Essential Items for Playing Basketball

The process of learning how to play basketball is different for everyone. Some kids go for this sport due to the passion of their parents. Others, after hitting middle or high school, naturally gravitate towards this sport.

The passion for basketball does not fade that simply. All you have to do is, find your love for it. Since basketball is a fast-paced sport, it challenges you both mentally and physically. Basketball is not just a game; it is a community.

Among the fans, the players, and the coaches, every individual knows what the love of basketball means. The requirement of essential equipment depends entirely on the type of league you are playing. It also varies according to the purpose, rules, and players. These factors not only change the list of an essential item but also the players.

The competitive, as well as ordinary recreation league, need a regulation size basketball. As compared to men’s league, the size of the ball of women’s league is slightly smaller. The basketball of men is roughly one inch larger in diameter.

Before understanding other rules and regulations of this game, you need to know about the right gear to play with first. We have put together all the essential items in this article that you will need to play basketball.

Note: The following list is in no specific order.

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1. Protective Goggles

In the world of basketball, we all know that facial injuries are common. And if you wear glasses, then get yourself a high-quality pair of protective goggles. These will not only prevent your eyewear from coming in contact with other players but also protect it from breaking.

If you want to protect your eyes against injuries, then buy protective goggles for yourself. It will ensure that your eyes do not get poked by the opponent players during the match.

Andux Sports Protective Eyewear Goggles

It is crucial to choose the right protective goggles to prevent 90% of consequential eye injuries. These goggles by Andux prevent you from being hit, struck, and poked in the eyes. They are made of polycarbonate, which means they will not break or become separated from the frame during the match and will provide protection to your eyes against accidents.

Moreover, these goggles have a nose and side temple pads that help in absorbing impact and keep the airflow around the eyes.

2. Mouthguard

What everyone assumes is that basketball is not a contact sport since it does not need fancy pads. But, in reality, it is a contact game since you are likely to get hit by other players from time to time.

During the match, you will face situations like making unfortunate contact with the basketball or taking an accidental hit from other competitors. So, to prepare yourself for such circumstances, you need a mouthpiece or mouthguard.

Mouthguard ensures the safety of your pearly white teeth and keeps them in place during the game. You would surely not want to go to the court without mouthpiece and end up with fewer teeth.

Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard

To protect your pearly white teeth, this mouthguard by Shock Doctor is an ideal choice. It protects and lowers the risk of knocked out teeth without causing any irritation. This is because it doesn’t have any rough edges and is made of outstanding quality medical grade-silicon.

Everyone has a different shape and position of teeth, but this mouthguard is adaptable and fits rightly. And if you are someone who wears braces, then this mouthguard is a wise choice for you.

3. Knee and Elbow Pads

These are essential to protect serious injuries related to knees. Basketball is a game in which there are chances of falling hard on the floor. To avoid such situations, you must protect your knees appropriately.

During the game, to protect other players from getting injured or bruised, you must wear elbow pads. Most players, while encountering a close contact with the opponent players, tend to shove their elbows. It happens either consciously or unconsciously.

Knee Compression Sleeves

After exploring your passion for learning basketball, the next thing you need to ensure is your safety. Basketball is a physically challenging game, and there will come the chances of falling on that hard floor of the court. These knee pads by McDavid Hex will protect your knees from high impact activities.

Another essential thing that we all look for in a product is how comfortable it is and whether it fits well or not. You will get both in these pads.

4. Practice Hoop

Even if you have a basketball court nearby, it is best to have a practice hoop in your driveway. It will help you in improving your game and practicing at any hour of the day. Having your practice hoop is better when the public courts are crowded. Instead of waiting, you can call your friends and have a match with them.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

To improve your game, you have to practice a lot. And to use public courts, you have to wait sometimes due to the high crowd. Therefore, buying a mini basketball hoop like this one is a better option you should go for. It comes with a foam-padded slide that protects the backboard from damaging.

And on the top of everything, during intense gameplay, padding can protect the players as well.

5. Basketball Sneakers

You can select shorts and shirts for the game to show off your style. But when it comes to the shoes, you need to be extra choosy. Before going for the practice or actual match, do not forget to grab your pair of basketball shoes.

Pick the sneakers as supportive as possible. The indoor basketball court’s floor is made of wood and has a special coating. Scratches in that, in any case, can compromise the match for players. The shoes that are specially designed for basketball protect the ankles. They also provide enough lift to the players to run up and down in the court.

Furthermore, basketball shoes prevent common injuries like sprains, ankle strains, and several other leg-related issues as well. On the other hand, ordinary running sneakers do not have ankle support, so avoid wearing them in the game.

Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

While being on a hard wooden floor, your feet need something flexible and comfy. These basketball shoes by Adidas have a rubber sole that acts as a barrier between the ground and pad of your shoes. They also keep the actual soles in top condition, providing heel pull that every basketball player needs.

Another best thing about these shoes is that they are wide fit with mid-cut, which allows your feet to breathe. And since they are made with high shock-absorbing material, they ensure that you get enough comfort while wearing them.

6. Gym Bag

A gym bag is another essential in which you can keep your mouthpiece, water bottle, and other equipment for basketball. You can put a lot of extra stuff too in it, including a sweat towel, headphones, post-game snacks, and much more.

Soccer Backpack with Ball Holder by Soccerware

After buying all the essential items for basketball, you need something in which you can carry all equipment anywhere you go. Buying this backpack can solve this problem. It has different storage compartments in which you can put a water bottle, ball, snacks, and other accessories – all in this one backpack.

7. Athletic Shorts and T-Shirts

Athletic shorts and t-shirts are the most important things that you need to buy before jumping into the court. You cannot go to the court in your casual jeans and t-shirt to play. It is not about basketball only; all the other sports have a proper dress code to follow as well.

Loose-fitting and comfortable shorts are best since they give your body range of motion and freedom that is needed to perform movements smoothly. Athletic shorts give you the freedom to show and play with your fullest potential and prevent you from feeling restricted. Women mostly prefer to wear tank tops.

Champion Core Basketball Short

Your performance depends on the type of clothes you are wearing. Going to the basketball court in your casual shirt and trouser is not a good idea. A comfortable and flexible short that fits you properly enhance your motion and gives you the freedom of movement. And this champion core basketball shorts provide you with all these benefits.

The elastic waist with the interior drawstring of this shorts delivers a secure fit and ultimate comfort.

You can pair up these shorts with Amazon Essentials Men’s Performance Muscle T-shirts.

8. Water Bottle

It is not mandatory to have a water bottle with you in the court all the time, but having one will keep you hydrated and alert throughout your long practice and league matches. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro; if you are dehydrated, it will affect your game and performance (in a positive way).

Therefore, it would be great to have a water bottle with you while heading towards the court.

O2COOL Mist N’ Sip Insulated Water Squeeze Bottle, 20 oz, Basketball

While playing basketball or any other sport, staying hydrated is important. This water bottle by O2COOL Store not only has a unique ball-inspired design, but it also has innovative features. This water bottle mainly features its double-wall insulation built that keeps water cooler for extended period of time. Also, the arctic squeeze mist ‘N sip design allows you to drink the right amount of water without worrying of spillage.  This is a durable basketball water bottle as it is made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic material and it is also 100% safe because it is certified phthalate, bps, and BPA free.

Final Words

Although you can play a basketball match without all these items, to save yourself from significant injuries and to continue playing in the future as a pro, it is crucial to have these essential items. Once you realize the importance of the equipment, you will never play without them.