Essential Items for Relieving Stress


    We all face stress. In fact, stress is a constant in our lives as we encounter challenges and changes in every aspect of our lives. Even the calmest and most collected people can also experience a level of stress and anxiety at a given moment.

    It is why taking out some time to relax and calm yourself is essential. Chronic stress can affect your immune system adversely and decreases your judgment abilities and memory. Moreover, it puts us at risk of developing various health problems.

    If you need help reducing your stress levels, these items may help:

    Massaging devices

    Young woman doing massage relaxing massage for hands in vibrating massager

    Massages make a person feel relaxed and calm. They may also help relieve tension and muscle pain. You can get a massage while relaxing, reading, or working with the help of passive massage devices. Some massage devices focus on particular areas, such as shoulders and necks, while others focus on the whole back.

    There are also manual massage devices like simple knob massagers, bamboo rollers, and head massagers that can be really relaxing once you use them properly. 

    Weighted blankets

    Young redhead woman using soft weighted blanket in her modern apartment

    Weighted blankets are much more than a trend that can come and go – it actually works for some people. It’s a blanket that provides gentle pressure to create a cozy, cocoon-like setting where a person can sleep easier or relax better.

    Back then, healthcare professionals primarily recommend these blankets for children with autism, as several studies suggest that they can help calm autism-related anxiety. But since everyone might feel anxiety, it can also aid anyone. Weighted blankets can support adult mental health, especially for those who have trouble sleeping.

    You can find these products in several different varieties and fabrics. Fleece blankets may help an individual stay warm, whereas chenille blankets are fluffy and soft. Furthermore, these blankets are available in different weights. People with more body weight need heavier blankets – it’s recommended that a person must use a weighted blanket that is about 10% of their body weight.  

    Adult coloring books

    adult coloring book trend

    Coloring books are not just for kids; adults can get meditative creativity that helps relieve stress. Adult coloring books may also relieve some symptoms of anxiety and depression. There is no such thing as the “right” way to color; just pick up the design you find soothing and start coloring.

    The ideal coloring books are the ones that are a bit challenging to keep the mind engaged but easy enough not to be frustrating and stressful. These books are available in several themes and designs. There’s a popular adult coloring book entitled “Secret Garden,” which has dozens of floral designs that range from simplistic to extremely detailed.

    Aromatherapy diffusers

    Aroma oil diffuser, air freshener and candle on a wooden table in the bedroom. Warm, atmospheric photography.

    Aromatherapy is not a cure-all, but it is thought to help improve emotional and physical health. You can diffuse different essential oils that offer various scents and benefits for the body.

    People who try aromatherapy may find that some aromas, such as lavender, help ease their stress and anxiety. Other people may prefer a combination of scents and fragrances that reminds them of fond memories.

    Gel masks

    Sometimes, you can have an overheating sensation caused by anxiety, so a cooling gel mask can help you chill out. These masks can help individuals relax for a meditation session. For a cooling sensation, place the gel mask in the freezer before using it to ease facial swelling and tension. Then, you can pull it out to get instant relief from tension-related headaches and skin flushing.


    Young afro american woman writing in personal journal

    Journaling has several benefits. It’s well-known that writing down your feelings can help you make sense of it and provide emotional release. For some people, journaling offers an outlet for their emotions, helps them design solutions to problems, or enhances their memory for day-to-day events. If you have a busy routine, taking about only 15 minutes a day for journaling would be enough. Try using a gratitude journal and write down the positive developments of the day.

    However, there’s no need to write daily and try to map out what you want to say. Start where you are and go from there.


    Female'hand of planner writing daily appointment.

    Keeping track of deadlines, bills, to-do lists, and obligations can be super exhausting. However, by planning each day in headway, you can clear up some space in your brain for other things. Every individual is different. So, if one planning style works for you, it does not mean it can work for others too. So, consider a versatile system that you can creatively modify according to your planning style.

    There are different planner designs to suit varying planning needs. A Filofax notebook has a ring binder mechanism, while a traveler’s notebook makes it easy to add a double-spread page.

