Embracing life’s #UnscriptedBeauty with AVEENO {contest + giveaway}

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I think we can all agree that life isn’t always perfect, and that things don’t always go according to the plan. As a mom, I’ve learned to embrace this and just go with it. When you walk into my house you aren’t going to see Pinterest-worthy decor or perfectly dressed children, and you know what? That’s real life, and I’m OK with it. Life isn’t always picturesque perfection.


An AVEENO survey found most parents say that “unscripted” moments are more beautiful than those that are perfectly planned, and I couldn’t agree more. Sure, I have tons of pictures of my children posing for the camera with their cheesy grins. In fact, when I flip through my phone’s photo album I noticed that it’s full of those types of pictures. They do make for some cute shots, because let’s face it, I have great looking kids. But those candid shots- the ones they weren’t prepared for, or didn’t see me take, where they aren’t posing are the ones that melt my heart and are truly the most beautiful. The real, raw moments are the ones that build a lifetime of memories.


This #UnscriptedBeauty moment happened a few weeks ago. It had been a crazy, long, hectic day (aren’t they all?) and I was struggling to make dinner and entertain my 10 month old daughter, Harper. I was trying to make dinner and Harper was screaming at me from the living room, when she suddenly quieted down. Uh oh. For a mom, that spells trouble, and usually means she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Preparing for the worst, I popped into the living room to see what was going on. What I found absolutely melted my heart: my 7 year old daughter, Lily, was crouched on the ground next to Harper and was talking softly to her. Harper’s tears quickly turned to laughter as her big sister played with her and showed her “open” and “closed” with a little hippo toy. It was so sweet to stand there (hiding, of course, lest they see me and spoil the moment) and watch them play, sing, and clap together. I snapped a picture and quickly went back to finish dinner while the two girls happily played together for another 10 minutes. So beautiful, and totally unscripted. I didn’t ask Lily to entertain Harper- she heard her baby sister crying and knew just the thing to cheer her up. Be still, my heart!






AVEENO is flipping-the-script by creating an #UnscriptedBeauty Movement. You can even join in with a contest they are hosting to encourage parents to embrace the natural beauty of life. AVEENO wants you to share some of your favorite unscripted and beautiful parenting moments! One winner will receive a photo shoot with acclaimed photographer, Danielle Guenther, as well as AVEENO products.


How to enter the #UnscriptedBeauty contest:
  • Capture photos of the authentic unscripted beauty in your life throughout June.
  • Post your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using #AVEENO, #UnscriptedBeauty, and #Contest.
  • For Facebook posts, tag @Aveeno.
  • Keep celebrating life’s Unscripted Beauty!

On top of that awesome contest, one lucky male & Sweet Pea reader will be randomly selected win a Daily Care Gift Set from AVEENO!

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I’ve been checking out all of the lovely #UnscriptedBeauty posts on Instagram and Twitter, and I’d love to check out yours! I hope you’ll join me by posting your own. Which unscripted moment is your favorite?

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