Expert Tips to Film a Garden Tour Video


    If you have a garden, making a garden tour video will help your business weekend by weekend. But this business-boosting strategy requires you to use it wisely. You need to set the stage carefully and make it as professional as possible.

    This blog will show you how.

    A garden tour is an excellent way to promote your gardening business, whether you are a landscaper or a gardener showing your gardening tools. If you want to give potential clients a virtual tour of your garden, you can take a video of it. This blog will look at the different aspects of filming a garden tour video and give you tips on how to make your video stand out.

    8 Tips To Keep In Mind When Filming a Garden Tour Video

    These days, many people want to capture the images they want by making a video, so, in all probability, your budget will not allow you to purchase expensive gear such as tripods or GoPro cameras.

    But don’t worry; there are other ways to get good-quality footage.

    Nowadays, it is possible to shoot decent-looking gardening videos using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets because they have excellent image sensors that can capture very good quality images and videos. Another advantage of recording garden videos on a phone or tablet is that you can easily edit them using the same device using simple video editing apps!

    Let’s look at some 8 important tips to keep in mind when filming a garden tour video:

    Use a Tripod

    Keep the camera stable, preferably on a tripod, to construct your clip. Don’t record when you’re walking.

    To get the photo, stand in one spot; rotating with a tripod is good. Then, change your perspective and repeat.

    Use a Microphone

    A microphone might be a tiny component, but it can make a huge difference in the quality of an audio recording.

    Whether you’re recording an off-camera conversation for your own video blog or attempting to capture a crisp quality for your sound recordings, there are external mics available that may prove useful.

    Wait for Proper Light

    When producing video, follow all of the principles of photography. Instead of shooting with the light behind you, try shooting with it on your face. Avoid filming your garden in deep shade or, even worse, in a blotchy combination of sun and shadow.

    Wait till a gloomy day or early dawn to film in even light.

    Have a Clear Strategy

    Prepare a screenplay and a strategy for your video before you start filming your garden tour video. The voice at the beginning should tell people in what context they’re listening and what is the focus of your channel.

    Make sure your page is rich with nice photos and videos that show whatever it is that you’ll be talking about. Make it look professional – don’t appear like an anonymous channel associated with anyone who can do anything with it later!

    If possible, put a logo or URL of your own site somewhere prominent such as in the description box below your video but don’t overdo it.

    Editing Apps

    Garden tour videos have risen in popularity as a source of amusement and knowledge for online viewers. It’s easy to understand why so many people feel more comfortable watching their favourite gardeners online than turning on a boring, old home improvement show.

    The endless variety of plots and backdrops means that you can always find fresh inspiration as you flip between channels, but only good-quality shows actually make the cut. With so much content to choose from, you want to ensure that your potential audience will stay glued to your channel to watch any of your videos.

    If you don’t know how to edit a video, you can consider using a professional video editor that can help craft those outstanding videos that everyone wants to see!

    Make it Short

    The best way to tackle any topic is with surgical precision.

    Never waver, and never get distracted from your goal. Get to the point as quickly as possible because this is what all viewers want – they don’t have time today so make each second count by getting them to where they need to be in just one scene!

    Never assume things will work themselves out naturally or that your viewers are looking for something long-winded or overly descriptive when it comes down to it. They want simple solutions quickly, and you should always give them what they want!

    Be Unique

    As we all know, videos are all over the internet today. People are creating, sharing, and borrowing ideas from one another – but how do you stand out?

    Well, to stand out, you can infuse your presentation with high energy, humor, and a lot of personalities so that your audience is drawn into what you’re saying, not just by the content but by how it’s presented.

    Sometimes this is something a little as simple as using some music or any video editor that allows you to add effects to your recording- maybe it’s a music video, or maybe you’re explaining a new concept for something on your gardening video.

    Whatever the case may be, the point is that there is no standard formula for what makes a video go viral, so feel free to use whatever style or techniques appeal most to you.

    Run a Giveaway Contest

    Running a Giveaway contest might help you increase your fan and viewer base. Creating a simple enter-to-win event that is easy to participate in, and giving away Gardening gifts, for example, may result in a large increase in social media followers, likes, and engagement.

    Aside from involvement, you’re also gathering vital customer data to assist you in expanding your market share.


    If you are thinking about filming a garden tour video, we hope that the information in this blog has helped you. Keep in mind that while these tips are useful, the most important thing to remember is to have fun! If you really love gardening, you will be able to capture that love in your video, and your viewers will enjoy it.



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