Finding a Place to Get a Neon Sign with Your Name

Neon signs are one of the best decorative pieces you can add in certain places. For example, they can be used to brighten up businesses like restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Aside from those, you can also use neon sighs to personalize your home, office, or your bedroom. You can purchase neon signs from many stores, and they come in different designs. But did you know that you can also have personalized neon signs with your name?

A neon sign with your name is one of the best decorations you can add to your bedroom, she-shed, man cave,or your home office, as well. Aside from your name, you can actually have a custom neon sign with any design you want, depending on where you wish to display it. If you are arranging your room or home and you are looking for additional decorative pieces you can add to make your space look more colorful and lively, then maybe you can opt for personalized neon signs.


If you are wondering where you can get a neon sign with your name, we’re here to help you. Here are some of the best places that can provide you with customized or personalized neon signs.

Where to Buy
Personalized Neon Signs
Personalized Your Name Custom Home Bar Beer Established Year Dual Color LED Neon Sign Red & Blue 16 x 12 Inches st6s43-p1-tm-rb
ADVPRO u-tm-b NameName Personalized Custom Family Bar & Grill Beer Home Bar LED Neon Sign Blue 16x12 inches
Easesign Personalized Custom Made for Home Bar Beer LED Light Sign (12" X 8", Blue)
ADVPRO Name Personalized Custom Private Quarters Pirate Man Cave Neon Sign Blue 16x12 inches st4s43-pw-tm-b
ADVPRO x0012-tm-b Man Cave Bar Custom Personalized Your Name Established Date LED Neon Sign Blue 16x12 inches
Colorful Neon Effect Personalized Cocktail Bar Sign
iscream Fizz Creations Neon Effect Blue LED Customizable Rope Accent Light, 9 ft 10 in Long
Obrecis Light Up Letters Neon Signs, Pink Marquee Letters Lights Wall Decor for Christmas, Birthday Party, Bar Valentine’s Day Words-Pink Letters
Create Your Own Neon Sign



If you are looking for the best place where you can get a neon sign with your name, then Amazon is an excellent option for you. It is one of the best platforms that offers a lot of things we are looking for, and one of those is customizable neon signs. Here are some of the best personalized neon signs you can get from Amazon.

1. ADVPRO Personalize Your Name Home Bar Neon Sign:

If you want to make your home bar more personalized, you can make it possible with this custom home bar LED neon sign. You can input the name you want, and as well as change the words “home bar” and “drink all you can” with the words you prefer. It is also a maintenance-free neon sign, meaning, it does not need any periodic refill of gas. It is also safe to use because it only emits very little heat. In fact, you can safely touch it with your bare hands.

2. Personalize Custom Family Bar and Grill Neon Sign:

This is another personalized neon sign that is perfect for your family bar and grill. You can customize it with the name you want and change the words “Bar & Grill”, “Hot Food”, and “Cold Beer”, to the words that will match where you want to put the neon sign. This neon sign looks elegant and it is easy to fix on the wall. It is engraved in clear acrylic, meaning it does not have a black background.

3. Easesign Personalized Custom Made Neon Sign:

This is a customizable sign where you will decide what words would be written. It is one of the best options on Amazon if you are looking into creating a neon sign with your name. You can enter up to two lines on this neon sign. It can be your name and your favorites quotation, or anything that you want to make. The neon light also comes in colors green, blue, red, white, and yellow. It also comes with a metal chain so you can hang it anywhere you want.

4. Personalized Private Man Cave Neon Sign:

If you want to personalize your she-shed or man cave, a neon sign is the way to go. This customizable neon sign is made especially for private quarters and bedrooms. You just need to input in your order the exact name you want to see on the product, then wait for the neon sign to be delivered right to your doorstep. The life span of this neon sign is more than 50,000 hours and it only consume 3 watts when plugged in.

5. Man Cave Personalized Neon Sign:

This customizable neon sign is great for personalizing a man cave or a game room, as well. You can customize it with your name and year of establishment. You also have the option to change the word “MANCAVE” to any word to you like to match your preferences. For example, you can change it to “SHE-SHED”, “BEDROOM”, “OFFICE”, or “KITCHEN”. You can also choose from colors blue, green, red, orange, pink, purple, white, and yellow.

