Enjoying the Pacific Northwest

Sometimes I forget what a beautiful area I live in.
If you’ve never been to The Pacific Northwest, you’re really missing out.
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a California girl at heart- I was born in Orange, Ca and lived there until my parents decided to move us to North Idaho when I was six. My mom had lived for a few years as a child and wanted us kids to grow up in a smaller town, and I’m thankful for that now. Crazy to think where I might be now had we never left California. How different my life would be now!

After I met my husband, we decided to move to Washington state and that’s where we’ve been raising our family ever since. We love living in this great state! I guess that makes me a Washington girl now…


I’ve mentioned before that I live in the greater Seattle area. No, I don’t live in Seattle. We tried that once and it just wasn’t for us (the big city, that is). We prefer the suburbs.

I live near it though, and part of Puget Sound is only a 15 minute drive from my house.

Twilight fans always ask me how close I am to Forks, and while I am relatively close, it’s still a 4 hour drive & a ferry away. But the woods and the overcast skies in the book/movie are a dead ringer for where I live! It’s very accurate.

Remember this scene from the movie? It really looks like that here.

Just last week my husband, our daughter, and I went for a little scenic drive on some back roads on our way to another city near us. There were tons of trailheads right off the road marking hiking trails and scenic viewpoints overlooking The Sound. Even though it was a cool, drizzly 40-something degrees we still enjoyed the sights and went for a little walk through the woods.

This waterfall was right off the side of the road.


Where one of the trails started.

Check out those giant ferns behind Lily.

The trail took us to a little cliff overlooking the Sound- that’s the Pacific Ocean behind us.


Hiking back up the trail to the road.


Having fun on our adventure!

Isn’t it gorgeous? I couldn’t believe the size of some of the trees we saw! 

It was so quiet out there in the woods. It was really peaceful. I can’t wait to go back with Ayden (he was at school this day) on a sunny day when it’s a tad warmer out.

This was the same area last summer, just down on the beach.


Those are islands out there. So pretty on clear days.

If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, make sure to come say hi!
Maybe we can find some vampires or werewolves next time.

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