Fashion from a 4 year old

My daughter is the ultimate girly girl.
She loves pink.
She plays Barbies.
She is obsessed with Disney Princesses.
She loves playing with her kitchen set.
She thinks she is actually going to turn into a mermaid when she gets bigger.
She’s already a great little mommy.
And she loves to dress up. What little girl doesn’t?!
She’s been dressing up all on her own since she was really little.
She was about 1 1/2 when she “dressed herself” to go to the beach.
This was just shortly after the previous one. She said she was ready for school! Upside down glasses & gardening gloves & all.
This was an outfit she just threw together after dumping out her princess costume trunk. She said “Look mommy! I’m Aurora!”
Sometimes even princesses have wardrobe malfunctions!
Or flash you.
They both love dressing up like super heroes!
Look at this lovely outfit she insisted on wearing Easter morning 2011. Pink jacket, red flowery leggings, pink sparkly shoes, & bed head. There was no arguing with her though.
This is when she decided to do her own makeup.
And this is how she sleeps. With an Ariel sleep mask.
Sometimes she puts together cute little outfits all on her own (tutu, leg warmers, & boots).
She loves to accessorize!
Often times I have to ask her to change before we leave the house.
Or tell her enough with the animal prints! No more New Jersey Housewives for Lily. (and maybe give the toy gun back to your brother!)
I only pray she gets easier as a teenager, because this is what happens when I say no to makeup.
A mom can dream, right?