Essentials for Your Wedding Day

You’re probably here reading this article because you are going to get married in a couple of months or know someone who is about to, well, congratulations. We hope this wedding preparation time goes smoothly without any hurdles. A wedding can be demanding as it requires months and months of planning and preparation. The stress level only increases while counting down the final days.

Imagine you are almost near your big day, and all that is left is to show up, right? Well, not so fast. Many things could fall apart at the end moment if you are not prepared well. The smart way to be ready for adverse circumstances is to prepare a check-list of necessary items.

Anything can happen at a wedding. On your big day, our main advice for you is not to stress out over minor insignificant details and expect the unexpected. That is why you should always have a bag of essentials prepared beforehand. These are things that are important to remember, but very easily forgotten. That is why we are here to help you out.

If troubles tend to find a way around you, it is best to have all bases covered, beforehand. While we hope your big day goes without any mishaps, we have prepared a list gathering all the things you will need on your big day; this will efficiently cover all your concerns and help your day go by as smooth as silk.

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1. Wedding Day Emergency Survival Kit

Trust us; this is a lifesaver. You might find investing in such a product very useless, but these survival or emergency kits will help you more than you can imagine on your big day. It will assist with last-minute hairstyle issues, nail problems, ripped fabrics, etc. It can be a perfect gift for someone who is getting married soon.

Our top recommendations for Wedding Day Emergency Kits are.

It is a cute, reusable bag with quality items in a very compact kit. It contains all the essentials a bride might need on her wedding day, such as a small sewing kit, Band-Aids, double-sided tape, bobby pins, earring backs, lotion, chapstick, portable hairbrush, dental kit, female hygiene products, and a vanity kit. Moreover, the bag is quite spacious to carry other items you need.

This one is for all the grooms to be. This perfect reusable bag contains socks, nail file, blister pad, safety pins, blotting paper, razor, q-tips, and so much more. It is the best thing to carry along on your wedding day, especially if you are forgetful and always tend to remember things at the last minute.

These kits are all you need to prepare for your big day but, when you are catering to a bigger crowd, it is best to keep an extra set of things. That is why here are some other things you should keep in handy:

  • Deodorant

We cannot emphasize enough on the need to carry a deodorant. It will make you feel fresh and smell great throughout the night. We recommend getting your hands on the Native Deodorant for Women and Men. It is completely natural and vegan. It goes on smoothly and feels light and fresh. Moreover, it comes in a variety of scents.

  • Disposable Toothbrush

It is best to include disposable toothbrushes in your wedding survival kit if it doesn’t come with one. This will help you freshen up and remove excess stains on the teeth. We recommend checking out the Colgate Wisp Disposable Toothbrushes.

  • Clear Nail Polish

Along with these, clear nail polish will also help with chipped nails, runs in stockings, and can help with stick-on buttons on suits. Our top recommendation for a fast-drying clear polish is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat.

2. First-Aid Kit

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, without a wedding planner, it is best to tell your family members to carry a separate and compact first-aid kit. This kit will help you with pain-relief from headaches, bug-bites, skin-rashes, and digestive problems. It will also have the proper things to treat minor wounds and ailments.

The best compact first-aid kit that we recommend is.

This 140piece first-aid kit is ideal for weddings. It contains cleaning wipes, gauze pads, bandages, antibiotic cream, insect repellant, cold packs, NSAIDs, antacids, pain-relievers, and anti-allergic medications alongside gloves and a guide.

A wedding can be a tiring and emotionally draining day, with lots of standing, crying, eating, and dancing. It would be convenient to have your own first-aid kit.

3. Sewing Kit

A big outdoor wedding, including many ladies and gents, with glamorous clothing, means many things could go wrong, such as torn fabric, thread-pulls, and missing buttons. Carrying a sewing kit will help solve all fabric related issues from bridesmaids dresses to tuxedos. It will probably be the most valuable investment of all time.

We do not recommend carrying around huge kits, with dozen of threads and buttons. Something that has the right amount of threads and needles with a few buttons will be more than enough.

Our recommendation is.

This sewing kit is small yet, best for quick repairs. Perfect enough to last through your main event. It contains ten pieces of threads, needles, and basic notions. It comes in a slider case, and the needles have large thread holes, so you don’t have to spend an hour trying to get the thread through. Moreover, it is travel-friendly.

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Fearless Double Sided Tape - Combo Pack of Dots and Strips for Fashion, Clothing & Body | All Day Strength & Superior Adhesive Grip Yet Gentle on Skin & Fabrics | Transparent Tape for All Skin Tones
Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover 0.33 oz


4. Makeup Bag

It is essential to carry your makeup bag with you during your wedding festivities. A quick spritz of hairspray or setting spray will refresh your hair and makeup in an instant. It is also an excellent choice for quick touch-ups, blotting off oil, or applying more. Going through your wedding day with a full face of makeup on without any touch-ups, might not be ideal. That is why having your favorite makeup products on hand sounds amazing!