    Sun lamps

    When you cannot go outside or do not want to go for some reason, you can get natural UV light exposure with sun lamps. For individuals with seasonal affective disorder, light therapy can be helpful. Many doctors believe that this seasonal form of depression happens due to reduced exposure to natural light. You can opt for small sun lamps that fit on your desk, but you can also get free-standing ones.

    Noise-canceling headphones

    Wireless noise-canceling black headphones charging next to television

    Even if you don’t consciously notice the sounds around you, ambient noise can contribute to your stress. For example, the sounds of traffic, a busy office, or screaming children can distract and make it harder to get a moment of peace. Noise-canceling headphones can help fade out these sounds, so a person would be able to enjoy a quieter environment or music of their choice. These headphones can also help a person focus on their task.

    Blue light-blocking glasses

    Mature Woman Wearing Blue Light Blocking Eye Glasses, Using Tablet

    We are often hooked to our screens – when we are not working on the computer after our job is done, we are looking at our smartphone, tablet, or other devices. These things emit blue light that strains the eyes, and according to a study, blue light may disrupt the natural circadian rhythms, causing the level of the stress hormone cortisol to elevate and affect sleep. You can buy blue light protection computer glasses to block the blue light without affecting your vision.

    People can wear these glasses while using smartphones or working on their laptops or other blue light-emitting devices. Blue light-blocking glasses, like regular glasses, have several styles of frames. Some have chunkier frames, whereas others are more delicate.

    Fidget spinner

    Teenager holding the fidget spinner

    A well-known occupational therapy tool, fidget spinners are designed to ease anxiety. They are especially beneficial for kids with anxiety, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But just like for children, fidget spinner works in adults, too, because when a person is playing with fidget spinners, they tend to concentrate on the task at hand. If you always encounter bouts of nervousness at times when you’re supposed to sit still, a fidget toy may help.

    However, the results aren’t the same for all users. Some people find significant relief with a fidget spinner, while for others, this device works as a distraction from important tasks.

    Fidget spinners were also banned in some places and schools because they can cause harm. When some school children try to get the toy spinning, it slips out of their hands and flies into another person’s face.

    Yoga mats

    Yoga mat in yoga room with plant ,scented candle and mirror.3d rendering

    Sometimes, the best remedy for an anxious mind is to do yoga, stretch or get the body moving through exercise. A yoga mat can offer you a comfortable surface to sit still and meditate, or do floor exercises, helping your hands, feet, and knees support.

    Epsom bath salts

    Small white bowl with purple lavender crystal bath salt (foot soak) and pumice stone. Homemade pedicure, spa and beauty treatment recipe.

    There’s something soothing and satisfying about turning an everyday task of bathing into a self-care session. Whenever you feel tense, draw a bath and add Epsom salts. Those salts scented with lavender are a great choice, as they can help ease aches and pains while soothing your mind and body.


    Various tea bags in wooden box

    Do not underestimate the power of a quality cup of tea. It’s not a cure for all the ills you may be feeling, but sipping a warm, fragrant, and tasty drink can help lift your mood and help you calm down. Tea is available in myriad flavors, and the most calming varieties include chamomile, lavender, peppermint, rosehip, lemon balm, valerian root, and green tea.

    Jigsaw puzzle

    happy parents and daughter connecting puzzle pieces at table

    Jigsaw puzzles for adults are available in a variety of vibrant, scenic pictures with a wide range of pieces you can work on whenever you want to de-stress.

    The best thing about puzzles is that they make you feel like you’re being productive as you make progress. Putting each puzzle piece in place can spark joy. You can make jigsaw puzzles a project that you can work on as much or as little as you want each day, as long as you start it on a seldom-used table or a surface.


    Stress is common, and not knowing how to manage it is problematic. There are many ways to cope with stress, and stress-relieving products are one of them. You can choose any product that works for you and ease your tension. Some of these products are ideal for use at home, while others are more suitable for work use.

    Stress-relieving products make everyday life challenges manageable and relieves depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. But they are not an appropriate substitute for proper mental healthcare. If you are suffering from any mental health condition, it is crucial to seek help from a professional.

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