6. Fun Sign Factory Personalized Neon Sign:

This neon sign features “Darren’s Bar & Lounge”. It is printed on durable vinyl and mounted on weatherproof PVC. It is also ready to hang with its keyholes on the back. If you want to personalize or change anything on this sign, or maybe create a more personalized neon sign, you can freely contact Fun Sign Factory for more details.

7. Iscream Fizz Creations Neon Effect Rope Accent Light:

If you are feeling creative and you want to create a customized neon sign yourself, then you can do so with this customizable rope accent neon light. This can surely help you add brightness to the dark corners of any space. You can shape this neon light rope into any word you want, meaning you can shape it into your name easily. Bend and twist it, then display it on the spot you want to add a fun ambiance to.

8. Obrerics Light Up Letters Neon Sign:

Obrerics is a store in Amazon that offers neon signs in the shape of the alphabet letters. You can purchase all the letters you need from them to be able to form your name. Aside from letters, they also sell numbers. These neon lights come in different colors as well, including pink, purple, and blue.

9. Create Your Own Neon Sign:

This is a set that contains all the things you need to be able to create your own neon sign. Included in the box are 3 yards of flexible neon wire, a battery pack, a framing wire, some cable ties, and instructions. You can use this to create your name or other words you want easily. It is also a great gift for all the artsy and creative friends you have.

Name Glo

Name Glo is a contemporary neon studio that is based in New York City. This studio is made especially for a new generation of design enthusiasts. The company was founded in 2014 by Lena Imamura and Sas Simon. It offers a chic selection of ready-made neon designs, and as well as a platform for clients to create custom pieces that they want. This company has a custom design app that will walk you through the entire design process. With their app, you’ll be able to choose the font, color, and even the display backing of your neon light. And if there’s an image in your mind that you want to recreate into a neon sign, you can also let them know, and they can create it for you.

Custom Neon

Custom Neon is a website that creates beautiful, handmade neon signs, and as well as LED neon light installations. It was founded in 2018 by partners Jake and Jess. They can help you light up your business logo, name, favorite quotations, and images to make them look more amazing. The handmade neon signs they offer are durable, energy-efficient, safe, low maintenance, lightweight, and easy to install. Therefore, if you want to customize your room with a neon sign with your name or you are throwing a party and want some colorful neon signs to decorate the space, you can simply visit Custom Neon’s website and see what they can do for you.

Neon Direct

Neon Direct is a straightforward website that can help you create a customized neon sign with your name. You just simply need to input the name you want, select the font, color, and styles you prefer, check out the order, and wait for the neon sign to be delivered right to your doorstep. They can ship custom made neon signs in 10 to 15 days, and they offer free shipping, as well. Neon Direct is one of the leading manufacturers of affordable neon signs and lights. If you’re on a budget, they can still provide you with quality neon signs that you’ll like.

Bright Neon Signs

Bright Neon Signs is another useful website where you can get a customized neon sign with your name. Just type in your name, choose the font, color, and style you want, and they can create your name in neon and mount it onto a nice base that you can display on your desk or shelf. The neon signs they offer are 100% handcrafted and made with real glass tube neon. They ensure customers that the neon signs are handles with theutmost care and that they will arrive on your doorstep on time. All of their products are backed with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking for an easy way to purchase a neon sign with your name, you can try visiting Bright Neon Signs’ website.


Sygns is a digital design and engineering platform that offers the best design and production experience. They have an expertise in neon works, that’s why they can also help you get a neon sign with your name. Their website is very easy to use if you want to order a customized neon sign from them that has your name. You just need to input the name you want, select from the fonts they offer, choose the size and color you prefer, then select whether you want it on an acrylic base, aluminum base, or nine. After that, just add your design to your cart, check it out, and wait for it to be delivered to you. Aside from custom neon signs, Sygns also offer pre-made neon signs that are fun and colorful.

These are some of the best places where you can get a neon sign with your name. Try to check them out and see what each one can offer. We hope these will help you find the perfect place for your personalized neon sign needs.