 1-year replacement warranty, so you don’t have to worry about getting a defective piece.

SENDY FEATHER Mechanical Rope

If you’re in need of a jumping rope to help in sculpting your body, this option is one of the best for the job. This detachable cordless rope has calorie counting features, along with an adjustable digital counter and comfy handles. It’s a training tool for both adults and kids.

The rope itself here is made of a high-quality PVC rubber, which isn’t easy to break. Even after you disassemble the rope, the electronic automatic counter can be utilized as a counting device by itself. Since the length of the rope is adjustable, you can lengthen or shorten it according to the user. This is hence a perfect option for when you want just one rope for the whole family.

Sunny Health & Fitness Digital Jump Rope

This jump rope is seen on many online lists for the best digital ropes today. This information is enough to classify it as an essential consideration when you’re searching for such devices.

When rolled out fully, the rope with this contraption is an impressive 118 inches. However, you can easily customize the length according to your height. For short adults and children, a shorter rope is in order. The handles have a swivel action head that can rotate forward or backward. This helps you jump in a variety of ways, changing up your workout routine.

Gejoy Electronic Counting Jump Rope

This particular jump rope is a good option if you’re looking for a complete workout. It’s perfect for training purposes, whether you just want to get fit or keep your stamina up for a strenuous activity like boxing.

Gejoy Electronic Counting Jump Rope comes with one 3 m/ 9.8 ft long rope and two 24 cm/ 9.4 inch short ropes and you can adjust the rope to match your height in no time. Aside from this, the short ropes have TPE balls which make them easier and safer to be used by children. Aside from being safe and easy to use, this digital rope doesn’t consume too much space. 

YEEHUA Electronic Digital Jump Rope 

This is a multi-functional digital, memory counting rope.  It has an HD LED Display that shows the timer, calorie, weight, and circles.  With these, it will be easier for you to track the time and the actual number of circles you made and most especially, the number of calories you burned. These data would help you calibrate the intensity of working out using this digital rope to achieve your fitness goal. 

Multifun Speed Skipping Rope with Calorie Counter

Skipping rope is an exercise that can improve the tension in your entire body’s muscles while also shaping your speed, stamina, and aerobic capacity. This is a fantastic option for cross-training and boxing, MMA, etc. They have non-slip handles that are ergonomically built for a secure grip. Enjoy shipping and make the most of the opportunity to workout. With this speed jump rope’s HD LED display, which shows Timer, Weight, Calorie, and Circles, you can adjust your weight, get an accurate timer, and see how many circles you’ve jumped and how many calories you’ve burned. That would facilitate higher fitness outcomes.

The PVC wrapping on steel rope makes it more robust as a skipping rope. That also makes it appropriate for any type of material floor, including tarmac, pavement, patios, etc. PVC that is strong and smooth, has a maximum service life and resists breaking or cracking. High-quality ball bearings are integrated to prevent twisting, winding, or bending. This skipping rope guarantees quick and steady rotation. This speed jump rope can support a heavy load, giving you the ideal workout.


If you loved to jump rope when you were a child, chances are you will still enjoy jumping rope now. Look at the options for different digital jump ropes before you choose one to help with your fitness goals. The best choice will depend on your specific needs, budget, and several other factors. Consider the best skipping ropes we’ve discussed above before making a decision, and you’ll soon be adding this effective exercise to your daily routine.

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