Essential Kitchen Gadgets That Save Time and Labor


    Numerous devices have been developed to simplify and ease life as technological advancements take over our daily lives. Technology has significantly improved our lives, from mobile devices that keep us connected 24 hours a day to airplanes that allow us to travel great distances quickly. The way we live in our homes has also been impacted. Household chores are now simpler and less laborious thanks to the invention of washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and other appliances.

    The majority of people view preparing meals every day as a demanding and hectic task. We want to finish it as quickly as we can. In this article, we’ll outline a few crucial kitchen tools that will allow you to work faster and more efficiently. With the aid of these tools, you can quickly prepare a delicious meal.

    Essential Kitchen Gadgets That Save Time and Labor

    1. Food Processor

    The cook’s best friend could be this food processor. It allows you to slice pepperoni sticks and shred block cheese. It can also be used to quickly chop or slice a variety of vegetables, and make mayonnaise, peanut butter, or whipped cream.

    The best kitchen appliances for making pates, dips, and tuna that are smooth, creamy, and deli-style are food processors. When preparing our guacamole deviled egg appetizers, awesome hummus or guacamole can be quickly made. They produce better results than prepackaged foods from delis and supermarkets, and they are simple to clean. Food processors are crucial kitchen appliances that will save you a ton of time. Once you start using them, you’ll find that they can be used for an increasing number of time-saving cooking tasks.

    Fresh organic fruit and juicers on a table, healthy eating, and nutrition concept

    2. Slow Cooker

    The slow cooker also referred to as a crockpot, is the following essential kitchen appliance. This little beauty is a great way to use up leftover meats and vegetables, aside from the energy savings from using a slow cooker rather than the oven to cook a roast. Just toss them in with some broth, let it cook all day, and you’ve got soup!

    Crock pot cooking also easily fits into the schedule of a busy family, where various family members occasionally need to eat at different times. They can all enjoy a hot meal without having to exert themselves by cooking several times by using this straightforward cooking technique.

    Pork and sauerkraut in a crock pot

    3. Juicer

    Juicers are excellent for squeezing a lemon, lime, and orange juice when necessary, but they can also be used to juice vegetables for recipes. They allow you to squeeze plants that you would never be able to squeeze with an old-style citrus juicer, saving you time and effort while extracting the maximum amount of juice—something you could never achieve by hand-squeezing citrus fruits alone.

    Juicer and carrot juice. Fruits in the background

    4. Blender

    A blender is excellent for making smoothies and quickly purees ingredients, such as those for soups. On the other hand, if you want to crush ice, you’ll need a powerful blender. For frothing hot chocolate or pureeing soups in the pot, some people prefer an immersion blender.

    Positive fit Asian woman adding water into kitchen blender before mixing ingredients for a smoothie

    5. Rubber Spatulas

    You’ll save time and money in the kitchen if you have a complete set of rubber spatulas in at least three different sizes. Using the last of that mayonnaise or pouring batter from the baking mix you just made won’t result in food waste. Additionally, rubber spatulas make excellent tools for spreading condiments on bread or a toasted sandwich.

    They can complete the task in one motion and spread much more effectively than butter knives. You can understand how essential a good spatula can be for time-saving when you are making sandwiches for a large group of people.

    Mixing egg yolk into the cake batter with a green rubber spatula mixer tool stirring until smooth and blending well in a glass bowl, close up, lifestyle

    6. Grater

    You can quickly grate cheese with a good grater, but you can also use it to quickly grate raw vegetables of all kinds, including carrots, radishes, potatoes, and much more. You don’t need much strength to do your grating, and you’ll find that some items can be grated much more quickly than they can be cut with a kitchen knife.

     cook rubs cheese

    7. Colander

    When it comes to draining pasta, vegetables, or even sliced potatoes for homemade French fries, a colander is a quick and effective tool.

    Do not assume that you can pour out extra water from a pot without using a colander by simply keeping the lid on the pot. The “hold the cover and just pour the water” method is not only ineffective, but the steam that escapes poses a serious risk of serious burns. Dealing with a burn or injury will take much longer than it would if you had simply used a colander in the first place.

    woman separating water from spaghetti with an empty silver colander

    8. Airtight Food Storage Containers

    Because you can neatly store your rice, pasta, dry baking ingredients, and snacks, and even organize your spice packets and meal mixes, airtight food storage containers will save you time and money in the kitchen.

    In addition to keeping ingredients fresh, airtight food storage containers will make it easier for you to quickly locate what you need in your pantry and prevent you from accidentally spilling that open box of elbow macaroni, instant rice, or open bag of flour and causing a mess that will require extensive sweeping and vacuuming.

     Assortment of grains, cereals, and pasta in glass jars on wooden table. Healthy balanced food ingredients, sustainable lifestyle, zero waste storage idea, eco-friendly concept

    9. Digital Timer

    A digital timer can help keep your kitchen tasks under control. Time a cooking process to the exact seconds, minutes, or hours required. Many have a flip-out stand and a magnetic backing, allowing you to keep them close at hand at all times. If you have to leave the kitchen, some of them can be attached to your belt. Some have a string that you can hang from your neck.

    Digital kitchen timer on white background

    10. Kitchen Funnels

    For transferring bulk items into smaller containers, kitchen funnels are useful. One cook ground enough coffee for an entire week, put it in a jar, and kept it in the cabinet. The remaining beans were placed in the freezer. A funnel comes in handy when moving ground coffee into a smaller coffee container. It’s also excellent for using a larger package of sugar to fill sugar shakers.

    a set of plastic funnel isolated on white background with clipping path included


    Utilizing a few basic kitchen appliances and tools will not only save you time but in most cases, money as well. Many of these devices are probably already in your possession, though some may have fallen by the wayside over time. But if you start using these necessary tools again, you’ll notice a significant decrease in the amount of time needed for both cooking and cleanup. These ten kitchen tools will undoubtedly help you save time, money, and hours of hassle. 

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