Essential Items You Need Before Getting a Cat


    A cat, like other pets, is a perfect companion at home. However, there are certain things you have to consider first before rushing your feline friend to your place. There are a number of things you need to buy or collect, so your cat will have a feeling of belongingness or as a family member at home rather than a visitor. 

    You have to do this preparation a few days in advance to minimize stress on your part during the big day. 

    Don’t get carried away with your excitement without considering some minimum essentials your cat will need.

    Interestingly, for cat lovers, having a feline friend is more than anything. Hence, if you are planning to adopt a cat, you must know that there are some basic kinds of stuff you need to purchase before the kitty comes home. The items include everything related to a cat’s requirements in a new house. Cats need to be taken care of, just like babies in the beginning and sometimes even after they are comfortable with you. On the other hand, the preparation you make will guide you with how much to buy in bulk and stick to your budget.

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    Some of the essential items you need to have before getting a feline friend

    1. An ID Tag Collar

    After you adopt a cat, have proper identification in place. It is most likely for your new cat to get lost and never come back home if it doesn’t have an ID tag collar. A collar ID is the most obvious form of identification for your cat. 

    2. Litter and Litter Box 

    A cat being a living being, will need a place to freshen up (pee & poo). The number of litter boxes you will need depends on the number of cats you are adopting, but it is recommended to have at least 2 litter boxes per cat. If your house has different floors, then you will have to keep one litter box – with a suitable amount of litter – on every floor.   

    Traditional litter boxes are available at any pet supply store. But you can also use a big plastic tub and cut out an entryway for your cat. Such litter boxes are deep, and the litter stays inside. 

    No matter what kind of litter box you buy, make sure it is longer than the cat – at least 1.5 times. Bigger boxes allow the cat to have enough space for turning around. It is recommended to fill the litter box with sandy and unscented litter. 

    3. Food and Water Bowls

    You might be thinking, who can forget the food and bowls? It is easy to forget about things when you have other things to take care of, too. Different types of bowls are available in the market. A traditional food bowl should work fine for any cat. 

    While choosing a water bowl, you can look for a fountain bowl. It is seen that animals from the cat family prefer running water as it is safer and cleaner for animals, and a fountain water bowl mimics a river or stream. 

    Don’t forget to buy cat food – you don’t want to give an empty bowl to the new guest. Make sure that you choose the right kind of food and vitamins for the cat. Older cats tend to take a longer time to shift from one kind of food to another, so it is good to know the food your cat’s been eating before adoption. 

    4. A Cozy Bed

    Cats are comfort lovers; they never miss a chance to enjoy a good nap in a cozy bed. You can say they are lazy beings and like to spend most of their day sleeping and napping. So, a bed is the most important thing you need to get for your cat. 

    Make sure that the bed you choose is comfy and warm. But it is advised to stay prepared because even when cats have comfortable beds, they might still choose your bed or couch to sleep on. 

    5. Toys

    Cats are just like kids; they love toys. You can choose from a wide variety of toys for your new cat. Our advice is to get different toys until you know what it likes the most. Also, just like you never leave your kid with breakable and small toys alone, don’t leave your cat with things, either, as it can choke. 

    You can also get cat trees, as cats love watching the world from high places. Make sure that the cat tree you choose is tall and sturdy. Or else, she might find another higher place, for example, your cabinets! 

    6. Grooming Kit

    You are not planning to leave your cat with not brushed fur and long nails, right? Before you bring your new cat home, make sure you get a proper cat grooming kit. 

    7. A Cat Carrier

    A carrier or crate is necessary because, without this, you can’t bring the cat home. Moreover, you won’t be able to travel with your cat without it. A carrier with a rigid exterior is preferable. 

    Make sure that the carrier you buy has enough ventilation and space. A sturdy plastic carrier with a front door can be a great option. You can also use calming sprays to keep the cat calm and feel safe inside the carrier. Spray it in the corners of the carrier for at least 15 minutes before putting the cat in it. Don’t forget to place a towel or any other soft material on the bottom. 

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    8. Scratching Post

    Whether you like it or not, your cat is going to scratch! Understanding their nature will lead you to peace of mind. Thus, you need to invest in a scratching post. It does not have to be fancy or costly. Yes, you can even assemble your own scratching post if you have time. Cats like tall scratchers, so you can get a scratcher at least 3 feet or maybe even taller than that. Don’t forget to place the scratcher in a place that the cat visits the most; otherwise, it’s never going to be used.

    There are also commercially-made scratching posts. If you have a limited budget, you can opt for a cardboard scratcher, like the Cosmic Alpine Scratcher.

    9. Cat sniffing litter box

    While it is inviting for you to tuck the cat on your own bed, it’s still a bright idea to give kitty her own cozy and special place for sleeping.

    This bed should be spacious and comfortable, enough to accommodate event adult cat.

    10. Litter Scooper

    Having a durable scoop to clean out urine balls and fecal matter is a must. Many pet lovers recommended metal scoops to plastic versions for the sake of sturdiness. This is necessary so the trash can be put out quickly and orderly.

    11. Cat Nail Clipper

    Trim your cat’s nails regularly. This is important to avoid injury and damage to household items, particularly your pricy furniture at home. Check with your veterinarian on what type of clipper is best for your feline friend. It is advisable that you should seek a demonstration on how to trim your cat’s nails.

    12. Metal Cat Comb

    Many cats like to be brushed! You can choose from a wide variety of comfy brushes and gloves available in the market.

    Get a standard tool for long-haired cats, too. You also have to take your time when brushing or grooming your cat’s hair. Some of the cats do not enjoy being brushed immediately. So you have to start slowly, one-at-a-time until they soon give you full permission.

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    13. Cat Toothbrush

    Cat’s teeth, like humans, need attention to prevent dental disease. Tooth problems are common in cats. Consult your veterinarian about what type of toothbrush you should pick, especially when your cat is young.

    14. Cat Microchip

    If Cat ID doesn’t suit your style, you can also get a permanent form of identification for your cat through microchip. Permanent microchips are grain-sized and are placed beneath the cat’s skin. These microchip IDs cannot be removed and can last 20 years, or you can say, your pet’s lifetime.

    It will be implanted at your veterinarian’s office. This microchip is the best way to track or find your feline friend if they get lost or go out at home. 

    Always check the information and update the contact number, name of owner, and address.

    15. Make a Vet Appointment

    While making an appointment with your pet doctor is not exactly an item for a shopping list, you need to check with your veterinarian for information on vaccinations, test results for various diseases, and the exact medical or health conditions of the cat before bringing her home. So you have to make the appointment today while you’re thinking about it.

    Generally, your cat may need other resources. You can discuss these kinds of stuff with your veterinarian, as well as the supplies your cat might need at home. 


    Adopting a cat might seem an easy task; it might be easy, but not in the beginning. Cats take time to settle in a new environment with new people. You will have to stay patient and alert altogether so that you can ensure the security of the new cat and also give her enough space to settle down. Try to play with your new cat; it makes them become more comfortable with new people. 

    Along with all the items mentioned above, make sure you find a good veterinarian and build a good relationship with him/her. Yearly check-ups are very important for all kinds of cats for healthy and happy years to come.


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