Essential Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Labor

As technological advancements take over our lives, many devices have been introduced to make life easier and simpler. From mobiles that help us stay connected 24/7 to planes letting us cover miles long distance in mere hours, technology has immensely changed our lives for the better.

Similarly, it has also impacted the way of living in our homes. The introduction of washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc. have made house chores easier and less laborious.

Most people consider cooking meals every day as a tiring and hectic task. We want to get done with it as early as possible. In this article, we are going to list down a few essential kitchen gadgets that will help you save time and labor while working in the kitchen. These gadgets will help you cook an amazing meal in no time.

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1. Food Processor:

This is one of the most essential items in the kitchen. It is said to be a chef’s best friend. A food processor that comes with switchable blades is the most useful. It can be used for multiple purposes. You can chop/slice vegetables, make batters, whip cream, and even knead dough. It commonly comes with several replaceable functions such as blending, chopping, etc.

Here we have picked out a few food processors for you to look into:

2. Pressure Cooker:

A pressure cooker functions by using the steam generated while the food cooks. It traps the steam inside the pot and this helps increase the temperature above boiling points. This aids in cooking the food faster than the usual time taken. It is an essential kitchen gadget and a life-saver for people with busy routines who can’t invest hours in the kitchen to cook a meal.

In case you wish to purchase one for your kitchen, a list of a few pressure cookers is given below:

3. Grater:

This gadget is most commonly used for grating cheese. However, that is not the only use of a grater. A four-sided grater can also be used to chop raw vegetables of all types such as carrots, radishes, potatoes, etc. Chopping vegetables using a grater is effortless and time-saving in comparison to doing it with a kitchen knife.

Here we mention a few graters for you to look:


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4. Hand-blender:

An immersion blender is a must-have gadget for your kitchen. It helps in blending food without the hassle of shifting it into another container. You just need to take your hand blender, place it directly in the pot you are cooking and blend away. It is easy and lightweight to use and can be used for blending almost anything.

If you wish to add a hand-blender to your kitchen gadgets list, a few options for you to look into are listed below:

5. Citrus Squeezer:

Lemon or lime juice is an important ingredient when it comes to seasoning your food. However, squeezing a lemon with your bare hands can require effort and patience. Using a citrus squeezer can help you save time and energy. It is an essential item for your kitchen.

A few recommended citrus squeezers are listed below:

6. Garlic Press:

Freshly chopped garlic, added to any meal, give it an amazing aroma and taste. However, it is usually a time-consuming task to peel and grate those tiny little garlic cloves every time you cook a meal. Most people chop and store garlic paste for this very reason. But it takes away the original taste and smell of the garlic.

Therefore, if you love to add freshly crushed garlic in your meals, this garlic press is your go-to. It is a simple yet efficient gadget for your kitchen.

In case you wish to buy one, a few garlic press are listed below:


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7. Japanese Mandoline Slicer:

A food processor is great when it comes to slicing or chopping a large quantity of vegetables. However, when only a few vegetables need slicing, taking out the entire processor might seem like a task.

A mandoline slicer is great for such situations. Shaped like a small board, it is attached with slicing blades. It is time-saving and makes slicing super effortless.

A few options for you to purchase from are given below:

8. Kitchen Scissors:

This might seem like an ineffective tool but it isn’t. Kitchen scissors aid in a few time-consuming tasks such as chopping herbs and make it easier. Kitchen hack: to cut herbs, place them in a glass, take your kitchen shears and place the end with the blades inside the glass. Start cutting and there you have it, easily chopped herbs without any mess!

You can also use this hack to cut canned tomatoes or any other vegetable. Just take your kitchen shears, put the blades inside and start cutting. Easily cut tomatoes without any mess. Kitchen scissors can also be used to cut meat, roasted chicken, fish, vegetables, etc.

A few options of kitchen shears are listed:

Kitchen gadgets can largely help in reducing the meal prepping and cooking time. Investing a few dollars in these gadgets can make sure your time spent in the kitchen is utilized in the most effective and efficient manner.