It is a shame that makeup bags don’t come pre-made for brides or grooms. If you are not into makeup, these product recommendations are a must-have in your makeup bag.

When having an outdoor wedding, make sure to buy a good sunscreen. This one by Biore is broad-spectrum and non-greasy. It goes on clear and doesn’t clog the pores on your skin. Moreover, it lasts all day, which means you don’t have to reapply it often.

Do we need to say more? This one is the best for all summertime weddings, where sweating and makeup sliding could be a problem. What we like the most about this setting spray is that it dries quickly and makes the skin look smooth, which is why it is great for all seasons.

Moreover, this makeup setting spray is waterproof, heat resistant, oil-free, paraben-free, anti-aging, and long-lasting.

This Neutrogena pressed powder foundation is great for touch-ups. It has a light coverage, which reduces caking and build-up of product on your skin. It comes in a variety of shades and contains many minerals and vitamins, which gives a smooth and shine-free finish to your skin.

Besides these products, ask your makeup artist, in advance for the eyeshadow, lipstick, and liner she is going to use. Keep those in your makeup kit as well.

Moreover, it provides a natural finish, sheer coverage, and is talc-free.

5. Fabric Tape

The most expected mishaps to happen on the day of your wedding are dresses that won’t stay in place. One can easily feel that their dress does not seem to stay in place during pictures, or the top makes them uncomfortable. Well, we have got an easy fix for this problem. Fabric Tape!

Fabric tape will help stick your dress to your body and keep it in shape.

This one is the best find for your bridal emergency kit. It is compact and holds clothing in place for as long as you want. It is safe for the skin, does not irritate, and very fabric-friendly, i.e., does not ruin clothes.  It is great for on-the-go use especially, when the hem falls out of the dress.

6. Stain Removing Pen

Spilling wine on a glorious white dress must be a bride’s worst nightmare. But, as we told you to expect the unexpected, the chances of wine or food spillage is highly likely. That is why it is a smart move to include a stain removing pen in your bridal emergency kit.

It is a quick fix to many problems. During an outdoor wedding, you can face issues with stains. So, to keep your dress clean throughout the night, you should opt for this pen. Our top recommendation is:

It is a portable small-sized pen, which eliminates all kinds of fresh food and drink stains. It is mess-free and does not spill or get on your hands. This is the best way to clear off any small or large stains that you might encounter.

7. Food Items

It is best to carry around some snacks for yourself during your wedding. It can be a tiresome day, and getting hungry at odd times is possible. If you want to carry a snack with you, we recommend granola bars. Get high-quality ones with lots of protein rather than added sugar. This will serve as an energy-boosting snack.

These bars come in many delicious flavors. They are very high in protein and low in sugar. The flavor variety is both delicious and extravagant. This will also help fuel your busy wedding day.

Another good suggestion is to add mint. You will be interacting with a lot of people on your big day, and making a great impression on them is crucial. Mint will help keepyou alert and your breath fresh.

The top pick for mint is a classic that everyone loves:

Listerine Cool Mint is paper-thin and dissolves instantly while leaving your mouth feeling clean and fresh. It also kills germs. The pack is pocket-sized, which means it won’t take up space and is easy to carry.

8. Envelopes

Besides the guest, there are waiters, working staff, a DJ, and many other people helping out in the setup of your wedding. It is a kind gesture to tip these people. Bring cash sealed in pre-made envelopes along with you to avoid writing checks on the spot.

These envelopes are of great quality, and the classic color is perfect to go with any theme. These envelopes can be printed and customized as well. They also come with a glue seal and are durable and reliable.

9. Spare Shoes

We know you spent an hour or maybe more, choosing the heels that go perfectly with your wedding dress. But let’s be honest, they won’t be very comfortable when you are standing all-day or about to hit the dance floor at night. This is where a pair of comfy flats will come to the rescue.

If you want a quick change of shoes, foldable flats are the best. They will fit right into your bag without taking up much space. The one we recommend is very stylish and super comfortable.

These flats are lightweight, flexible, and beautiful. They are embellished with rhinestones and are great for formal events such as weddings. They are also available in various colors.

Final Words

We have rounded up all the basic and some less-obvious things that you might need on your wedding day. This essentials list will help you become fully prepared and avoid any setbacks on the most important day of your life. The best way to stay organized and put-together is to have all these essentials on hand.

We hope you enjoy your day to the fullest and don’t face any unforeseen circumstances!