Essentials for your Wedding Day

Congratulations! You’re on your way to the next exciting chapter of your life, to be spent with the person of your dreams! It is always a joy to witness the union of two individuals brought together by choice or destiny (you name it) in the name of love and loyalty. 

Weddings are always inspiring and even tear-jerking. They are beautiful ceremonies that remind us of how love brings together families, friends, and communities. 

However, weddings can be demanding, challenging, and stressful, especially during the final days. There’s so much to consider, and when the day finally comes, it’s all going to be over, right? Well, we have to break the news to you; even if there are skillful and experienced wedding planners handling the ceremony’s preparations, and even if there are multiple rehearsals, orientations, and talks from the moms, we have to expect the unexpected! 

The day may feel ruined if you come unprepared; hence it’s better to have a checklist of the necessary elements that assure you have the solution to any problem that may arise. But what are these things? Are these difficult to procure? Do you have enough time to set things up? We’ll cover all these in this article so that your worried, anxious mind thinking of many probabilities will become as clear as crystal!

Wedding Day Emergency Survival Kit

We are not exaggerating when we say this kit is a “survival kit” because it truly is a lifesaver! It will definitely help with any last-minute problems, and all of it can be contained in a handy, compact bag. This kit’s essential parts are the deodorants, perfume, disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hand mirror, comb, lip balm, double-sided tape, razors, and safety pins. 

Deodorants are especially important for times when it gets unexpectedly humid and warm. There’s no shame in having body odor, but it may definitely bother your confidence as the day goes about if you don’t have a backup plan.

There’s also no issue in filling our grumbling tummies during the event. Because of that, you may grab a munch or two. However, if you do, you might get something between your teeth or stain them; hence a disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and hand mirror are helpful for such unforeseen happenings.

If you know that your lips often get dry and chapped, then it’s necessary to have easy access to a lip balm that can not only heal your lips but also prepare them for kissing your soon-to-be spouse when the minister finally says, “You may kiss the bride!”

Sewing Kit

Sewing pouch, thread, and pins

One of the things we love about weddings is seeing everyone – ladies, gentlemen, and children – in their best attire, looking glamorous, confident, and amazing! However, many things can happen, especially if the wedding is outdoors or in an old church, such as a wardrobe malfunction, tears on the cloth, or broken buttons. Because of that, a sewing kit is a need. It can help in various clothing-related issues, from bridesmaid’s gowns to gentlemen’s tuxedos. 

It’s not necessary to have all colors for the thread or to have all the sewing kit components, such as a thimble. If the wedding theme is already set with a specific color scheme, then you can choose threads only matching those colors. You can include a few buttons, a pair of scissors, and needles of three sizes. 

Fabric Tape

Fabric tape is an adhesive tape with one side being sticky and the other with a cloth to make it both flexible and durable. This tape is specially made to stick on fabric too. Just like the recommendation with the threads, we suggest that you should only purchase fabric tape in the same color as the planned color scheme for the ceremony. 

Stain Removing Pen

Anything can happen that may lead to a stain: accidentally stepping on a muddy area in a garden wedding and splashing the mud on someone else’s clothes, children running around with colored pentel pens, or guests spilling their juice. A stain remover pen can help as it eliminates stains with easy swipes on the fabric. It’s easy to bring around and works on many types of cloth and stains.

First-Aid Kit

Kit with gauze, bandages, and other items

Children get too excited while running around with newly acquainted friends and fall on the floor. There are also moments when women’s feet get blisters due to the high-heeled shoes they wear for a formal ceremony like this. Because seniors have different tolerances than us, they can quickly develop migraines when the venue gets too hot or noisy. We hope you don’t have a crazy ex who’ll barge in the wedding and hope to steal you away from your fiance who attempts to save you, but hey, anything can happen! A first-aid kit can help with all these issues. Essentials to include in this kit are bandages, antiseptic wipes or ointments such as povidone-iodine, anti-allergy medications, pain relievers, gauze, dressings, warm compresses, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), and ice packs. 

Food Items

Pita with vegetables and meat

Wedding ceremonies can take a lot of time to finish, and the time interval between the ceremony and the last time you ate might be too long. Just because you have to look great and be present on your wedding day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t satiate your hunger, especially when your stomach starts hurting. It’s good to bring some food items you can quickly eat. Choose your favorites but also keep in mind that the food should not make lots of sounds, such as the crunchy sounds from eating chips. The smell it produces is another thing to consider since you don’t want to fill the whole room with its scent, making others feel hungry and uncomfortable. Avoid food that can introduce stains on your clothes, such as food with cheesy powder or saucy foods. 


Blue envelope on wooden table

Many people are involved in your wedding, which makes the ceremony possible. When they go beyond their roles & responsibilities to help you out, it’s good to recognize their deeds and initiative. You can show gratitude to these helpful people by bringing cash in envelopes. It’s also nice to select envelopes that coincide with your wedding’s theme. Be sure to seal these envelopes, so nothing gets misplaced.

Extra Shoes

Blue flat shoes with spots

We know you have spent money and time getting the perfect shoes for your wedding! However, let’s be honest: you can’t force yourself to wear them the whole time, especially if they’re heeled, tight, or unexpectedly uncomfortable. That’s why having a pair of sandals or flat shoes by the side is a smart move. These shoes should be lightweight, comfortable, easy to wear and remove, and in the right size.

Although we wish all the best for you on your special day and that it goes with zero mishaps, we also want you to be prepared for what is to come. We hope that list will help you and that you’re not only a beautiful bride or dashing groom but also an admirably ready one on your wedding day!