Essentials Every Working Mom Needs


    The term “working mom” traditionally applies to a mother who also holds a paid full-time or part-time job outside her home. But if you’re looking at it a bit more deeply, the title “working mom” actually applies to all mothers, as raising children and running and managing a household are full-time jobs in themselves.

    But the traditional “working moms” have different needs as they juggle their responsibilities at home and their 9-to-5 jobs. That’s double the struggle! To working moms out there, they may need some things that will keep their everyday routine in check, help save time and effort and keep their own sanity intact.

    1) A calendar or an organizer/planner

    A calendar or an organizer

    If you think you do not need a calendar or an organizer as you believe you are able to memorize all of your scheduled meetings, you have to reconsider. With so many obligations and commitments, it’s easy to forget to show up at an all-important board meeting or attend your child’s first play. You will still need a good calendar. All phones (smartphones or basic phones) have calendars, but it’s still nice to have an old-school calendar hanging on the kitchen wall where you will write your upcoming activities as reminders.

    For working mothers with loaded schedules in particular, an organizer or a planner is an absolute must, whether it’s a digital app or the good ol’ paper type. Sync your calendar with your spouse’s or partner’s and set plenty of alarms and reminders.

    2) A professional house cleaner

    Housekeeper holding modern washing vacuum cleaner and cleaning dirty sofa
    Nope, it’s not a gadget or an appliance, but an actual human house cleaner. Your hands are probably too full to do the household chores such as loading the dishwasher, doing the laundry or vacuuming your living room carpet. You deserve to come to a home that’s clean and smelling fresh after a grueling day at work. Hire a house cleaning professional to take care of that, ideally at least once or a couple of times a month. The article “Home Cleaning Services – When Will You Need One?” stresses the importance of hiring a professional house help.

    3) Multi-purpose makeup products

    a makeup sponge together with other makeup products

    More often than not, working moms do not have much time to do re-touches especially when they attend one event to the next. Of course, they want to look good all the time – from the board room to the classroom. But moms also have to be efficient in whatever they do, instead of getting to spend a minute or so rummaging through ten lipsticks and three kinds of foundation.

    Rather than carrying the whole makeup bag, you should carry double- or multi-purpose cosmetic products. They may include BB creams that also act as moisturizer and sunblock, a lipstick that can also be used as blush or an eye shadow that can also be used as an eyeliner. If your job also requires traveling and field work, multi-purpose makeup products are a real blessing.

    4) Large work bags

    Cube meshed bags with rolled clothes. Set of travel organizer to help packing well organized
    When you were still single, all you had to carry was a small shoulder bag or a purse with all your personal essentials – money, credit card, a few pieces of makeup and a smartphone. Now that you’re a working mom, things have definitely changed. Stuffing the usual office items and some baby stuff (such as breast pump and baby wipes) together in your small bag is really an inconvenience. You need a large bag with lots of space to organize your things, but you also want a bag that’s comfortable and stylish. Expect these “working mom bags” to be pricey though, so check if they are sturdy but comfortable to carry. Most importantly, these bags should have ample storage space and compartments to make sure they’re worth the purchase.

    5) Versatile and comfortable clothing

    a pregnant woman looking at a stroller in the store

    For pregnant and lactating working moms, the choice of clothing should not be based on being fashionable alone. Of course, they still want to dress well, but they know that comfort should be the top factor for choosing maternity and pump-friendly clothing. A flowy blouse, a pair of stretchable maternity pants or a one-piece working dress are ideal pieces of maternity clothing. There are a growing number of brands that manufacture and sell pump-friendly and nursing clothing such as blouses, shirts, brassieres, sleep wears and even formal dresses. Usually, these nursing clothes and underwear have flaps or panels that can be pulled down so that you could breastfeed your baby easily and comfortably.

    Nursing in public can be so awkward. Luckily, there are nursing dresses that come with an extra layer of fabric draped in a crisscross over the other, so that you will be able to breastfeed your baby privately.

    6) Robotic vacuum cleaner

    Robotic vacuum cleaner on laminate wood floor in living room
    This robotic vacuum cleaner should be a blessing for every busy mom who juggles between career, raising children and running a household. Let the robotic vacuum cleaner do its job while you need some “me-time” and the kids are finally fast asleep. Most robotic vacuum cleaners can be controlled via a mobile device so that you can remotely switch it on as you’re about to watch TV, read or take a nap.

    7) Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Now

    Amazon Prime

    We should give a big respect to all the working mothers, especially to the working moms of the past who survived without the conveniences that we have today. They had to go to the store every time they needed something for their household. Working moms in this generation are so blessed to have such services as Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Now. Everyone can sign up for Amazon Prime, but Amazon Prime Now is available only at select cities, so consider yourself lucky if you’re living in one. Amazon Prime Now ensures delivery of the things you need within only two hours. So when you can, sign up to Amazon Prime Now.

    8) Smartphone

    Wireless in-ear headphones and smartphone
    There’s no lofty explanation needed here. It’s a multitasking tool where you can do your business, converse with your clients over Skype, plan and organize your tasks and future events, write a blog while on the subway, place orders, do customer invoice and even activate smart appliances through an app. You can even monitor your children’s activities while you’re away, thanks to this nifty little gadget. A smartphone is truly a lifesaver.


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