Essential Items for Relieving Stress

We all face stress during our day-to-day life challenges. Even the most collected, cool, and calm individuals in the world might be experiencing some anxiety and stress at the moment. Between the racial injustice, global pandemic, and the hard times that several faced, including sickness, financial instability, and unemployment, it can be troublesome to decompress and find solutions and ways to cope with stress.

However, it is essential to take out some time to relax and calm yourself. Chronic stress can affect your immune system adversely and decreases your judgment abilities and memory. Moreover, it leads to a loss of confidence, negatively impacts our cardiovascular health, causes a harmful imbalance in our gastrointestinal system, and more.

Everyone has their way of managing stress. For some people, it can be meditations, and for others, it can be a long bath, a good book, handling a ball, or aromatherapy. Stress-relieving products make everyday life challenges manageable and relieve depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. But they are not an appropriate substitute for proper mental healthcare.

Stress relief products may be a vital part of self-care, but if an individual is suffering from any mental health condition, it is crucial to seek help from a professional. Some of these products are ideal for use at home while others are more suitable for work use.

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Blue Light-Blocking Glasses 
Fidget Spinner 
Massaging Devices 
Weighted Blankets 
Adult Coloring Books 
Aromatherapy Diffusers 
Gel Masks 
Sun Lamps 

Items for Relieving Stress at Work

  • Blue Light-Blocking Glasses 


Devices such as laptops, computers, and smartphones, emit blue light that strains the eyes. As per a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology, the blue light disturbs the natural circadian rhythms of an individual, causing the level of the stress hormone cortisol to elevate and affect sleep. You can buy blue light protection computer glasses to block the blue light without affecting the vision. 

A person can wear these glasses while using a smartphone or working on their laptops or other blue light-emitting devices. Blue light-blocking glasses, like regular glasses, have several styles of frames. Some have chunkier frames, whereas others are more delicate.

  • Fidget Spinner 


A well-known occupational therapy tool, fidget spinners, eases anxiety. They are especially beneficial for kids with anxiety, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, the caregivers and parents must be cautious when letting their kids take it to school.

The findings of a 2020 study revealed that when children had access to a fidget spinner, they performed worse in a five-minute mathematic test. But the researchers also note that this negative effect on the test performance decreases if the kids take more tests with the tool.

Individuals interested in using a fidget spinner must weigh the benefits and risks associated with it and evaluate how well this stress-relieving product will work in their lives. Some people find significant relief with a fidget spinner, while for others, this device works as a distraction from important tasks.

Items for Relieving Stress at Home 

There are plenty of stress-relieving product options at home. A person can try:

  • Massaging Devices 



Massages make a person feel relaxed and calm. They may also help relieve tension and muscle pain. You can have a massage while relaxing, reading, or working with the help of passive massage devices. Some massage devices focus on particular areas, such as shoulders and necks, while other devices focus on the whole back. 

  • Weighted Blankets 


Weighted blankets offer a cocoon-like, cozy setting and supply gentle pressure. They provide you a place to relax and sleep. Healthcare professionals fundamentally recommended weighted blankets for autistic children as they calm autism-related anxiety. As per the findings of a 2014 study, autistic children, along with their parents, chose these blankets at bedtime.

A 2020 review found that weighted blanked can relieve anxiety in specific settings. Moreover, they also support adult mental health. You can find these products in several different varieties and fabrics. Fleece blankets may help an individual stay warm, whereas chenille blankets are fluffy and soft. Furthermore, the weight of these weighted blankets also varies. 

Some blankets even allow for customization, and no covering is another feature of some. They are washable as well.

  • Adult Coloring Books 


Coloring books are not for kids only. Adult coloring books relieve stress as they offer a form of meditative creativity. As per the suggestion of preliminary studies, adult coloring books may also relieve some symptoms of anxiety and depression. There is no such thing as the “right” way to color; just pick up the design you find soothing and start coloring. 

The ideal coloring books are the ones that are a bit challenging to keep the mind engaged but easy enough to save from frustration and stress. These books are available in several themes and designs. Some feature intricate nature designs, and others focus on Disney illustrations.

  • Aromatherapy Diffusers 


There is finite evidence suggesting that aromatherapy relieves stress. A 2014 systematic review revealed some proofs of aromatherapy stress easing benefits. However, all of the researches presented a high risk of bias. People who go for aromatherapy may find that particular aroma help in relieving their anxiety. 

Other people may prefer a combination of scents and fragrances that stimulates fond memories. The InnoGear diffuser is easy to set up and clean, allowing experimentation with different scents. The thing to note is individuals must be aware of who else is inhaling the essential oils in their surroundings. Some are not safe for children, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, or pets.

  • Gel Masks 


These masks can help individuals relax for a meditation session. For a cooling sensation, place the gel mask in the freezer to ease facial swelling and tension. Alternatively, for a soothing, gentle feeling on the face, warm it up.

  • Journals 


Journaling has several benefits. For some people, journaling offers an outlet for their emotions, helps them design solutions to problems, or enhances their memory for day-to-day events. If you have a busy routine, taking about only 15 minutes a day for journaling would be enough. Try using a gratitude journal and write down the positive developments of the day.

  • Sun Lamps 


When you cannot go outside or do not want to go for some reason, you can get natural UV light exposure with sun lamps. For individuals with seasonal affective disorder, light therapy can be helpful, the Nation Institute of Mental Health. Many doctors believe that this seasonal form of depression happens due to reduced exposure to natural light. 

You can find small sun lamps that fit on a desk as well as freestanding ones.

  • Planners 


Keeping track of deadlines, bills, to-do lists, and obligations can be super exhausting. However, by planning each day in headway, you can clear up some space in your brain for other things. Every individual is different. So, if one planning style worked for you, it does not mean it can work for others too. So, consider a versatile system that you can creatively modify according to your planning style.

A Filofax notebook has a ring binder mechanism, while a traveler’s notebook makes it easy to add a double spread page.


Stress is common, and not knowing how to manage it is problematic. There are many ways to cope with stress, and stress-relieving products are one of them. You can choose any product that works for you and ease your tension.