Enjoy Visiting the Pacific Northwest


    Beautiful mountain ranges, lush green forests, and awe-inspiring lakes; are some places the pacific northwest can boast about its visitors and the world. Though the pacific northwest consists of two neighboring countries, travelers from both countries and the world still love to tour the region. The pacific northwest indeed has a lot to offer; you can go from the greenest forest to the sandiest dunes, so if you’re planning to add those places to your bucket list, make sure to plan ahead of time.

    Places to Visit in the Pacific Northwest

    If you want a place to unwind, you won’t go wrong with putting the pacific northwest region on your list. With more than a dozen beautiful places to pick from, you can choose depending on what your heart desires, and they would have it. But if you’re planning to visit those places, where can you start? Don’t worry; you came to the right place; we got your back.

    1. Olympic National Park: If you ever feel breathing fresh, crisp air and oxygen from trees, then Olympic National Park is the one for you. One key point of this place, you can have an all-in-one experience by choosing this park. It offers beautiful oceanic coastlines, luscious rain forests, and even mountain ranges you can hike on.
    2. Leavenworth: If you’re into a cultural-like place, visiting Leavenworth will be worth your while. It will be the closest place the pacific northwest can offer if you want to have a quick European tour. The location is like a spitting image of the Bavarian Village, and you won’t feel you’re even in the U.S.
    3. Skagit Valley: If you think you can only see tulip farms in Holland, well, guess again. Washington’s Skagit valley has hectares of tulips for attraction. It became so famous that they conduct festivities around the place and even holds photo contests during April.
    4. Crater Lake National Park: A national park title wouldn’t be available if it doesn’t have a stunning view. Sitting at 1,943 feet deep crater, you wouldn’t even think that it’s a crater due to its mesmerizing views. You will surely enjoy one of the bluest lakes, if not the bluest you’ll ever see. So make sure to book at least an overnight stay to enjoy the beautiful views it has to offer.
    5. Painted Hills: One of the reasons visiting the pacific northwest gives you several diverse attractions that you wouldn’t be expecting is the Painted Hills. This fantastic red, tan, and orange striped hill indeed is something unique you’ll ever see; the patterns along the hills will leave you breathless alongside the 39 million-year-old leaf fossils.
    6. Coeur d’Alene: If you want another lakeside experience, this Idaho lakeside retreat is undoubtedly a treat for you. It primarily contains swimming activities and camping on its natural waters and foliage; at the same time, people can also enjoy an excellent course of golfing around the mesmerizing view of the lakeside. Once you pay a visit to this getaway, you won’t be seen doing anything unless you want to.
    7. Bruneau Dunes State Park: Feeling to go beyond a typical getaway? It’s possible with Bruneau Dunes. With 4,800 acres of dunes will definitely let you feel you’re far out of this civilization; with its big lakes in the middle of the dunes, you’ll be in a different timeline once you start your travel. You can do horseback riding around the dunes and do some fishing with the lakes, then ending the trip with a stargazing activity in their Bruneau Dunes Observatory.
    8. Shoshone Falls: If you already visited the famous Niagra Falls in Canada, you might want to consider adding Shoshone falls to your list as well. Dubbed as the “Niagra Falls of the West,” this gained popularity due to its fantastic scenery, especially when the water level is at its highest. The attraction of the falls itself is enough to say that your trip is worth the while, so you might want to consider paying a visit in this falls seriously.

    Enjoy your Nature-filled Escapade

    There is still a lot to explore within the boundaries of the Pacific Northwest, but with all these suggestions and tips, don’t ever forget to relax and enjoy your wonderful trip with nature. Once explored with one place, you can start exploring the other until you fill your heart’s content.

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