Everything You Need to Get Started in Kayaking

Kayaks expose you to brand new watery worlds where you can explore and get in touch with nature. Depending on where you choose to kayak, you might find yourself floating on the sea and above starfish, rocking and rolling among ocean waves, or nosing through a lily-pad oasis.

If you are new to the whole kayaking experience, there are several things you will need to get started. Below, are some essential gears that you must have, as well as other non-essential items you may want to consider buying as a kayaker.

Where to Buy
Spray Skirt
Dry Top, Dry Suit, Wet Suit, and Paddle Jacket

1. Kayak

The most essential item of all. As a beginner, a recreational kayak is the best option because it is affordable, stable, and easy to maneuver through thewater. Aside from that, they are best for slow-moving water, andtheyhave wide cockpits that make getting in and out of them quite convenient.

2. Paddles

You should never confuse kayak paddles with canoe paddles, they are different. A typical kayak paddle has a blade on both ends and ranges from 210cm and 260cm long. A useful rule of thumb is that the taller the person, the longer the paddle they require. And if you are embarking on a long kayaking voyage, endeavor to take a spare paddle with you in case you misplace one or it breaks.

3. PFD

A Personal Floatation Device is basically a life preserver for kayaker or also known as a life jacket or life vest.

4. Spray Skirt

A spray skirt is essential for Sea and Whitewater kayaking. Its job is to keep the water out of the kayak. However, recreational kayakers may not need them if primarily in calm water. Ensure that the skirts suitsyou and your kayak.

5. Helmet

Both beginner and advanced kayakers should wear a helmet. It protects your head from being hit by your own paddle, another person’s paddle, the kayak if it tips over and of course any surrounding rocks, etc.

6. Dry Top, Dry Suit, Wet Suit, and Paddle Jacket

You can consider each of these items depending on personal preference and temperature of the water. Most people prefer to use a dry top, while others don’t see any of these items as a necessity even during the summer. If you’re going to be in extremely cold water you will want to consider the best option to help keep you warm.

Where to Buy
Rope Bag
Float bags
Dry bag

1. Booties

Ensure you get an appropriate size that makes you feel comfortable even with them on in the kayak.

2. Gloves

Gloves are also a matter of preference; some people hate to paddle with them. Though gloves can keep your hand warm and also protect your knuckles from cuts and scrapes.

3. Rope Bag

in case your friend gets into trouble, this could help assist in getting them back to safety. It is strongly recommended that all kayakers carry a rope bag.

4. Knife

you may not need this item, but you’ll be glad you have one if you get stuck or get entangled.

5. Float bags

if you ever get separated from your kayak, these bags will keep it from sinking

6. Dry bag

this is for protecting your snacks, camera etc. from water. You can attach it to the inside of your kayak.

These are some of the key items to consider when getting ready your kayaking adventure. There is a whole lot of beauty out in the water than you can enjoy from a kayak.  Make sure if you’re a beginner to seek professional help in getting started!