Essential Roof Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

The roof is the most important part of the entire house which helps in giving defining structural integrity. However, roofs are not managed very well as they do not impact the overall look of the house. As a result, the roofs may deteriorate over time if construction is not managed and checked from time to time. Few tips can help you in ensuring a longer roof life!

Important Roof Maintenance Tips 

Check for Algae

The most damage to your roof will come when there has been heavy rainfall or any other type of storm. This is because there can be mud on top of the roof which leads to the growth of algae and fungi. The algae retain moisture which can increase the wear and tear of the shingles. Prolonged exposure to algae could lead to completely rotten shingles. 

Therefore, it is very important to check your roof after the rainstorm has ended. Try waiting for 2 to 3 days after the first spell of rain because there is a high chance that there can be further rain spells. The first step is to clean the entire roof with clean water and make sure that there isn’t any mud on it. If you have easy access to the roof,  use a pressure washer on the roof to clean every bit in the best possible manner. However, the pressure washer should be the one with an adjustable speed as a very high-speed water flow could damage the roof.  


In case you are late and algae have already grown on the roof, you should use a special liquid to clear it all. We recommend using a mix of equal quantities of liquid chlorine and water. Depending upon the algae and roof, you would be needing approximately 2 to 4 liters of water and the same quantity of liquid chlorine bleach. 

Once the mixture is ready, add some of it to a spray bottle and then apply it thoroughly to the entire roof. Pay attention, especially at the places you can visibly see the algae. After applying the spray, keep it like that for almost half an hour. Wash it with clean and low-pressure water. You will see a visible difference in the before vs after-treatment of your roof. 

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Regular Cleaning

Even if there is no rain, a useful tip to maintain your roof is to clean it in routine. There can be excessive dry mud, leaves, and the possibility of any water pipeline leaking some water. Checking the roof once every two months will help in making sure that the roof stays clean throughout.

More importantly, cleaning the roof is not as simple as cleaning a floor as you can’t just mop it out. We recommend buying a scraper which could be useful in cleaning out all the debris, even the smallest particles. The scrapers can reach bordering spots easily which means you won’t have to go to the edge and risk falling from the roof. 


In case a pipe is damaged, get it repaired instantly so that the tensile strength of the roof does not start to deteriorate. One of the main reasons why we insist on regular roof cleaning is that it is a cheap process which would hardly take an hour or so once every two months. If you don’t clean it on time, be ready to spend loads of money on repairing the roof later on. 

Regular cleaning will also make you aware of issues such as rusting and corrosion of pipes. Rusting occurs when oxygen and water are in contact with metallic items for a long time. If the drainage system is not well set, there are high chances of rusting on the roof especially if there are metallic items installed. On the other hand, some water can naturally stay even with a perfectly designed drainage system. Check for rusts and use a rust cleaner to overcome the problem. In case there is too much rust, we recommend replacing the metallic item with a new one. 

Prevent Ice Formation

In areas where snowfall is frequent, there is often excessive snow on the top of the roof. During the winters, it may not be a problem because the ice won’t melt. However, as soon as the weather changes slightly, the ice can melt which will either fall down your roof or seep inside it. There can be damage to the insulations, walls, and roof itself. 

Although ice on top of your roof could appear very beautiful but isn’t very good. Using an ice scraper, you can simply clear this excessive ice. Make sure that you are not wearing any shoes that slip in water because while you are on the roof cleaning it up, the surface is most likely to be slippery. 


Check for Clogs

The dirtiest job in maintaining your roof is to check the pipeline heads. In case there is any kind of clogging, it will be damaging the roof while also adding a bad smell. There are many roofs that have gutter pipes where rainwater comes down and does not stay on the roof. But if these gutter pipes have been clogged, neither will the water go away nor will the roof be in its ideal condition. 


In case there is no visible clogging on the head but there is some issue inside the pipe, you can use a pipe cleaner liquid which helps out in clearing the way making sure that the water passes down easily without any further problems. Our top pipe cleaner liquid picks include

Trimming Branches

Those who live in the countryside or those who have a big lawn will most likely be having tall trees around their houses as well. These trees sometimes grow so much that the branches are coming directly on the roof which increases the chances of falling leaves causing clogs and a dirty roof in general. There are many houses which have absolutely clear rooftops mainly because there are no trees around. 

Trimming branches to a very short length is also important because, during a storm, these branches could, otherwise, fall onto your roof. Worst case scenario includes the entire tree falling down while hitting the roof. Try doing this at the end of the summer season so that when winter sets in, there is no chance of ice from the trees falling on your roof. 


Use Construction Adhesive

The construction adhesives are generally used during the construction of a roof so that the roof does not have any gaps left leading to water seepage. Moreover, the construction adhesive helps in bringing more strength to the entire roof as one unit. However, many houses that have been constructed a long time ago might not have these adhesives in their roofs. This could be one reason why it has been damaged with cracks, gaps, and water leaks. 

Don’t worry! Construction adhesives and sealants are quite useful in almost all situations and can be applied to the damaged parts of the roof. Most of the construction adhesives come with long warranties and are a more permanent solution. 


Hire a Specialist

One of the most important tips everyone should know is that you cannot do everything yourself. Many believe that roof management is an easy task. To an extent, we agree that it is but beyond that, you might do damage to the roof rather than fixing it. In case the roof has been badly damaged due to a storm, a fallen tree, or there are major gaps, an expert will be able to give you a better alternative for the problem. 

Roof specialists also help you save money by highlighting the exact problem with the roof along with an estimated price. For example, you try to fix a large hole in the roof with the help of a construction adhesive but the problem does not resolve and there is still some seepage, your effort, and money both have gone down the drain. To avoid this problem, get a specialist called if your roof has been badly damaged. Be sure to check reviews online before calling out any service provider. 



Maintaining a roof may seem like a difficult task but it isn’t. All you need to do is to spend some valuable time and a little bit of your money to make sure you don’t have to spend a big chunk later. With the simple tips we mentioned above, you can easily keep your roof useful for a long time.