Essential Items You Need For a New House

After you have made the big decision of signing off on that dotted line that seals the deal of your new home, you can heave a sigh of relief before you move on to the onerous task of moving in.

Your new home might come with a lot of big things or appliances such as dryer or refrigerator; you still need a ton of other essential items. From the kitchen essentials to the items you cannot do without in the bedroom and to the things that are inevitable for making a washroom usable, several things may slip your mind.

That is okay. Moving is hectic. It might render you sleepless and awake you in the middle of the night, scribbling things on your notepad and trying to remember them in the morning. This article is the best virtual help you can get to make the moving process easier. We have put together a comprehensive list of items grouped into categories, which are essential for moving into a new house. So, let us dive in!

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Moving Essentials

1. Curtains or Blinds

You surely do not want to greet your neighbors with a half-dead look after the tiring process of stacking up the cartons or opening a few of them the first night. Window coverings, such as curtains and drapes or blinds, are essential items you need to have before you start moving in.

· Melodieux Wheat Embroidery Faux Linen Blackout Wide Curtains

This extra-wide blackout curtain by Melodieux is an excellent item you can consider. These blackout curtains help keep the light out, which means you can have a peaceful nap or rest in the afternoon. These curtains also help keep the heat out, which leads to efficient use of the air conditioner.

2. Cleaning Items

Cleaning items in a new home are as essential as the kitchen items. These items include broom, dustpan, various sponges, chemicals for washroom cleaning, floor cleaners, mops, etc.

· High Reach Cleaning Kit with 10-Foot Extension Pole

One of the things that you do not want is to leave out periodic cleaning of all the nooks and corners that your regular broom and mop cannot reach. This high-reach cleaning kit by Evriholder is an ideal solution for all the cleaning problems.

From a plain duster to a window squeegee and a wand that extends up to 10 feet, this high-reach cleaning kit stays true to its name. It is a one-time investment kit. With it at hand, a nice thorough cleaning of the house is no more an issue.

· Caldrea Multi-surface Countertop Spray Cleaner

Though you might get your new home in good shape, it is your responsibility to clean surfaces before you start cooking on them. A multi-surface cleaner, such as this one by Caldrea, is also one of the essential things you need for a new house. It is hard on stains and removes odors for a fresh scent and feel.

3. Home Security

It is always good to secure your home no matter how safe the neighborhood might be. So, besides getting cleaning kits and curtains to maintain your privacy, it is important to look for safe and sound security systems.

· All-new Ring Alarm 5-piece kit

This 5-piece alarm kit is one of the best options out there. It is suitable for apartments as well as condos. It comes with a base station, a contact sensor, keypad, motion detector, and a range extender. This implies that it has all the functionalities you need to have your home secured.

One of the best things about this security kit is that it is paired with Alexa and the Ring app, and you can keep an eye on your home from anywhere. Moreover, it is quite straightforward to install, and if you get stuck at any point and need help, the customer service is at your service all the time.

4. Garbage Bins and Liners

While you might be focusing on getting the house cleaned and making it safe for living, do not ignore the garbage bins. Now that you have a whole house to yourself, you cannot do with one small or medium bin for everything.

· Rubbermaid Step-On Lid Trash Can for Home

With this Rubbermaid 13 gallon hands-free garbage can, you can pat yourself at the back for making the right decision. This garbage bin will help you complete your cleaning regimen around the house without having to worry about getting anything dirty on your hands. It is made of high-quality material and is a durable option that requires investing onlyonce as it will last you long.

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5. Kitchen Essentials

· KalunsKitchen Utensil Set 24 Nylon and Stainless Steel Utensil Set

It is important to buy new kitchen essentials when moving into a new house (only if you don’t have already). This utensil set by Kaluns covers everything you need to start stirring up some delicious dishes in your new kitchen. All the utensils are made of high-quality material that is heat-resistant and provides an amazing grip.

The set includes a soup ladle, solid spoon, slotted turner, whisk, spatula, ice cream scooper, measuring cups and spoons, grater, and more.

· XLNT Extra Long Oven Mitts

In addition to the kitchen utensils, you need to have at least one pair of the kitchen mitts to protect yourself from any accidents. The XLNT extra-long oven mitts are a necessary addition to your new home essential list as they are made with Teflon resistant material. In addition to that, they provide the utmost protection from heat.

6. Bedroom Essentials

Apart from your bed and mattress, there are several other bedroom essentials that can help make your life a bit easier. For example, a high-quality laundry hamper will minimize your worries about dumping your dirty clothes in a washing machine when you take them off. With a laundry hamper in your room, you can throw your dirty clothes in it and then put them in the washing machine later. Moreover, you can use it to organize your closet.

Similarly, if you don’t already have a bedside lamp, you should get one for your new home. The following are the recommended products that you can get for your bedroom.

· Tsingree Collapsible Laundry Hamper

Tsingree collapsible laundry hamper is the best choice for small and big rooms alike. It has a big capacity, so do not worry about your partner’s clothes lying around the room while yours sit neatly tucked away in the hamper. It is big enough to hold a large number of clothes.

Also, the best part about it is that it is collapsible – it does not have to be there if there is no laundry. Just collapse it shut and store it away in the cupboard or under the bed. It has a water-resistant coating on the inside for keeping your room.

· Limelight’s LT2024-GRY Brushed Steel Lamp 

Whether you use it for your nighttime readings without having to disturb your partner or you are the person who cannot sleep in the dark, this grey-tinted lamp is meant for you. It has a simple design with high-quality material. It is perfect for kids’ as well as adults’ rooms. Moreover, it also has an outlet for charging your phone.

7. Bathroom Essentials

·  iDesign EVA Extra Long Shower Curtain

You surely do not want to move in and be greeted with a bathroom full of water splashed everywhere just because you did not include a shower curtain in your essentials’ list. This extra-long and water-resistant shower curtain by iDesign is an ideal choice. It is made of vinyl and stops the water from being splashed everywhere and keeps your bathroom dry.

It measures 72” x 96”, making a perfect option for bigger bathtubs.

· Amazon Basics Rippled Memory Foam Bath Mat

Made from 100% polyester, this bath mat is another essential item you should not forget when moving into a new house. This bath mat, having memory foam inside, is extremely absorbent. It features a ripple texture exterior that doesn’t allow water to collect on it. Moreover, it also prevents you from slipping in the bathroom and is easily washable in the machine.


Although moving into a new house is a personal experience for people, the list of essential items we mentioned above serves all. You can be very good at remembering everything, but the stress of moving into a new house might make you forget a few things. This is when you will needhelp in the form of this list. Make sure to add in a few more things that you think are essential, and you can be sure of hassle-free moving experience.