Essential Roof Maintenance To Keep in Mind


    How long has it been since you checked your roof? 

    Most homeowners do not even consider it until there is evident damage or the roof starts leaking. The roof is crucial for establishing the house’s structural integrity. The frequency with which hurricanes and other severe storms are occurring now increases the likelihood that your roof may eventually collapse. Builders often overlook roofs that can survive extreme weather. An average-sized storm or a falling tree might cause significant damage to a roof.

    As a result, roofs are not managed well despite their importance to a home’s aesthetic. Consequently, the roofing might eventually degrade if the house’s progress isn’t monitored and reviewed periodically. By following these tips on essential roof maintenance, you can be sure that your roof will always be in good shape.

    Do Algae Checks

    moss on roof

    Storms, especially those with heavy rain, can do significant damage to a roof. This is because dirt on the roof promotes algal and fungal development. Shingles are susceptible to algae growth, which causes expensive repairs. This is due to their delayed consumption of the limestone included in the asphalt. Because of this, certain shingles on the roof may become loose and fall off. The algae growth can cause deterioration to your roof, reducing its reflective qualities and allowing more solar heat to enter your home. During summers, this impact is particularly harsh.

    Preventing algae growth is an effective strategy for dealing with the problem. Zinc strips can be used to get rid of spores even if you can’t stop them from falling onto your roof. These are available at any home improvement center. Fasten them to your roof’s peak apexes. Zinc will be washed down onto your roofs by rainwater, preventing algae growth and spread.

    If you’re too late and algae have already started growing on the roof, you can remove it with a specific solvent. A mixture of liquid chlorine and water, at a 1-to-1 ratio, is what you should use. You’ll need between two and four liters of water and the same amount of liquid chlorine bleach to remove the algae off the roof.

    After combining the ingredients, pour some solutions into a spray bottle and spread it liberally throughout the roof. Focus your attention on the areas where the algae are most apparent. Apply the spray and let it on for around thirty minutes. Use clean, low-pressure water to wash it. The condition of your roof before and after treatment will be clearly distinguishable.

    Invest in Roof Trusses

    Construction worker piecing together a house frame

    If your roof is pretty simple, you can experiment with minor rebuilding by adding trusses. Trusses on rooftops make roofs more stable and secure. Tension is applied to trusses, but they don’t buckle. Because of their primary purpose of bearing weight to prevent roof damage, they are essential components of roofs.

    Depending on factors including quality, brand, and material, the price of a single roof truss might range anywhere from $40 to $400. Spending too much is not advised, as more substantial trusses are often reserved for towers and large commercial structures. Price ranges from $0.7 to $1.50 per board foot. It can seem like an unnecessary investment for the roof. Still, it will be far cheaper than fixing the damage after a hurricane.

    Trusses for the roof can be constructed from either wood or steel. Traditional timber trusses were commonly used because they were more cost-effective than steel trusses. However, bending and warping are problems with wood. Thus it is rarely employed in large-scale construction projects anymore. Meanwhile, steel trusses perform the same purpose as their wooden counterparts but are constructed from metal instead of wood. Steel roof trusses are more expensive to purchase initially. Still, they provide several long-term benefits for the extra expense.

    Avoid Ice Dam Formation

    Icicles hang from the roof. Christmas garlands are visible in the background

    Ice accumulating in your gutters prevents water from draining off your roof. Instead, it causes it to pool and refreeze in thick sheets, a phenomenon known as an ice dam. Although they look cute when decked with icicles, the devastation they do is everything but. Understanding the telltale signs of an ice dam might help you see the problem early and take action to prevent further damage.

    It may be risky and expensive to remove ice dams. You may prevent the formation of these pricey clogs by keeping your gutters clean. Water backing up behind ice dams in gutters can infiltrate through shingles and cause severe damage to a roof. Avoiding the formation of ice dams is preferable to the time and effort required to remove ice from gutters once they have already formed.

    Using an ice scraper, you may quickly and easily remove all of this accumulated ice. When cleaning the roof, you should avoid wearing shoes that are difficult to walk in when wet since the surface will likely be slippery. You may also buy a de-icer made of calcium chloride from your local hardware shop to put on the roof. Rock salt and sodium chloride may corrode metal, so keep them away from your roof and gutters. Plants near the downspout should be covered with a sheet. This will protect them from the pollutants in the runoff water.

    Use Roofing Adhesives

    Man using glue gun

    Using roofing adhesive is a crucial step in extending the lifespan of your roof. When new homeowners observe the state of their roofs, they often feel uneasy. A new roof is not something that needs to cost you hundreds of dollars, so relax. Extremely strong roofing adhesives can be used to overlay protection onto a roof.

    The roof’s impact resistance will increase, and its storm-proofing qualities will improve as a result. Remember that the roofing adhesive has to dry completely after application, which can take up to five days in non-rainy conditions. Before installing the roof sheathing, the glue should be applied along the rafters. Some adhesives can be used after the roof has been built.

    Clean Your Roof Regularly

    House roof cleaning with pressure tool

    The ultimate key to roof maintenance is cleaning your roof regularly. The majority of homeowners don’t see it as a priority. However, it is a vital aspect of preserving the integrity of your house. 

    A good maintenance tip for your roof is to clean it often, even if it hasn’t rained in a while. Excessive amounts of dried mud or leaves can accumulate, and water can spill from nearby pipes. The best way to keep a roof clean all the time is to inspect it every two months.

    Cleaning your roof regularly will increase the lifespan of your roof. Leaks and other issues are less likely to occur on a regularly maintained roof. Having your roof professionally cleaned regularly also allows you to spot potential problems before they become major disasters. Keeping your roof under regular cleaning may save you money by avoiding costly repairs.

    Keeping a roof in good condition and maintaining it are not demanding jobs. You might add to the subsequent trouble and wasted resources if you don’t check it often. Regular inspections will ensure that the roof remains in good condition.

    You only need to invest a small amount of time and money now to save yourself a significant sum of money in the future. Keeping your roof in good condition is simple with the tips we’ve given above.

    Having a reliable ladder is important in order to climb your roof and keep it in good condition. If you need one, our Ultimate Guide to Buying Ladders might help you.


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